Reviews: It Could Be Worse

It wasn't bad

I think the reason why this one is considered good is because so many Sniper/Spy stories are written... rather badly... It's a typical romance, Sniper discovers that he is gay and attracted to Spy, Spy breaks up with his little cauliflower and reveals his attraction for Sniper, they work through some inevitable problems, and voila, romance. The author has published the same story for profit and changed the names, removing mentions of TF 2. I think that if the author didn't mention it, no one would be the wiser.

It's not bad, it just reads as a little generic. With French and Australian accents. Overall...

It Could Be Worse

(Yes, I had to insert a lame Title Drop)

Review by Freya Crescent

As someone who rarely reads TF2 fanfics, I especially love this one for it's realistic and in-character portrayal of Sniper and Spy. Truely a rare gem in this fandom.

Review by Meg The Maggot

Just read this. Seriously, just do it. This is a little slow to get started, but is so well-written and researched. Socks WILL be blown off.


Amazingly written story, definitely the best Sniper/Spy I've ever seen. The characters were brilliantly developed and the concept of fantastic.

Amazing Story

Definitely the Best Sniper and Spy pairing story ever...written, of course. If you aren't sure about reading it because of the length, I suggest you make the time to read it anyway. It's a great story and very in character. It;s almost scary, in fact, how IC it is.