Tropers: Glass Spires

Hello. I'm Glass Spires, as you've no doubt realized. I haven't yet added a lot of example tropes, but when I find one that describes me well, I'll come back and stick it on here!

Tropes, in no particular order:

    Tropes describing me 

    Favorite works and tropes 
  • Doctor Who: Why oh why doesn't Netflix have season 7 yet?!
  • Sherlock: Looking forward to season 3.
  • Supernatural: I'm not sure I would call myself a fan yet, but I'm getting there.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: It's amazing! Ms. Arakawa is a genius.
  • Blue Sky: I was introduced to this one through TV Tropes; it certainly deserves its massive trope page.
  • Vocaloid: It's not so much a work as a genre. It seems to fit better in this section though....
  • Portal; Portal 2: These are the games that got me into PC gaming, which promptly re-ruined my life.
  • Half-Life; Half-Life 2: My most recently-completed video game. I'm a bit behind the times I guess.

Thanks for reading!