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Fanfic Recs: Team Fortress 2
Proof that the remaining 10% is worth taking the enemy intelligence for here.

These are recommendations made by tropers for Team Fortress 2 fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page.

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A general rule of thumb can be found for TF2chan works; if one of the big names (Cat Bountry and/or Dotchan, usually) approves, it's good.

Anything by DemonFox38
  • Recommended by Obsidian Fire
  • Comments: About half of their fics are already recommended below. Fantastic characterization and world building. Stays true to the spirit of canon for the most part and mainly explores the mis-adventures the teams get into during their downtime.
  • Pairing(s): None. The author sticks the teams being fire forged True Companions.
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  • Respawn of the Dead (Part 1)(Part 2), by Cat Bountry
    • Recommended by Dick Richardson, Rogue 7, Glass Spires
    • Comments: TF2. Zombies. That is all that you need to know.
      • Aside the slash, you mean.
      • Glidergun: Seconded. Cat Bountry is a scholar and a gentlewoman, and this fic should suffice to prove it to anybody who cares to read it. (Medic/Heavy warning)
      • Rogue 7: Very good, and I don't even play TF2.
      • Joysweeper: Neither do I. And I don't usually like zombie stories. But I enjoyed this quite a bit, not least for the complexities of the character interactions.
    • Now has its own TV tropes page here.
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  • A Psychiatric Evaluation, by Mr_Vorhias
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  • With Apologies to Harlan Ellison by Cat Bountry
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  • Transcripts From a Series of Therapy Sessions by dotchan
    • Recommended by I Like Crows, Stabbybelkar, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Comments: Sequel to the above and this fanart. To say anything more would spoil it.
      • The Comment: Let me just say that this bought me to tears within first 2 minutes of reading. Well worth a look, even if, like me, you haven't read the above.
      • Probably counts more as a Troper Tale than anything else, but as I was reading this I was also listening to some music on Youtube. Unfortunately it just so happened that the end where Engie dies I was listening to of all things Brenner's theme from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin... FUCK!
      • This fanfic succeeds in stirring emotions in the emotionless, it seems. The minimal descriptions allow the story to be guided by the dialogue within it, and tell a moving tale.
      • Blue Hedgehog Junkie: With Apologies to Harlan Ellison was amazing on its own, but this fic manages to top it by bringing much-needed closure.
      • Someone made this tumblr ...this somehow got even more sad.
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  • With Apologies to Stephen King by Cat Bountry
    • Recommended by Sunflower, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Comments: A response to a Mary Sue fic found on, Cat Bountry manages to deconstruct the idea of "favorite character appears out of nowhere and has adventures with the author" wish fulfillment in the most horrific way possible.
      • Belle-Mage: Utterly heartbreaking. Miss Cat Bountry has a way of making you laugh and hope for the best, then quashing that hope at the last minute.
      • Maniette: Amazing, it honestly is, but so, so cruel.
    • The original fic the response was written for can be found here, but be warned - it really is that bad.
      • Jack Mackerel - Just to point out, there was an endless shitstorm over the original, but Cat Bountry eventually apologized(!) and encouraged the author to make better stuff. Also, of note, the fiction that Cat was responding to is... mediocre.
      • Poke Nerd It very much catches the psychological aspects of King's novel, but that's not what makes it good. What makes it good is that it's a parody, but it isn't outright trolling, and despite the tone, there are amusing points.
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  • The Heavy and The Comma Button, by Samuel Brooks
    • Recommended by Doug S Machina.
    • Comments: The Heavy's beloved minigun Sasha is destroyed in battle, so he tries out for all the other classes. Hilarity Ensues, and an unfortunate amount of (mostly) accidental pain for the Scout.
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  • The Incredible Team, by vifetoile89
    • Recommended by Doc Dragon.
    • Comments: Someone on the WMG page made the guess that the game took place in the The Incredibles universe... someone else wrote a fic about it. Gives a very nice look into the personalities of the characters, even if some of it has been Jossed.
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  • The Personality Disorders of Team Fortress 2, by Anonymous
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  • Surrogate, by Cat Bountry
    • Recommended by Belle-Mage, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Comments: A Deconstruction of Mpreg. Beautifully written, yet utterly horrifying. Not safe for the faint of heart, bladder, stomach, or work.
      • Seconded by tetronix, who doesn't play TF2 much. It's seriously disturbing. The characters are captured perfectly, if you close one eye in regards of the slash (contains Heavy/Medic), which is commendable given what the characters have to go through.
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  • The End Of Dustbowl, by Radar Run
    • Recommended by Zagreus
    • Summary: One day, the war ended.
    • Comments: This fic manages to portray a possible "end" to TF2 with a surprising amount of poignancy considering the subject matter. Interesting character studies, heartwarming moments, and some real tearjerkers round out the package. A fantastic read.
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  • Mechanics, by dear cecil
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  • It Could Be Worse
    • Recommended by Nekomata The Failcat, Cootling
    • Summary: A Sniper/Spy story which relies heavily on Character Development and the pair's insecurities.
      • Meg The Maggot: Just read this. Seriously, just do it. This is a little slow to get started, but is so well-written and researched. Socks WILL be blown off.
      • Freya Crescent: As someone who rarely reads TF2 fanfics, I especially love this one for it's realistic and in-character portrayal of Sniper and Spy. Truely a rare gem in this fandom.
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  • Spy's Introduction to The Gunslinger
    • Recommended by Hopeless Situation Warrior, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The Engineer talks to the Spy about his new hand.
    • Comments: A gory and chilling monologue from the Engie's point of view. Very well written, and an interesting view into what the Engie might actually be like.
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  • The Tenth Class by FiveTail
    • Recommended by dotchan
    • Summary: A young woman joins RED and BLU as part of of an experimental tenth class...wait, come back! It's good, I swear!
    • Comments: A Sailor Earth done right? Miracles can happen!
      • Dominus Temporis says: Strong disagree on that one. While the class was a semi-interesting concept, it pretty quickly devolved into a pointless romance fic so the author could live out her obvious fantasy of boinking (excuse the pun) her favorite character. And when she leaves, oh, the whole team knew all along but loved her anyway. Edged a little too close to Mary Sue territory for my tastes. If it hadn't been for that- say, had the character's gender been merely incidental, or had it just been male in the first place- it would have turned out much better, I believe.
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  • Professor Hardt by Lilac Ovation
    • Recommended by dotchan
    • Summary: How the Medic fell in love...with Science. Oh, and one of his students has also started to take an interest in him.
    • Comments: Amazingly well-researched period piece set in Nazi Germany, lady versions of our favorite classes who aren't Mary Sues, the Medic being Crazy Awesome...what more do you want?
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  • Devil With A Blue Dress by Amp.
    • Recommended by Maniette, Glass Spires
    • Summary: A mysterious woman in blue recruits the original nine classes. So far she's recruited Medic (before the story), Pyro, Engie, Soldier, Heavy, Demo and Spy.
    • Comments: This is a great look into the characters. The backstories Amp writes are amazing, and this is only four chapters in!
      • In Heavy's story it's revealed she is Scout's Ma, but an astute reader might pick it up, or have guessed, earlier.
    • Now with its own page!
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  • We're on the Same Team by Millenia Marik
    • Recommended by Never Knew
    • Summary: The unlikely story of a forming friendship between a Red Sniper and Spy on a team where no one expects to live long enough to sustain one. A bit of fluff, humor and drama. Feel-good reading. Rated M for language, violence, and suggestive/sensitive themes.
    • Comments: This story and its sequel are completed, but the third story in the series hasn't been updated in over a year.
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  • Don't Forget to Read the Postscript by tantarted
    • Recommended by elemecha
    • Summary: What BLU team did after the war, the letters they sent—or didn't send—and where they are now. Slash warning.
    • Comments: Recommended for its spot-on characterization and general ability to slot right into canon. There's a Sniper/Spy storyline going on, while the Heavy and Medic interactions can be interpreted either as shippy or gen.
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  • Game Mechanics: Autobalance by Hobbithearted
    • Recommended by Never Knew, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: Newsflash! The Medic switches sides. Its... probably fairly obvious that that's where this story is going. I tell you so in the title. But, the fact that he does isn't important. The how, the why, and more importantly the *consequences* of it... is.
    • Comments: The summary does not do this fic justice. The author focuses on the BLU Medic and RED Spy, but writes from the point of view of almost every character in the fic at least once. Mostly gen, and the only hints at any pairing don't come until the last few chapters.
      • Achyfi: Seconded. I read the entire thing in a single sitting and was thoroughly impressed. Definitely worth a read.
        • YMMV. There are a lot of spelling mistakes in this, and it annoyed me quite a bit while reading.
        • Well, /I/ thought it was really good. The grammar was fine, and spelling decent. Never noticed any mistakes, and the plot and characterization was amazing.
    • Now complete and has a sequal,Game Mechanics: Respawn.
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  • Burn, Baby, Burn by Totenkinder Madchen
    • Recommended by tomkat, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: Female? Who cares? Burning stuff is more important. Now a series of ficlets, based around the BLU Pyro and various teammates. Adventure/Friendship 'fic, no pairings.
    • Comments: A rather believable look into the life of a female pyro.
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  • Vice Versa by Anonymous
    • Recommended by Dreamy_Hunter, Cootling
    • Summary: BLU's success attempt at rescuing their Spy from the RED Medic's fridge and a few things that comes after.
    • Comments: Good sense of morbid humor at work here.
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  • Ceasefire, by DingDongFootball
    • Recommended by Miss Duckie
    • Summary: Also called "The Indiana Jones" by the creator. It's about the BLU Scout and the RED Sniper. It's very beautifully written, especially the dialogue and emotions of the characters. It's a long read, but well worth it.
      • fruitstripegum: Agreed! It's so good, in fact, it needs its own page.
      • Squander: Though it sometimes delves into melodrama, everything that can be interpreted as cliché is woven so nicely together that it's still very pleasant. The characterization is awesome, and a hundred different things happen over the span of Scout and Sniper's tumultuous and rather believable relationship. If you like this pairing...seriously. It isn't perfect, but it's probably worth the 40 chapters.
      • danknukkuh: The characterization is stunning. You can always tell who is speaking, and they retain their ingame identities without being cumbersome, unrealistic, or annoying. It's pretty cool. Definitely one of the few good fics in the TF2 fandom, if not the best. Which is surprising, considering it's Sniper/Scout. Definitely worth a read.
    • Pairings: Sniper/Scout.
      • Now has a page in need of tropes here.
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  • Mercy, by AnnetheCatDetective
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum, Ginger Snaps
    • Pairings: Red Sniper/Blu Spy
    • Summary: One act of mercy from Red Sniper leads to a shift in the relationship between him and Blu Spy.
    • Comments: There have been many jokes about the Blu Spy's head in the Red Medic's fridge. This is not one of them. It's a beautifully sweet and sensual story about what might happen if someone did kill the Spy's head. Red Spy's a supporting character too, in a threatening but ultimately understanding role. To say anymore would spoil the whole thing, so my best advice to you is to read it for yourself.
      • Ginger Snaps: I was just about to add this one myself, so seconded. It's an interesting concept that builds up to a surprisingly unique story, and the wonderfully rational way the author and characters handle drama is immensely refreshing in comparison to the vast amounts of fanfics in which characters suffer breakdowns over the smallest of setbacks. Well worth a read.
      • There is now a sequel, as told through Blu Spy's view here.
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  • Of Disguise Kits and Miniguns, by GothicCheshire
    • Recommended by Conchshellthegeek7, Ginger Snaps, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Summary: What are the limitations of the Spy's disguise kit? He can disguise as other people, so why couldn't he disguise as inanimate objects? And even if he could...should he? These questions and more are answered as the RED Spy attempts to do the unthinkable: to disguise as Sasha.
    • Comments: Provides a surprisingly detailed deconstruction of some of the more perplexing technologies in Team Fortress 2, as well as accurate characterizations of the team. It's also funny as hell.
      • Ginger Snaps: Seconded, I laughed so damn hard while reading this that I was literally gasping for air by the fourth chapter.
      • Thirded. Still, make yourself a favour and skip chapter 5 entirely for the alternate ending, as the author admitted he still has no idea why he completely derailed the story and suddenly went all dark and angsty in what has been a farcical comedy.
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  • Law & Order: B.L.U. by toxo and AnnetheCatDetective
    • Recommended by Quanyails
    • Summary: Based off of Law + Order: BLU - The Stakeout, this fanfic is a hypothetical live-action TV script for an episode of Law & Order with the Team Fortress 2 characters in the main roles. After the mercenaries were done fighting against each other, the BLU Spy and RED Sniper end up as detectives in San Francisco, investigating the scene of a crime with the RED Scout as the victim. As they uncover the crime's story, the two find out more than expected about the members of both teams.
    • Comments:: A remarkably well-organized and well-characterized story, without resorting to the expected stereotypes of the teams. The setting and dialogue are impeccable and realistic. ~Quanyails
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  • Sniper's Lovely Lady and it's prequel Cara Mia Ciao by mia6363
    • Recommended by Helcat13, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Summary: A twist on the usual TF2/Portal crossover.
    • Pairings: RED Sniper/ GLaDOS
    • Comments: Very sweet and romantic for a man inadvertently wooing a machine. It's even funny if you consider who is voicing who.
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  • Why The Rainbows Make Me Cry by LingningsShadow118
    • Recommended by: REV 6 Pilot, magmablock, Glass Spires
    • Summary: "It ain't fuckin' funny, so quit fuckin' laughin' about it — you don' know what happened."
    • Pairings: None.
    • Comments: WARNING! What Scout says above is very, very true. This fic gives an interesting explanation behind Spy's taunt... and it makes an eerie amount of sense, connecting various canon resources together into an unbelievably complex network, all told without any breaks in character or implausible events. And so, I only have one more thing to say: being a Karma Houdini was never this sad.
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  • Lessons v2.1, by DrTanner
    • Recommended by Wasserplane, Glass Spires
    • Summary: One Scout gets to know his team better during the war.
    • Comments: This fic manages to make the "Team" part of Team Fortress really stand out, in a heartwarming way. The fic is written in a gritty way so that it feels like an actual war. Also really fleshes out each character in a fresh way, especially the Medic and Pyro.
      • The story has moved onto a second thread (starting with Chapter 10 - Part 3) here.
  •  3 reviews
  • Smoke Wisps, by Mumbling-Mice
    • Recommended by Ireccon and Eleanor Strachen
    • Comments: TF2. This fic is very enjoyable! It has some improbabilities, but overall it is very worth reading!
      • Eleanor Strachen: Seconded. This is the reason I now ship Sniper/Spy; it's beautifully written and I love the character interpretation.

    Waking Nightmares by Jonathan "KnightMysterio" Spires
    • Recommended by Conchshellthegeek7
    • Synopsis: "Luna's nightmares herald the arrival of nine soldiers from another world: the nine mercenaries of Builders League United. When they arrive, they are turned into ponies! As they adjust to life in Equestria and investigate the strange goings-on, Celestia is haunted by a terrible force..."
      • Can also be found here.
  •  4 reviews
  • The Ninth Class, by Cheese222
    • Recommended by Irecco
    • Comments: TF2. I came across this fanfiction thinking it was terrible. I was VERY wrong! Since it's title is terribly misleading, this story hasn't gotten even 1% of the attention I think it deserves! Slight violence, Spy-centric, no pairings (so far). Story still in progress!

    Nana's New Life, by The Goddamn Duck
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  • Darker Shades of BLU by D.Muffin
    • Recommended by Wild Okapi, Glass Spires
    • Summary: A murderous demolitions expert; a technological virtuoso bent on revenge; a shell-shocked war mongrel with onset paranoid schizophrenia... And that was before BLU recruited them. Classified backgrounds hardly remain buried forever.
    • Comments: I believe this is one of the best fanfictions I've come across from the TF2 fandom, though it's hardly received the attention it should. The characterization and plot are incredible. May no longer be updating.

    Reunion by Cat Bountry
    • Recommended by Wild Okapi, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Summary: It's been eight years since RED team split up. Everyone's moved on and made new lives for themselves, but not everyone's got along as well as the rest and events that have transpired over those eight years boil to the surface. Even the best reunions can bring out the worst revelations.
    • Comments: By far, the best post-war TF2 fics I have come across. As with all of Cat's work, the characterizations are spot on and the plot is wonderfully engaging. It is continued in Afterwards, available here.
    • Now has a leetle baby Trope page here

    Snowbowl a TF2 fanfic by Ligeia Maloy
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A change of environment can be bad. A changing envoirement even worse. Especially if you don't know what's going. Waiting is not only boring but unnerving sometimes.
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  • Smut With a Story by captainbobbin
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A Medic has kept a piece of him hidden all his life on fear of death. When his Heavy begins to question him and search for company, the barriers break down. Sex scene, Heavy/Medic with Heavy topping.
    • Comments: Blue Hedgehog Junkie: I have mixed feelings about this one. It's well-written at first but slips into Narm territory once the sex starts. Medic borders on a bit too uke-ish.
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  • Respawn Family by captainbobbin
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A Medic is faced with his daily challanges and battles - but as he settles into his team and family, a terrible vendetta leaves him at the will of an unforgiving enemy, with only his iron will and hope to survive. General fluff at some points, gore at others. Slight man on man at times.
    • Comments: There is a sequel here.
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  • Beginnings in the Dark by captainbobbin
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A legend was passed down of a mercenary who had fallen into the sewers. . . .but does he exist? And would an enemy Spy survive if he fell into the deadly creatures territory?
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  • Two Worlds by Ligeia Maloy
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: Scout had an accident at work. Maybe. The question is, between all the dreams, is there really a Scout? And was all that smut really necessary? obviously.
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  • Fall Behind by Lady Shockbox
    • Recommended by clii, Glass Spires
    • Summary: Medic and Soldier get into a serious accident on their way to Coldfront. Medic is badly injured, and without Respawn, Soldier is left to seriously reevaluate their situation. And time is running out.
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  • I Love This Doktor by KillerLover
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: Everyone knows the Heavy is the best Medic buddy. What happens when unwanted feelings start to develop?
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  • Eight Mercenaries and a Toddler by ChaosandMayhem. Read it here.
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro, Cootling, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: "When Respawn malfunctions and their annoying Scout is turned into something far more precocious, it'll take all of the RED team's wits and patience to look after him. At the same time, Engineer must find a way to turn Scout back into an adult before the BL Us-or anyone else-realizes what's happened. No pairings, just a bunch of exhausted trained killers and one hyperactive child."
      • There is now a sequel here.

    The Last Engineer by HoKaze
    • Recommended by TheWildWestPyro
    • Summary- The only survivor of the RED Team, the Red Engineer struggles to survive when all of his team are dead forever. One of the best ones so far.

    Misadventures of the RED Team by ThisStatementIsFalse
    • Recommended by TheWildWestPyro
    • Summary- When the nine members of the RED Team lose their base to the BLU Team, they start an epic battle to get it back. Plenty of funny moments. Also, the RED Team are somehow aware they're in a fanfiction.
      • There is now a sequel here.

    A Hunter's Tail by Grazehunter
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Summary: Who really shot Bambi's mom? Told through the eyes of the very hunter who pulled the trigger himself, the RED Sniper.

    Put On Your Face by Hannah
    • Recommended by Pemm
    • Summary: "They never caught me when I set the hills on fire." What's under Pyro's mask, and how did it get to RED? Absolutely fantastic take on Pyro's story.

    BLU is for Girls by squeequeeg
    • Recommended by Slacker Spice, Glass Spires
    • Summary: "Notes on Team 18B, an all-female team who are just as sane as their counterparts on other BLU and RED teams."

    The Teufort Horror by mumbling mice
    • Recommended by Chaosand Mayhem
    • Summary: "After his curiosity gets the best of him, the Medic accidentally unleashes a bloodthirsty, cosmic abomination that wreaks havoc on the entire team. Warning: gore and disturbing imagery. Based off the works of HP Lovecraft. Happy Halloween!"
    • Comments: mumbling-mice takes our favorite mercs and throws them into a Lovecraft-like horror, as seen through the eyes of the BLU Medic. As one reviewer mentioned, it's on par with Respawn of the Dead.

    A Thousand Years, A Thousand More by Giddy TF2
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum, Naomi Hansen
    • Summary: 'In retrospect, he should have realized what Fate had in store for him when Medic sneered at him and the sneer was the most dazzling thing he'd seen in a long time. A very long time.' A Heavy/Medic love story.
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  • Administration by Jonathan "KnightMysterio" Spires
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Summary: A short character study featuring a day in the life of the evil woman calling each match...

    The Last Hurrah by Ellemgram
    • Recommended by Authorkid
    • Summary: "It's been two years since Blutarch Mann's death and Redmond Mann's team of mercenaries disbanded. But when they're called together for one last battle, will the RED team discover they've been out of the killing business too long?"

    Motives by Aeolian Mode
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: "Once I thought people couldn't surprise me anymore, that everybody is all made of the same backstabbin' shit as the next guy. But now… I sure as hell ain't gonna see people the same way anymore." Against the obvious odds, BLU Scout explores RED Medic's story, and this leads to unforeseen consequences that very well may change his life.
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  • Meine Sonne by Giddy TF2
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum, Naomi Hansen
    • Summary: 'Fifteen years could be an agonizing eternity or just a fleeting moment, gone too soon, depending on one's perspective and state of mind during such a revelation. For Medic, as he lay beneath quilted blankets on a king-sized bed in a cozy California bungalow, snuggled against a massive, warm body reposed in sleep, his revelation was very much that of the latter.'
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  • The Sudden Death Experiment by mumbling mice
    • Recommended by clii
    • Summary: 'The Sniper and the Engineer are the last two surviving members of RED team. To their knowledge, all they have to do is kill the last remaining person on BLU team, and they're home free... but it may be a bit more complicated than that.'
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  • A Dance Across The Cosmos by Giddy TF2
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: 'Compared to the stars that spark before his eyes in the endless darkness, he is a tiny mass of flesh, blood and bone with a blazing, fractured core that is being fast depleted of energy. A red giant in his own right, silent, oxygen-starved.'
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  • Paternal by art1st4786
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: RED's Spy secretly teams up with members of both RED and BLU to uncover the truth behind the war and stop The Administrator and her allies...all for the sake of his son, BLU's Scout, who shouldn't be in the war in the first place.
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  • Drop Kick Me Jesus by demonfox38
    • Recommended by skooth, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The team is terrorized by giant, mysterious, hungry beasts lurking under their feet.
    • Comments: Funny, sad, exhilarating, terrifying—this fic will leave you feeling every emotion you can positively think of, and then some. It is a clever, concise homage to the film Tremors. Also a nice dash of Engineer/Sniper shipteasing that doesn't distract from the main plot, but leaves a sense of satisfaction nonetheless. A fantastic read, highly recommended!
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  • Fire Rescue by ThunderScythe
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: On his way to his apartment, the BLU Soldier sees a crisis and goes to help.
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  • Red Sky at Night, by MickeyDismantle
    • Recommended by bobfaget
    • Summary: A continuation of The Shadow Boxers comic. With the creation of the Mecha-Engineer, Gray launches an attack against Mann Co.'s headquarters with the aim of taking out respawn and killing off the RED and BLU mercs once and for all.
    • Comments: This story is full of the campy and creative action as could expected from a TF2 machinima/movie, and could thus be smoothly adapted. It's funny, entertaining and also dramatic. Has no slash.
    • Link no longer works
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  • Crosshair by DingDongFootball
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum, Glass Spires
    • Summary: Subjected to cruel and inhumane research, BLU Scout is a beta tester for the top secret Respawn System, a project spearheaded by Builders League United to strengthen their war effort against RED. Scout's resentful attitude toward the project only makes things worse, and RED Sniper's curiosity gets him involved in it all.
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  • Wonambi by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: "The myth protected him. The monster hunted him. A story so harrowing that it'll put hair on your teeth!" Pseudo-prequel to "Drop Kick Me Jesus".
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  • Rosebud by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The Engineer's enemies had captured him and the Sniper because he had such great ideas and needed a little persuasion. Something to compliment their own work. Probably one of the few stories you'll ever read where a sword van and a Tentaspy are used in any serious context.
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  • Villain's Veil by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: Some random drops you don't want to get. Ever. But when given the evidence, what will the Demoman do?
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  • Cookie by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The Scout has had enough. He's going to make that frog stop seeing his mother if it's the last thing he does. Nothin' dirty going on.
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  • The Langelaan Countermeasure by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: It was his fault that it had happened in the first place. He had to fix it. Still, does he have the conviction to kill his teammate, even if it will restore him to his old self? What monster was that poor man turning into?
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  • Double Feature by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: It's Halloween. It's Mann Manor. Creepy crawlies are everywhere, and the only way out is through them. It's going to be a hell of a night for the boys and Miss Pauling.
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  • Your Eternal Reward by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: It's a handy weapon, no doubt. The power to take the image of a murdered person on the fly can be tempting. It's not so wonderful when it's turned against your own team.
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  • Dixie by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: She's out in Harvest, if you ever want to visit her. You're lucky you didn't meet her, kid. She was a true menace, and nothing could stop her. God help you if she ever fell in love with you. A tenth class deconstruction.
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  • Snake Oil by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: A deal with a cunning business woman ends with the Spy and the Sniper being captured and dragged across the globe in search of a mythical location. Can the team rescue them? What horrors await at this supernatural destination? Grab your hat, kids!
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  • Snow Nine by demonfox38
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The robots had been bad enough. An associate of Gray Mann's has upped the ante. An entire team has been compromised, leaving Miss Pauling alone in a foreign city, unable to call for help. If her men and the city are to be saved, she's going to have to face the problem head-on. Whom can be trusted? Is she the only one left? What's out there in the night?
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  • Waiting by Tokyo-Sunset
    • Recommended by That One Ginger, Glass Spires
    • Summary: Sometimes it's hard to embrace the truth. So we wait for the beautiful lie to become true.
    • Comments: Miss Pauling visits an emotionally shattered Scout. Somewhat shorter than the author's later works, but utterly heartbreaking nonetheless.

    The Mumbling Abomination by Hypnogogia
    • Recommended by Moonflower2, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: The Spy attempts to discover Pyro's mysterious identity. He uncovers the one thing he never suspected.
    • Comments: The author has a real knack for building up suspense and terror, and it The Reveal at the end only amplifies it. Short but very well written, and definitely worth a read to anyone who loves a good dash of Nightmare Fuel.
      • The Wild West Pyro: A beautiful, well-written, truly horrifying Lovecraftian story. It gives an excellent insight into the Spy's mind, and he is an excellent narrator. Lovecraft himself would appreciate the use of italics at the end, and The Reveal is truly horrifying. The Pyro has nothing under the mask. The mask is its head.

    At Peace With You by Giddy TF2
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary:' Medic's gone and no matter how fast Heavy runs or how many bullets he fires from his Mini-gun or how many more skulls he flattens to pulp, he'll still be too late. Medic's *gone*.'
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  • Kaleidescope by SimplySix
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: In the land of mental misfits and criminal deviants, love is a rare thing. For Jay Jallette, it may as well be non-existent. Whether it be the cruel torment of his father and his lackeys or his own teammates, Jay can't see any sort of light at the end of the tunnel. In an almost heroic act of kindness, the BLU Medic offers the Scout shelter from the hate. But when you are the bane of your father's otherwise perfect life, it is hard to hide for long.
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  • In the Moment After by SimplySix
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: In the Badlands, there are greater things to fear than death.
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  • Amber Strings by SimplySix
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A Scout with a passion for music finds solace during his Medic's nightly violin practise. Little does he know, feelings are mutual in this secret exchange of music.
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  • Je t'aime by SimplySix
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: A rainy night sets in motion a whirlwind of activity. When the RED Sniper is rescued from a roadside accident by the BLU Spy, an unfortunate reconciliation of his past comes back to haunt him. While trying to keep his own past from repeating, while still trying to keep the Sniper in the dark, the BLU Spy uncovers a plot that will undo the Badlands.
  •  1 reviews
  • Sparkler by Pemm
    • Recommended by bobfaget, Glass Spires, Obsidian Fire
    • Summary: That's the thing about fire. You can look, but you mustn't touch. And, sooner or later, it uses itself up.
    • Comments: I was reluctant to read this story for a long time–I thought the Pyro character would be a Mary Sue OC and a dumb romance would be thrown in. But, that never happened. What I got instead was a well-written and very gloomy drama that explains Engineer's friendship with Pyro, who is not a Mary Sue, is female, but is really a mysterious and multi-layered character. Pyro's transition from somewhat "off", to the insanity we know from 'Meet the Pyro' is captured perfectly, and involves a clever and dramatic Chekhov's Gun.
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  • Cryoablation by Pemm
    • Recommended by Glass Spires,
    • Summary: Protect the fire with your hands, if you must. But don't be surprised when the blisters form, or when you cease to feel the pain. Sequel to Sparkler.
    • Comments: I was blown away by Sparkler and had to read the sequel. It's now complete and it's just as good as the first installment.
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  • The Cascade of Your Rhyme by Giddy TF2
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Summary: 'Heavy's voice makes his nervous system hum. It makes currents of electricity shoot along his spine, shocking him down to his toes in military boots, up to his brain and hushing its dark chaos with veneration. It feels like flames whispering over his skin, hot enough that he should be afraid of being incinerated to ashes.'

    Scout's Australian Christmas, by UglyCemetery
    • Recommended by Logan Logan 123
    • "Comments": I enjoyed it. Scout isn't a baby for once, Miss Pauling is utilized, and the rescue mission was pretty fun to read. Good characterization. Even the very few OC's had a purpose. It's based off the Smissmas Story comic and one of the few stories on that's actually completed and has a plot.
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  • Pepper Sauce by Pemm
    • Recommended by: Nothingtoseehere
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: ' "How—how long do rattlesnakes take to kill a guy?" I asked eventually, casual, like I didn't have no stake in the answer.' Or- Scout and Ms Pauling get lost in the desert, and Scout gets bit. They need to get back in range of respawn before the poison gets him.
    • Pairing(s): The usual one sided Scout/Ms. Pauling
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  • Embers by Giddytf2
    • Recommended by Nothingtoseehere
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: The odd friendship that develops between the RED Scout and the BLU Pyro. Features Scout being a fan of Sci-Fi stories and Pyro being their usual self. Unusually poignant scenes occur as Scout works out just what is wrong with Pyro.
    • Pairings: Implied Scout/Pyro, but can also be seen as strong friendship.
  •  7 reviews
  • The Only Family We Have by Beth Einspanier
    • Recommended by fruitstripegum
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: When it looks like another Christmas will pass without any gifts for Pyro, one of his teammates reaches out in a gesture of friendship.
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  • TF2 pantheon of gods by 1.126.000
    • Recommended by Obsidian Fire
    • Status: Complete
    • Synopsis: A playful look at everyone's favorite mercenaries as divine beings in a pantheon of deities.
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  •     Machinimas/Animations 
    Anything by kungfubellydancer
    • Reccomended by Sesquipedalia
    • Comments: A master of the SFM, kungfubellydancer has taken the Source engine out of the Uncanny Valley and into their gallery of stunning TF 2 animations.

    Cheeseburger Apocalypse: The Movie, by MisterMild
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  • Ignis Solus
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  • Dynamic Action Team Series, a machinima series by We Game Dot Com (as they call themselves)
    • Recommended by Alucard
    • Comments: About the journey of three "associates" (they just game together and are totally not friends) spanning multiple PC gaming worlds. Picks up by Ep. 03.
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  • Spy And Pyro by Andrew Kepple (here)
    • Recommended by Chabal 2, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Commments: Spy/Pyro meets Looney Tunes meets... you'll see. Words are not sufficient to describe how awesome, heartwarming, and flat-out hilarious it is.
      • Seconded, then seconded again. Also it manages to stuff in a spectacular amount of references to other games.
      • Also recommended by the official TF2 blog: "We've decided this is final proof that TF2 fans are smarter, more creative, and much better looking than fans of all other video games."
      • The sheer number of in-jokes, fluid animation, and OH GOD THE ENDING. I seriously don't know if Kepple is ever going to top this.
      • So very, very awesome indeed.
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  • Law-Abiding Engineer, by TrueOneMoreUser
    • Recommended by Meg The Maggot, Quanyails, Blue Hedgehogjunkie
    • Comments: The TF2 characters animated into the trailer for Law Abiding Citizen. I want this movie to exist.
      • Seconded by Doug S Machina. This is so well done.
      • Also Seconded by Jia Mekare. Somehow, True One More User got more emotional, nuanced facial expressions out of the TF2 models than were given by the actual actors. This is astounding.
      • Crowley: When watching this, the two prevailing thoughts in my head were "ALL THIS FOR A TURRET JOKE?" and "WHY IS IT SO GOOD?"
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  • The Demo Knight, by TrueOneMoreUser
    • Recommended by Quanyails
    • Comments: TrueOneMoreUser made another movie trailer in the above's style, this time for The Dark Knight. Only time will see if it gets the amount of reclaim Law Abiding Engineer gets.
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  • Persona Fortress 2, by Nif3
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  • Team Fortress: Band of Brothers, by squidballs07
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  • Every Class Is Different, by... uh...
    • Recommended by Chabal 2, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Explaining Team Fortress 2 classes to kindergardeners, as narrated by ze Spy.
    • Comments: This Just wow. It's less than two minutes long, but it has more HSQ than you can believe. Bricks will be shat.
      • Purple People Eater: Seconding, that was awesome. Also, I'm pretty sure the video is by this guy.
      • Sgt Frog 1: Thirding. When you read "narrated by ze Spy", you might think "Oh, the creator just edited together lines from Team Fortress 2. Nothing special.". You might think that, but you'd be wrong. The narrator (if he isn't Dennis Bateman, the Spy's voice actor) literally narrates with his impressive imitation of the Spy's voice.
    • For those of you who aren't watchers of Homestar Runner, here's the original video: Everyone is Different.
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  • What's He Building In There?, by zekeyspacelizard
    • Recommended by Karlz Belena, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: A disturbing animation centered around the Engineer, the Soldier and the Tom Waits song of the same name. If the Engineer update teaser vid and comic didn't make you believe that the Engineer is a goddamn creepy dude, this WILL.
    • Seconded by Blue Hedgehog Junkie. Always good to see more creepy Engineer.
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  • A Granary Adventure: The Underdog Story, by xlr105. Now has its own page!
    • Recommended by The Toon Geekette, Naomi Hansen
    • Comments: A follow-up to the creator's previous project, A Heavy's 2fort Adventure, this isn't actually one video, but rather a bunch of videos strung together to make an interactive story, based around precise timing and careful decision-making. Epic in scale, with decent gameplay, and an honestly touching ending. Go watch it...I mean, play it...I mean...just click on the link, will you?
    • Horriblefilm: I, mistakenly assuming it hadn't been recommended yet, rushed right over here to suggest it myself only to find it had already been recognized well before. It is honestly among the best Team Fortress 2 machinima made by a fan; endearingly funny, delightfully Troperiffic, with loads of references to popular video games (especially Nintendo) and an actually pretty entertaining story. Mann-ly tears were shed.
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  • Dance Fortress 2, by thejazzman9475
    • Recommended by Shroomy, Cootling, Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires
    • Comments: Hands down one of the best fan-made animations I have ever seen. The animation is fluid and detailed, and the personalities of the various characters are captured perfectly in their movements. You'll end up watching several times to catch everything you missed.
      • Agreed verily. The interactions between the characters and their style of dance are all unique and very well animated. ~Quanyails
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  • Meet the Pyro, by avemagnadude
    • Recommended by Quanyails, So We Ate Them
    • Comments: A fan-made version of the missing "Meet the Team" movies that isn't a rickroll or two-frame flipbook? Especially with custom animation and a twist on the speculation of the Pyro's identity? Excellent!
      • So We Ate Them Sez: There have been multiple comments on the page stating that it was confused with an official product. That alone is testament. It stays true to TF2's humor and style, giving a very valid interpretation of the Pyro's character.
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  • SCOUT IS HERO (Pancake Man: Pandemonium trailer), by BlueChameleon01
    • Recommended by Chuint
    • Comments: The RED Scout becomes a superhero, Pancake Man, and fights crime with the help of his three best buds, RED Engy, RED Soldier, and RED Medic. There's four or five real episodes of the series, and the trailer for a movie that was never to be released. BlueChameleon01 has stated after their 5000th subscriber that they would actually produce the movie if the trailer gets 100,000 views.
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  • Beat It in TF2 by lass1234
    • Recommended by Sgt Frog 1
    • Comments: Possibly inspired by the special Halloween-only taunt that mimics the famous Thriller dance, this is an extremely well-animated video of all 18 characters (9 from RED, 9 from BLU) dancing to Michael Jackson's "Beat It". Watch it and be amazed!
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  • TF2: Sentry Sabotage! by CorridorDigital
    • Recommended by Quanyails, Dreamy_Hunter, Cootling
    • Comments: What Team Fortress 2 might look like as a live-action short. Has exceptionally well-done effects and nice music, to boot.
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  • Meet The Kaiba by CardGamesFTW aka LittleKuriboh
    • Recommended by Dodi16, Naomi Hansen
    • Comments: It's the (abridged) first episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! using only sound clips of the TF2 characters! Coming from LK, of course it's hilarious! :D I've watched it many times, and I highly recommend giving it a look.

    Donkey Kong - The BLU Heist by thecrispt3r4t0r
    • Recommended by MJ Trooper
    • Comments: A hilarious adventure where the titular ape tries to retrieve his banana hoard from the BLU team. This video features fairly decent animation, but the main draw is the various antics DK gets into. Filled with quite a number of Shout Outs.

    Heavy's Revelation by MisterMild
    • Recommended by MJ Trooper
    • Summary: Tired of the seemingly puny stature of his team, the Heavy decides to go solo. The Spy tries to convince him not to leave, but the Heavy decides that he no longer needs them.
    • Comments: A surprisingly touching tale, this video shows why the game is called Team Fortress 2 as the classes show how teamwork can beat any foe. The video uses voice clips from the game itself as well as Poker Night at the Inventory, but the editing causes them to mesh surprisingly well together.

    Heavy Birthday (Part 1)(Part 2) by Creativity Zone

    The Scout makes a move on Miss Pauling by MaxOfS2D
    • Recommended by Ginger Snaps, Quanyails
    • Summary: An animated version of a scene from Meet The Director.
    • Comments: Short, but still impressive. MaxOfS2D does an excellent job of making videos with actual depth, rather than taking the easy route of cheap and low-brow humor.
      • MaxOfS2D has additional, very well-made G-Mod (then Source Filmmaker) videos with similar depth and voice acting. Be sure to check those out as well.

    Heavy is spy by Gmodexpo
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  • Team Fabulous 2 by kitty0706
    • Recommended by Candy Entrails, Trivialato
    • Comments: Warning: If you click that link, you'd better be prepared for 17 straight minutes of bizarre faces, slapstick insanity, and a complete lack of rhyme or reason in general. There are many of Team Fabulous 2's ilk on Youtube, but Fabulous takes reigns supreme over all of its cousins in terms of production values and genuinely hilarious crack. Also, there's some plot stuff about a red fox-cat thing dropping The Moon on a Mario Kart map, but that makes about as much sense as the rest of the video.
      • Trivialato: The above just about sums that up, actually. Though to get into more detail, it's basically your average match on the Mario Kart server, only with 3 large differences: Everyone is in-character for their classes, friendly fire is enabled somehow, and EVERYONE IS MORE OR LESS A CRAZED SPEED-HACKER. The "plot" comes in after the protagonist (a guitar-playing Engineer with a cowboy hat) jumps through a cluster of sprays into an insane hybrid of My Little Pony and Ed, Edd and Eddy, and opens up a Pandora's Box that sends a red fox-cat thing OC, the Moon from Majora's Mask, and several people from other games into the match, including Uncharted's Drake and Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher to mess with the players before the moon blows the map up, leaving the protagonist to stop all of this with his skills and The Power of Rock. If it sounded good and crazy from this description, it only gets moreso when you watch it yourself.

    I'm Tired by Shwiggan
    • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs
    • Comments: An extremely well-done GMod rendition of a scene from The Green Mile. Possibly the most "serious" GMod video ever made, except maybe the aforementioned Heavy's Revelation. Has just as much Tear-Jerking potential as the actual scene from the movie. Ever since the upload of this video, it's maker has been bombarded with requests for more "serious" TF2 videos.

    Anything done by Gzero91
    • Recommended by Dont Kill Bugs
    • Surreal and amazing, Gzero has stated that he bases his GMod work on dreams that he has had. Each of them feel like a small part of a much greater, more epic story. Sadly, Gzero has stated his retirement from Gmod-making, due to his recent acceptance into film school.

    Dictator by Shwiggan
    • Recommended by Adam C
    • Comments: Using such a goofy, cartoony game and using it as a way to show the horrors of war sounds like a straight-up silly idea, but this is almost shocking in how touching it is. It puts Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator into the Medic's mouth and mashes it against loving and horrifying shots of the team palling around and killing each other. It's actually so good, it makes you want to stop playing the game.

    Spy: Gay or European? by catwings30
    • Recommended by Tabs, Glass Spires
    • Comments: A sort-of animation using the song "There! Right There!" from Legally Blonde: The Musical. It is well-drawn and funny and I have no better words for it right now. The user has a deviantART account too, which is worth checking out.

    Modception by MegaGFilms and several other Youtube GMod video users.
    • Recommended by Etheru
    • Comments: A collaboration by many, many Youtube users, this 23 minute GMod film is a pretty interesting, and perhaps accurate representation of the randomness and oddities of dreams, even if a lot of them are humorous (and sometimes rely on lowbrow humor), I recommend at least a watch.

    Practical Problems, by monkeyjunkie160
    • Recommended By MF 1993, Quanyails, MJ Trooper, Cootling, Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: RED Engineer decides to have a snack during a match when he sees the BLU Engineer. After the RED Engineer laughs at the BLU Engineer's misfortune, the two start outing each other by using other members of their team. This conflict eventually leads to the BLU Engineer into doing something that has to be seen to believed
    • Comments: This movie shows what the Source Filmmaker is capable of. With realistic animation, hilarious moments, and a jaw dropping ending, it is already looking like one of the greatest early SFM shorts so far. I don't much more to say about it, so check it out.
      • Agreed. Good animation, nice plot, that touch of TF2 whimsy, and overall professionalism makes this video very engaging.
      • NOTE: One of four finalists for Best Comedy in the 2012 Saxxy Awards. -Trivialato

    Fire Fire Fire! by 24railwaycuttings
    • Recommended by Nightelf37 and Tabs
    • Comments: This is what you get when you let the Pyro do a rendition Pinkie Pie's Smile Song. Absolutely hilarious.
      • Tabs: 24railwaycuttings does other songs, like "Becoming Feared" ("Becoming Popular" parody), "Find a Gun" ("Find a Pet"), and "Ballad of the Mann Co Mercenaries" (guess). I urge you to check his channel.
      • A music video version here by joshscorcher.

    TeamFormers by bosak
    • Recommended by Gigaspine7
    • Synopsis: The BLU Engineer has a dastardly new trick up his sleeve, and whatever it is has RED on edge, and rightfully so.
    • Comments: A film that combines the setting of Team Fortress 2 with elements of Transformers, Real Robots and a few other inspirations. The creative use of Engineer's buildings is what really sells it.
      • Check out its sequel, Electric Boogaloo, which was good enough to make it into the finalists for Best Comedy during the 2012 Saxxy Awards. -Trivialato

    A Wrench in the Gears by bosak
    • Recommended by Stealth
    • Synopsis: With the RED and BLU teams pushed to the brink of annihilation, the teams' Engineers engage in a radical plan to even the odds. Said plan involves giving the invading robot hordes a taste of their own medicine and then some, until the machines get in on the Escalating War.
    • Comments: A cleverly designed and beautifully animated rendition of the ultimate Mann Vs. Machine round, if Team Fortress 2 somehow managed to intersect with The Terminator, MechWarrior, and Iron Man at the same time. Made by the same animator as the aforementioned Teamformers, so just like with his previous offering, expect tons of heavily detailed and well-constructed custom props, good use of music to set the tone, smooth animation, and of course, lots of action.
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  • Scout vs. Witch: a tale of boy meets ghoul by nailbiterRG
    • Recommended by paragraphchild, Quanyails
    • Synopsis: This recently became popular on the internet (even Valve mentioned Kotaku's article on it). Scout fighting the Witch from Left 4 Dead.
    • Comments: The animation is top notch.

    We Met The Team by Mister Royzo
    • Recommended by Kryptik
    • Synopsis: A video of what Team Fortress 2 would be like with a James Bond movie intro, complete with the esoteric title sequence.
    • Comments: An awesome love letter to both with great animation and sync with the theme from Casino Royale. One wishes it could be the legit opening for TF2.

    Meet the Family by TheDKer
    • Recommended by Nightelf37, Cootling
    • Synopsis: An awesome team of father and son in the map of 2Fort
    • Comments: Awesome action, awesome music by Michael Giacchino, just go watch it.
      • Quanyails: The video is excellently choreographed, which makes up for its subpar animation.

    Robot Defense Simulator by 69Starmix96
    • Recommended by Naomi Hansen
    • Synopsis: A round of Mann vs. Machine in a nutshell.
    • Comments: Being a video that presents (and pokes fun at) the typical experience of playing Mann vs. Machine, it also shows that despite the release of Source Filmmaker, GMod isn't going to completely die out anytime soon, and that it also has the capability of delivering some quality animation to boot. If you like this video, go ahead and check out the other MVM-related video Starmix made, too.

    The First Wave (Mann vs. Machine Prequel) by Kostamoinen
    • Recommended by Taxima
    • Synopsis: The Robots have appeared, the new war has marked its first wave.
    • Comments: This is a very impressive piece of animation, set cronologically before the offical Mann Vs. Machine trailer and the first instances of the fight. With a surprising Tearjerker at the end, don't let this one pass you by.

    Bad Medicine, by Zachariah Scott
    • Recommended by Gigaspine7, Naomi Hansen, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: Archimedes has passed on. The Medic has trouble coping, and seeks to numb his own pain, eventually delving into his own subconscious.
    • Comments: Yet again, the fans prove that a game designed to be as comically dark as possible with it's setting can act as a medium for much more serious, perhaps even moving work.
      • NOTE: Winner of the 2012 Saxxy Award for Best Drama -Trivialato

    Story of a Sentry, by soimon
    • Recommended by Naomi Hansen, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: This short film tells the story of an Engineer and his Sentry.
    • Comments: The summary above, taken directly from the video's description, doesn't do justice for this lovely, emotionally-moving masterpiece. As a few commenters stated on YouTube, you'll probably never see Sentries the same way again after watching it.
    • And it looks like Valve agrees, because it just won the 2012 Best Overall title in the Saxxies! -Trivialato

    Heavy's Pizza Song, by RubberFruit, The Living Tombstone, and 2007excalibur2007.

    TEXAS STYLE, by TheEngiGuy

    ''GentleBot Hell", by MisterMulluc
    • Recommended by Tabs, Quanyails, Random Adventure, Sesquipedalia
    • Synopsis: A SFM movie of "Robot Hell" from Futurama.
    • Comments: I don't want to ramble about how great this is, but it is. I'm a sucker for superb animation, and all of the sounds from the original song are represented.
    • Seconded. The animation is absolutely beautiful, and unlike most music videos, did not just copy from the original. Everything that happens in the video was thought up by the creator and animated.

    ''The Curse of Team Auto-Balance", by Marwan Mohd Zahari
    • Recommended by Doctor Spacebar, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: The RED Spy gets dominated by the BLU Sniper, and attempts to get his revenge. But something gets in the way.
    • Comments: It's got some funny moments, and any TF2 player can relate to the Spy's plight.

    How the Spy Sapped Christmas by Super Soupy
    • Recommended by Pewycert, Sesquipedalia
    • Synopsis: Parody of Dr. Seuss's How the Grinch Stole Christmas!
    • Comments: Great animation, and is very heartwarmingly funny.
      • On top of some fine animation, it takes the story of the Grinch and applies it to the TF 2 world in a way that will have you laughing the whole way through, but still gives you some of that warm, fuzzy feeling like the original.

    The "Team Service Announcement" series by anangrysockpuppet
    • Recommended by Clam15, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: "Team Service Announcement" is a series where the common mistakes and unused strategies of new and inexperienced are blown out of proportion and explained in an attempt to help those who make them, as well as make my life less horrible.
    • Comments: Not only are these videos completely hysterical, but each one has genuine advice about how to be a real Team Fortress 2 player. They're all worth a watch if you have a half hour to kill.
      • Special mention goes to the video on Ranged Combat, which demonstrates how only the Sniper should fight from afar by having the Scout, Heavy, and Soldier play pretend Snipers and ruin a kill for the actual Sniper, resulting in a hilarious triple Dope Slap.

    [SFM] America by COB Metal Head
    • Recommended by Moonflower2
    • Synopsis: The Soldier tells us why America is the best country on the goddamn planet, Team America: World Police style.
    • Comments: The animation is fantastic, it's very creative with how it shows each part of the song, and it's funny as all hell. Any player who's ever heard "America, Fuck Yeah!" before (and even those who haven't) must give this a look.

    Beautiful Little Moment by thatscoutisaspy
    • Recommended by Earl of Sandvich
    • Synopsis: The SFM re-enactment of a memorable Game Grumps moment, paired with the Inception track "Time".
    • Comments: Beautifully done, and "Time" really fits this moment. It's also worth checking out the author's other Grump machinimas.

    Once Upon A Time In 2fort, Part 2 by Konstantine Rymaruk
    • Recommended by Peabody Sam
    • Synopsis: Picking up where the first part left off, the BLU team picks up the RED intel and must bring it to their own intel room to capture it.
    • Comments: The animation and storytelling are superb, especially compared to the creator's first draft of the first part. But most importantly, the powerful emotions are what makes this SFM animation work so well. There is no respawning here and the horrors of war are very real, and the way that the survivors must cope with the deaths of their teammates really brings this to life.

    MvM Wars I - Stop that tank! by IACFromEarth
    • Recommended by Peabody Sam
    • Synopsis: A reenactment of battle against Sahaquiel from the film Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0, this time starring the RED team as they valiantly attempt to stop one of Gray Mann's tanks from deploying its payload.
    • Comments: Tanks may be an everyday occurrence in Mann Versus Machine, but top-notch animation and facial expressions combined with some very Awesome Music turns the whole thing Up to Eleven in drama and intensity, making this feel like a truly climatic struggle for the fate of Mann Co that will leave you at the edge of your seat, wondering if the heroes will prevail.

    Till Death Do Us Part by Lozeng3r
    • recommended by Peabody Sam, Glass Spires
    • Synopsis: It's the zombie apocalypse, and RED and BLU team up in order to survive.
    • Comments: Along with Bad Medicine and Story of a Sentry, this was one of the finalists of the 20112 Saxxy Awards "Best Drama" category, and with good reason. The looks on each merc's face as he sees both RED and BLU coming to rescue him is full of heartwarming, and the RED Spy might even bring a few tears. Plus, some nice animation set to very fitting music.
      • Now has a sequel, which has won the Saxxy for best drama.

    Meet the Rabid Heavy Taming Engineer by Crash Maul
    • recommended by Shadow Fighter 88
    • Synopsis: With RED up against the wall, an Engineer and his barely-controlled partner take the field.
    • Comments: From the same person who made Rise of the Epic Scout, his animation skills have gotten even better. Aside from doing a very good job of blending the game's own animations with his own work, this video quite possibly has the best high-speed fight scene ever made with Source Filmmaker.

    [SFM] Tengen Toppa Heavy Medic by Electric Jesus
    • recommended by therealjackieboy
    • Synopsis: Heavy and the Medic must defeat the Demoman and the Pyro via ridiculously cool fight scenes
    • Comments: Now THIS is a cool use of the Source Filmmaker. It's a TF2 version of Gurren Lagann that perfectly captures the look and feel of the show. And the voice clips used fit so well. Highly recommended for any fan of Gurren Lagann.

    Cult of Personality by LoneWolfHBS
    • Recommended by Taxima
    • Synopsis: Ousted by BLU, a vengeful Medic gathers together fellow outcasts and leads a new army to wipe out both RED and BLU once and for all.
    • Comments: An ongoing series that is sequel to a stand alone vid FYI I am a Robot. Source Filmmaker is used, and the writing is both funny, dramatic, and gripping. Keep tuning in to see where this war leads.
    • Has its own Trope Page.

    The Bolted Behemoth by The Winglet
    • Recommended by TheWildWestPyro
    • Synopsis: Something's not right at ctf_Sawmill...
    • Comments: A gripping video with a bit of everything, from action to horror. The RED Team's struggle is entertaining to watch, and the ending is hilarious.

    The Negotiation by Andy Thybo
    • Recommended by Obsidian Fire
    • Synopsis: A negotiation for the Intel between the Spy and Engineer goes bad in the Old West. Train chases and showdowns abound.
    • comments: Great use of music to set the moods and the body language is spot on, particularly as there is no dialog at all. Also features a well executed train showdown.

        Voice mashups 
    Engineer Techno (Ghosts n' Stuff remix), by MysticMild/MisterMild
    • Recommended by Fivepence, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: A vocal mashup of Deadmau5's and Rob Swire's Ghosts n' Stuff that adds what it so desperately needed: More Engie. Better than the original.

    Soldier Gaga ft. Spyoncé - Cap My Point, by EnigmaEvocative
    • Recommended by Midare, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: Not really a video, but... so beautiful.
      • Maniette: Agreed. Really well put together, and funny as heck.
      • Tabs: An interesting detail: If you listen to both songs at the same time, the Spy's "This is a disaster!" syncs with Beyoncé's.
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  • Heavy Bieber ft. Scoutachris - Baby, by crashblast23returns3
    • Recommended by Sadclown, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: Similar to the above recommendation. Not really a video, but still glorious.
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  • Heavy Cruz ft. Medacris - Touch Your Gun, by EnigmaEvocative
    • Recommended by Nashimi, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: A parody of the Taio Cruz song "Break Your Heart". Gloriously funny and amazingly well mixed.
    • Tabs: Agreed. And dubbing the music over the original song's video makes it even more entertaining.
    • Seconded by Blue Hedgehog Junkie. This is one of the funniest TF2 mashups.
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  • Heavybull - Hey Spies (Get On The Point Wankers) ft. T-Snipe by TheHerbalisti
    • Recommended by Nashimi
    • Comments: Another song parody. Very, very amusing.
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  • My Little Fortress 2: Sentence-mixing is Da Magicks! by 2007excalibur2007
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  • Force-A-Nem — Mmph the Way You Mmph by mymapagainstyourcash
    • Recommended by Quanyails, Cootling, Blue Hedgehog Junkie, Glass Spires
    • Comments: Arguably the best TF2 voice-music edit, "Mmph the Way You Mmph" imitates "Love the Way You Lie", except with the Scout and Pyro filling the lines. The lyrics are exceptionally well-mixed, with proper timing, flow, and rhyme. This goes the same for mymapagainstyourcash's other mixes.
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  • Extra Dispensial - Heavy by thatscoutisaspy
    • Recommended by Tabs, Blue Hedgehog Junkie
    • Comments: Parody of E.T., with the Spy, Heavy, Medic, and Engineer's lines replacing Katy Perry's. I couldn't help laughing while listening to this.
    • Seconded by Blue Hedgehog Junkie. The mixing is perfect, and the lyrics somehow make the characters sound silly and threatening at the same time.
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  • Soldier Vs. Masked Spy by Wazgul
    • Recommended by Trivialato
    • Comments: Combine the Battle theme of Masked Dedede from Kirby Super Star Ultra with random sounds from just about everything in TF2, with Touhou-like visuals taken from who knows how many fansites, and you get a long-lasting and unforgettable Ear Worm. Of course, this isn't even Wazgul's best example.

    NightMen by Wazgul
    • Recommended by Trivialato
    • Comments: A "remix of a remix" for a popular song from the Touhou compilation, with excellent timing, ideas, lines, and an impressive vocal solo from Pyro voice clips. Just simply amazing.
      • Question: what is the source on those llovely pictures that float into the background a couple times?

    Team Aristocats 2 by OudieStadium07
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Comments: The Big Lipped Alligator Moment from an old Disney film The Aristocats now with Team Fortress 2 voices. Starring the Medic as Edgar the butler, the Sniper and Scout as the farm dogs Napoleon and Lafayette, and the Heavy as Edgar's motorcycle. Excellent slapstick scene.
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  • The Lion King Fortress 2 by fantachan
    • Recommended by Nightelf37
    • Comments: The first of four (so far) videos sentance mixing the TF2 characters with those from The Lion King. Starring the Scout as Simba, the Heavy as Mufasa, the Medic as Zazu, the Admin as Nala, the Spy as Scar, the Demoman, Sniper, and Pyro as Senzi, Banzai, and Ed, and the Soldier and Engineer as Timon and Pumbaa.
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  • Fully Charged by [DWL1993]

    TF2 Comic Dubs by Ben Paddock
    • Recommended by The Wild West Pyro
    • Synopsis: Ben Paddock makes one-man dubs of the TF2 comics, doing all the voices! Now includes Kat Scratch as Miss Pauling!
    • Comments: I have nothing else to say about this except that it is goddamn hilarious and you will LAUGH until your INTESTINES AND HEAD explode! It is also awesome.

    Cuanta Vida, a fancomic by Kytri.
    • Recommended by Meg The Maggot, Cootling, Glass Spires
    • Comments: Despite being saturated with Ho Yay, Cuanta Vida is not a shipping comic. Well, not just a shipping comic. Excellent writing, excellent art, excellent story, just all-around excellent.
      • Gancena: All sentiments are seconded. I've been attached to all sorts of works in the past, but I haven't felt a magnitude of attachment like this in years. It's Just. That. Awesome.
      • Bobo The Talking Clown: Even if you aren't a fan of Ho Yay, check it out just for its status as a deconstruction of TF 2. Most excellent, may be in the 10% of great webcomics.
      • Nekomata The Failcat: You know when comic is a good one when every single page makes you go "HOLY SHIT!"
      • Mandemo: Excellent comic, with both funny, dramatic and heartwarming moments. Definitely worth of reading.
      • Quanyails: Well, I don't give the same approval as the previous people; while it's an adequate comic in of itself, it does not seem like a Team Fortress 2 comic but rather, an original comic set in the world of TF2.
      • Fivepence: Seconded, unfortunately, with an addendum: This is not the world of Team Fortress 2. No TF2 merc would let their gender identity or sexuality stop them from blasting or blackmailing anybody who got in their way, without hesitation. Look at Canon-Medic! Canon-Heavy! Canon-PYRO! Canon-Engineer!(?)
      • Eh, it was ok. It's more like Ouran high School Host Club Meets TF2. But it does take place out of canon— you find out it's been at least two years since most of the original classes have died. The ones there are the sucessors.

    Pirate Fortress 2 by Fenomena
    • Recommended by Meg The Maggot, Quanyails, Cootling
      • Comments: The Team as pirates. May or may not be the awesomest thing ever. Words fail me.
      • Seconded oh so much by Maniette. I can only think of one thing to say to it: Sniper's peg-leg is epic!
      • Thirded by YYZ. Plague doctor Pyro, FUCK YES
      • BradersVal has completed a set of in-game models based off of the image.
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  • Humon's TF2 Comics by Humon
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  • A Scout's Story by SleepDepJoel
    • Recommended by King Sonn Dee Doo, Glass Spires
      • Comments: A BLU Scout gets auto-balanced to RED, and ends up getting his views of the other team challenged, with a twist at the end.
      • Quanyails: This is pretty dang deep for a comic like this; amazing story, and agreed, quite a bit of a twist at the end. Note that the artist also does some more humorous comics, so take a look at those, too!
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  • Be Efficient Be Polite by spacerocketbunny and Feathernotes (Part Two here)
    • Recommended by Quanyails, Cootling, Glass Spires
      • Summary: Out of the mercenaries, the RED Sniper seems to be the only one that sees that something odd is going on behind the scenes of RED and BLU. When the Sniper runs into a peculiar event involved with the respawn, he really starts to question the subtle changes around him, what really is going on, and who is behind it.
      • Comments: Quanyails: Excellent webcomic series faithful (yet curious) about Team Fortress 2's canon, with great art panels, regular updates, and a solid pinch of humor to accompany the story.
      • Fivepence: I dislike this one, ironically enough, for the same reason I dislike "Cuanta Vida": Too much Wangst and OOC. Yes, the Administrator controls everything. Yes, the fighting is pointless. But, canonically, it's been established in several less than subtle ways that the entire Team could not care any less as long as they can have their fun and get paid for it, too.
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  • Long Lost by Mad Jesters 1
    • Recommended by Moonflower2, mannowdog, Glass Spires
    • Summary: About a year before he signed his contract with RED, the Sniper's fiancé mysteriously went missing. Though years have passed since her disappearance, the Sniper is still plagued with feelings of anger and regret when the anniversary of her disappearance comes around. However, his grieving is cut short when he finds himself being tracked by two robots from Caroline's old workplace …
    • Comments: An absolutely wonderful crossover comic that manages to be funny, heartfelt, sad, and dramatic all at once. The art is lovely, the plotline is very well written, and the concept and execution are absolutely fantastic. Highly recommended.
    • Seconded. Don't be fooled by the somewhat sketchy art style; this artist has for the most part nailed down each character design, and scenes are always visually interesting. The story is likewise engaging, and you really care about the plot and the characters as it progresses.

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