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Treating cancer is expensive and time-consuming, but I have a back alley and a baseball bat.
— Me, being the world's worst doctor.

I'm an average teenager, aspiring novelist, and Neutral Good Jerk with a Heart of Gold. When I'm not singing off-key, playing video games, or man-handling those I love, I'm often on the internet, doing internet things.

Feel free to write on my page in the vandalism section. Also, I generally go by Meg or some variation thereof on boards. Be sure to say hi if you see me. I also recently changed my handle on the wiki from The Tall One to Meg The Maggot. Sorry 'bout that, I'm trying for some semblance of continuity amongst my various screen names.

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  • Sayael: Have to give thanks to you, since I used your page to help make mine. I can't edit my way out of a pencil smudge.
  • Dorian Mode:...What part of Minnesota are you from?
    • The Twin Cities, natch.
      • Some Wednesday night you should stop by Grumpy's in Minneapolis. There's an open-comedy thing I go to...
      • Wednesdays are usually pretty busy for me, but I'll see...
  • Belfagor: Nice page with an awesome quote! Feel free to vandalize my page in change.
  • As an aspiring novelist to another, I have to tell you that being on this site will seriously affect your writing... for better or worse. And thanks for the advice: you're the last doctor I'll go see in an emergency. Hi! - Amused Troper Guy

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