Nightmare Fuel: Team Fortress 2

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For such a cartoonish-looking first-person shooter/war-themed hat simulator, Team Fortress 2 does have its moments of horror.
Meet the Team Videos
  • When taking the head-exploding scene of Meet the Spy frame-by-frame, in one frame, you can see Spy's eyeballs, brain, and skull fragments. View the frame here, if you dare.
    • The sequence of the RED Spy infiltrating the BLU base... and slaughtering the BLU Engineer, Sniper and Medic on the way. His fight against the Medic is especially chilling.
  • Meet the Pyro pretty much confirms that they're a total psychopath. Yes, even moreso than the Soldier. They view the world as sunshine and lollipops, the enemy team as little baby angels, and they spread rainbows and bubbles everywhere. In reality, they're spreading apocalypse-level fiery death everywhere they go. And they don't even realize it.
    • Not to mention that they even unsettle the members of their own team.
    Heavy: I fear no man, but that thing... it scares me!
    • The ending. The BLU Sniper begs the Pyro for help. Pyro's response? Flamethrower to the face. At point-blank range. And after the signature outro, the Pyro is shown walking through Pyroland, then zooms out to reveal a gaping hole in the BLU Soldier's torso, who's holding his organs in his hands, and dies as he falls down. Then it zooms out furthermore to show the massacred BLU team with the Pyro whistling to the song playing in Pyroland while buildings burn down. Yeah.
      • It doesn't help that in his head, they're bopping along with the music happily. Change to real life, and they're just walking sinisterly.
    • Medic's death was also horrifying. Being locked inside a barn which was subsequently set on fire. The worst part had to have been the look on his face as he realized his impending doom...
    • Not to mention the Scout, who got shot in the face with a flare gun at point-blank range.
    • Not to forget the bone-chilling soundtrack that played in reality.
    • It may just be this troper's imagination, but at no point does the song in Pyroland ever actually stop... It plays through the entire trailer, and when in the real world it's muffled by the sounds of screams and fire.
  • The screams of pain from the other classes in "Meet the Sandvich" are chilling. While rather hilarious, just trying to imagine the images the Soldier and Scout are providing is enough to make you shudder.
  • Just about the first half of Meet the Medic. The Medic is literally holding the Heavy's heart, and it explodes. Oh, and lest we forget that Heavy is fully conscious throughout the entire operation.
    • Although the horror factor is mostly subdued due to the fact that the Heavy did not seem to feel any pain (apart from the breakage of a rib bone). He even laughs to the Medic's joke while his organs are exposed.
    • And then The Stinger, where Scout walks out of the operating room saying "You will not believe!... how much this hurts." Cue the sound of a dove cooing, and then the Medic calling out for Archemedes. In short, Scout has a live bird in his chest.
      • In game, if the Scout is killed in such a way that he's completely eviscerated, there is a 1 in 100 chance that a dove will fly out of the carnage.
  • Expiration Date: Apparently, bread gets green fleshy tumours when put through a teleporter... which can turn into monstrous abominations if put through a teleporter multiple times.
    • Actually it's just some sort of self-aware beauty mark, doesn't make it any less terrifying however.
    • What about all the Heavies with Sandviches that go through teleporters?
      • The bread they used was made from dolphin milk, who were fed only pre-chewed grass. So Heavy's sandwiches should be fine.

Comics and Other Supplemental Material
  • The online comics can be straight-up disturbing at times:
    Blutarch Mann: Every day I'm dead a little longer, Mr. Conagher. I have seen the other side. There is nothing there. FIX. THIS. MACHINE.
  • In the Mann vs Machine updates, entire battalions of robots are heading to all Mann Co businesses. And since Mann Co is a Mega Corp., these robots are practically all over the entire world. Oh and by the way, observant players can find the machines carrying these robots in the backgrounds of some maps.
  • Despite the game's comic nature, Gray Mann's actually a pretty creepy guy. While there are several funny bits in the comic he appears in, he's much more serious than most of the characters in the game.
    • Even some of the funny moments had a scary side. For instance, Gray was swiped out of his cradle by a female bald eagle, who raised him alongside her chicks. The way it's portrayed in the comic is funny (The bird arrives with an Unsound Effect of EAGLE!! as it crashes through a window), but this scene is immediately followed by Gray revealing what happened when he came of age: He killed the mother eagle and her chicks, then ATE THEM. Redmond and Blutarch are visibly repulsed.
    • Then, as seen in this page, he wins. The Administrator - the most powerful, controlling character in the whole Team Fortress 2 universe to date - runs away, and leaves a one word message to Miss Pauling: HIDE.
  • Some time before the 2012 Halloween update, the Spy's head in the website banner became a skull. While not that scary by itself, there was no other indicator to it, so you'd be simply looking at a blog and give yourself a Jump Scare.
    • Skulls in general tend to have a neutral expression, but Spy here seems to be... in pain...
  • A Cold Day In Hell has this interesting take on Pyroland, and how the Pyro controls it.
  • Blood in the Water has the Administrator. She has an Australium Life-Extending Machine embedded into her arm.
    • Team Classic has hunted down the Team, and their Sniper already placed two bullets into Mundy.
      • In addition, Medic is now working with Team Classic and seems to have no issue with killing his former teammates.

The Game Itself
  • Taking a close-up look at an ‹berCharged character can be disturbing because of the Glowing Eyes of Doom, the monotone aura, and the sheer Oh, Crap factor of facing off with an Implacable Man.
    • Not to mention the dread it can fill you with if this happens to be a Heavy who's got you pinned down, or an ‹berCharged Pyro, period. Those horrible, glowing eyes staring you down as they laugh maniacally, slicing you to ribbons with a stream of crit bullets or catching you in a stream of unkillable fire so horrible it singes your very soul. Horrifying enough the first time, no less, and even worse when you've gotten to a thousand hours of total playtime and are all too familiar with the death that will soon take you.
    • Cranked Up to Eleven with Mann vs. Machine's giant robots. The sight of an invincible, colossal robot Heavy, or a whole army of Crocket Soldiers, or giant Claymore-wielding Cyclopses is the stuff nightmares are made of.
  • You see the Eyelander that the enemy Demoman has? You may not realize it, but it's talking to him. And it wants your head.
  • Going hand in hand with Fridge Horror, consider the phrases some of the characters say "I'm back!" and "killing you is full-time job" These guys know they're continuously dying and coming back to life... exploding into pieces, all the screams of agony, just for your entertainment...
    • In Poker Night at the Inventory, the Heavy claims that the respawn system puts him through a series of (seemingly) endless nightmares before spawning again.
      • Maybe it's because of the fact that he can't spend quality time with Sasha, killing enemy baby-men?
      • It could be taken to mean he doesn't believe he ever died at all. Just that after respawning, his death seems like a bad dream.
  • The Horseless Headless Horsemann. An Axe Crazy undead juggernaut that is completely immune to all forms of knockback and slowdown, and is only outpaced by the Scout. Not only that, by the time a round is over, he's usually inside a very tight-spaced mansion where the usual maneuverability is incredibly difficult. Imagine turning a corner and seeing this guy screaming down the hall towards you, laughing like a maniac.
  • Whenever you backstab someone with a Your Eternal Reward, the body of your victim instantaneously fades away. The reason why this happens is even more horrific: the weapon's positive attribute ensures that no trace can be found of the victim, meaning that the kill will not appear in the killfeed to the victim's teammates; just like how someone mysteriously disappears in a horror film. Even worse, the Spy who stabs with this knife disguises as his victim instantly, making the YER Spy a much more terrifying adversary.
  • MONOCULUS! In the 2011 Scream Fortress update. You have this disembodied giant floating eye, see, and it shoots critical rockets, and you need to kill it by shooting at it. It looks even worse from the behind...note 
  • The new voice lines added for Medic for Mann vs. Machine show that he's become a bit more... unhinged.
    • That video had a bit of Nightmare Fuel itself. Hearing him scream that his various teammates are dead, one after the other, is a bit more upsetting than would be expected from this game. The surprising amount of anguish in his voice doesn't help.
    • The Heavy sounds... off.
  • You'll find the vocoded voices of the robots either unnatural or just hard on the ears. The sound of the Tank's horn rivals the noise of the Tripods in ominousness.
  • The Mann Co. robots themselves. There's something very unnerving about seeing Medic with his legs replaced by a wheel or Demoman with only one eye in the center of his head.
  • The maps in Mann Vs Machine have been glitching so that no robots show up. Imagine being told of a robot invasion and being ready to defend, and then suddenly, no robots. Ominous.
  • The Halloween version of Lakeside (Ghost Fort) seems like a pretty normal map until you see the hellish pit of death that has a full medkit on a platform precariously hoisted over it. Plus your character appropriately screams when they fall into it.
    • Generally, at any rate. Sometimes they actually get bored, or make comments about the pit - it seems scary until the Spy dryly states, "Well, come on, I don't have all day." It is a bottomless pit, after all.
  • The Halloween version of Coaltown, which turns the robots into zombies, doesn't seem like much. And then you see that there are hundreds of zombies coming for you in a single wave...
    • The zombies' movements are also pretty unnerving, e.g. Pyros flail about randomly while always firing their flamethrower.
  • Among the games' files, there are a few unused animations that would have been intended for players killed by afterburn. Some of them are pretty disturbing.
    • In the one seen for the Medic, he checks his pulse before falling backwards, dead. Imagine feeling for your pulse in the last seconds of your life, only to feel nothing but... well, nothing.
  • Mild, but still qualifies. If when defending in Egypt a point is lost, it closes down the first spawn point. Should you respawn in the few seconds before the doors shut, I woefully hope you're not claustrophobic.
  • A new addition in time for Halloween, The Second Opinion misc. for the Medic is bad enough on its own, considering that the item is half of Medic's head is sewn on. Then comes the new lines...
    • And most of the time Medic is agreeing with it.
  • One of the Bombinomicon's lines in Scream Fortress 2013, when you get into Hell:
    "Okay, twist ending guys. Here comes the big twist! I'm an angel, and we're in Heaven! This was a test all along! No, I'm pulling your leg, there is no Heaven. There is Hell in every direction."
  • Hats are usually funny little cosmetic items the mercenaries wear. However, some hats and miscellaneous items ("miscs") are a little disturbing, especially the Pyro's. Here we have the Pyro's head used as a drinking glass, Pyro as an undead astronaut, and finally, what happens when the Pyro isn't given the courtesy of Pretty Little Headshots, seen here.
  • An entire thread full of scary shit from Team Fortress 2. There's a little bit of everything in here, from natural things in-game to community-created stuff to...this.
  • The entire cp_cloak map. It's a Valve developed map, by the way.

Community Stuff
  • The achievement map "Achievement_Tunnels" made and hosted exclusively by Golden Machine Gun (an achievement group) has a sewer. The sewer contains a ghost called "The Dystopian". He finds you. If you're found, he kills you after an earthquake with a red thing on your screen. Terrifying for the first time, but annoying after a few more times. Also, it's much creepier when if he doesn't find you, just because he's targeting someone else, but passes by you, you start to feel sick and an acid trip starts, giving you a distorted view of the map.
  • The Achievement_turbo map also has a hidden room as an Easter Egg which only particularly agile classes can access. There is a large red button in it. Press it, and you get locked inside with a Scare Chord and are confronted by the infamous Painis Cupcake, who then lunges at you. We all know what happens next...
  • The now defunct YouTube user RubberFruit. He usually made surreal Garry's Mod videos, like this charming video.
  • Scouts Everywhere! The creepy grins the Scouts have, not to mention THAT ENDING.
    • To clarify, for the faint of heart, the video is like this: Heavy's in a corner and says "Scouts everywhere!", only for Scout to reply "Yeah, huh-ho!". Cue the room literally filled with Scouts sporting Slasher Smiles forced on their own character models, and then the camera cuts to the outside of the building with a Scream Discretion Shot (the scream is obviously Heavy's). As for the ending mentioned above, it's a relatively simple The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You moment. A lone scout suddenly appears on one side of the screen, waving his hand and saying "Hi, mom", only to growl immediately afterwards and lunge at the viewer. Cue static. If you have annotations on, the video even pauses before the Scout lunges at the camera and tells you to click out immediately.
  • The Odd Scout.
  • Some of the items submitted for the fourth annual Halloween Update are disturbing, even for this game. Even more fun is the previews some people make for their items.
  • The "Dr. Horror" map, which can be played on the Snack Shack server. It includes areas from famous horror movies, lots of deadly traps, and extremely loud noises.
  • Number stations are paranoia fuel enough on their own, but this video makes it so much worse. "два. девять. девять. девять." note 
  • This extremely terrifying parody of Meet the Pyro. It turns out to be much, much, more frightening and even more disturbing than the original when you think about it.
  • This... video. This would best count as Lightmare Fuel because on the one hand, the broken textures, the Giant Heavy flipping shit, and the Chicken/Raptor/Barney head are funny. The rest... well, the rest is not.
  • 2spooky4me is a recent halloween special...Just watch it.
    • -TWEET! TWEET!
  • Soldier at the end of Gaag or OaaO? also counts.

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