Heartwarming: Team Fortress 2

Meet The Team Videos
  • In "Meet the Spy", there's something sweet about the RED Spy shifting through the photos of him acquainting himself with the BLU Scout's mother to find a rather sweet one of them Holding Hands and putting it in his pocket with a genuinely fond smile on his face.
    RED Spy: Ah, my petite chou-fleur.
    • What makes that moment even sweeter is that of all pictures he could've kept, he chose the tamest one of the bunch; this in turn proves that he didn't just seduce her to spite the BLU Scout, but that he is genuinely in a romantic relationship with her.
      • Combining with Fridge Brilliance, his reaction as the BLU Scout may have been a combination of keeping in character and his own outrage over his lady love being photographed. Or even a genuine shock over getting caught.
  • Neat little background detail in "Meet The Medic": When Heavy's on the operating table, look towards the back. Sasha gets her own gurney!
    • Just the fact that Medic's not as grumpy as he usually seems is heartwarming on its own. And between the video and the outtakes, the sense that they really wanted to show that he's trying to improve his teammates' lives and keep them safe is awesome.
      • In addition, the fact that Heavy and Medic are so relaxed, happy, and trusting with each other, even as Medic gives Heavy information that the latter could use to ruin his life and Heavy lets Medic muck around in his organs. It's so sweet that even in the middle of a war-zone, deep and true bonds like that can form and flourish.
  • A outtake of "Meet The Sandvich" had Heavy beating Soldier to death. Somehow hearing SCOUT of all people plead with Heavy to stop killing Soldier is this and Tear Jerker. Even the Simpsons reference couldn't save it for sorrow.
  • An outtake of "Meet The Medic" had the Soldier holding a dying Sniper's hand... before they both get run over by the Medic's train.
  • So, the Pyro. Yes, he/she/it may be a killing machine that burns everything in sight...but all he wants to do is spread happy rainbows to all of his friends! That's really sweet! (But also scary.)
  • In "Expiration Date", when it looks like the Team has less than three days to live, Spy tries to set up a bucket list so everyone's greatest desire can be fulfilled before they die.
    • Later Spy agrees to spend his final hours training Scout in the art of seduction so Scout can go on a date with Miss Pauling, despite what a Jerk Ass Scout is to him. And the other team members chip in.
      • Not to mention how the Scout does genuinely like Miss Pauling, even going so far as to swallow his pride to ask Spy for help, as mentioned above.
      • Plus, despite their mutual loathing, Spy actually stops Scout during the big fight at the end, encouraging him to try and salvage what remains of the horrendously botched date attempt while the rest of the team fend off the bread monster.

Comics and Other Supplemental Material
  • From the "WAR!" Soldier vs. Demoman update comic, we have the BLU Soldier initially refusing to kill his best friend, the RED Demoman, even after the Administrator made it very clear that they'd kill him if he refused, gets to me.
    Soldier: "Then I guess you'd better take me out to that gravel pit and shoot me, lady. 'Cause if you ever ask me to kill my best friend again, I will put my boot so far up your ass it will be on the news!"
    • And then, after they fake the Demo agreeing to kill him for weapons:
      Soldier: "Ahhhh, but dammit, it doesn't matter what he said in that weird robot voice I've never heard him talk in before. Once you've taken a man out for whiskey and ribs... then fought him... then fought the police with him... Well, you have forged a friendship thicker than any soup you can buy. That's not girl talk either. That is just facts."
      • Let us stress the fact that, up until his Berserk Button was pushed, THE SOLDIER of all people, was willing to DIE rather than kill his best friend. The command angers him so much that he stomps his barricade into splinters. Now that is true friendship.
      • Goes for both of them, really. For them to fight, one needs to be Possessed, and the other needs his Berserk Button smashed with a sledgehammer.
    • There are also some unused bits of audio from the update which show that even though they're forced to fight, they're still good friends.
    Demoman: DOMINATED! But yer a good man and I love ya.
    Soldier: DOMINATED! I cherish these moments we spend together.
  • Also in the WAR! comic. The Demoman sits down to have tea with his blind mother, and they both briefly talk about how they miss his father every day.
  • Robin Walker giving a heartfelt speech thanking id Software for pretty much everything ever in regards to codifying the FPS genre of games.
  • In the Halloween comic, a kid trick-or-treating as Saxton Hale comes up to Heavy and Heavy sneers at the idea of spending the money he works so hard to earn for his family on some kid's candy, then proceeds to call the kid fat. When the kid starts crying, Heavy realizes how much he hates being called fat, asks him to stop crying, and gives him $7,000. Also the fact that the RED Soldier, of all people, is the one taking the three kids trick-or-treating in the first place!
    • Also, When Heavy, Spy, and Scout answer the door. Two of them regard the kids with contempt, but the Scout actually gets down to eye level with one of the kids, shows him his bat, and then gives the kid a molar he beat out of a guy while using said bat. Had a very "Cool Big Brother" vibe to it.
    • If the Soldier's line about being on the lam with the children for four days is indeed just a attempt to get some candy out of the team, then it's quite touching to see the merciless military man putting on a goofy costume and taking some kids trick or treating with him.
  • Some of Valve's Christmas cards are both heartwarming and hilarious. Special mention goes to the BLU Medic presenting a huge multilayer sandwich to a delighted Heavy and the Pyro getting excited over receiving coal as gift. Also, RED Heavy presenting RED Engineer with a giftwrapped BLU Spy, saying "Engineer is credit to team!", and even the BLU Sniper giving the RED Scout a hand-knit sweater (albeit one with a target on it.)
  • In "True Meaning," Engineer reading the story of Australian Christmas to Pyro, who is watching with rapt attention. The friendships between teammates can often be quite sweet.
    • Part 2 features "Old Nick", a figure born of Australian Christmas who kidnaps children. It shows the mercenaries engage in actual teamwork for once, which is rare in the supplementary material, especially against an enemy other than the opposing team. The Spy teaches some random kid how to stab him in the neck. Their conversation afterward boils down to "Were you afraid?" "Yep." "Are you still afraid?" "Nah."
      • Even more heartwarming is the Scout and Soldier fighting against Old Nick. They only have a few Christmas items to use as weapons, but they're effectively risking their own lives in an attempt to stop him from kidnapping the children.
      • And, there's Spy giving the kid a piggyback ride at the end. Spy being friendly with a small child is especially heartwarming, even if it is just after he trained the child to kill a Bad Santa.
  • In "Blood Brothers", Barnabus Hale shows that true men can at least mourn.
    • It's also heartwarming to see Redmond and Blutarch not arguing for once. Even if they are discussing potential incestuous mpreg.
  • In "Doom-Mates", Merasmus proclaims that he's going to murder everyone Soldier cares about. The scene switches to Soldier explaining why he's murdering them all to Scout and Spy. This basically means that Soldier views all of his teammates as his best friends!
  • In the "Mann vs. Machine" trailer, the BLU Medic is seen petting one of his doves reassuringly before going out to war.
    • The sheer fact that RED and BLU are finally getting along in the trailer is heartwarming as well. Especially the grins Heavy, Soldier, and Demoman give each other when they realize the former isn't going to do them any harm.
      • Heck, Soldier and Demoman getting along at all, considering the events of WAR! (Even if it was the other team's Demoman.)
      • Even better; Valve added some scrapped files from the War update to the game for their robotic counterparts. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown. All that we know is that it shows just how close they were.
  • In "Shadow Boxers", Miss Pauling wants to be taken to Gray Mann's hideout by the Soldier. Initially, everyone else doubts the Soldier actually knows what he's talking about and decide to head home. However, the Heavy stays behind and agrees to go with both of them. Why? Because he legitimately doesn't want Miss Pauling to get hurt.
    Heavy: If Miss Pauling goes, I go.
  • Just how happy everyone is to be reunited in "Ring of Fired" is sweet to see. The panels where Soldier isn't smiling can be counted on one hand, Pyro comes running the second s/he sees Soldier and Miss Pauling's beacon fire, and Demo is ecstatic to be offered his job back, even though he doesn't know what it's even going to entail, outside of Putting the Band Back Together.
  • Medic seems to be adept with invoking this and Nightmare Fuel simultaneously. Granted, with the Second Opinion equipped, his "darker" side is telling him to kill his friends...but notice how he went from "TEEEEEAM!" when the game first started, to "my friends" in November 1972-ish in the storyline. Looks like he might have more of a heart than the one sitting in his fridge.
  • In "Unhappy Returns", Scout goes to Spy for help getting his savings out of the Teufort bank, since Soldier broke his arms and he can't get it himself. Spy initially refuses, but changes his tune when Scout frets about how broken up his mother will be when she finds out he lost the savings.
    • To elaborate: Scout went to Spy for help, and looked truly betrayed when Spy essentially told him "tough shit," and seemed more worried about how losing the money would affect his mother than it would him. In fact, he referred to the money as "our savings," as in his and his mother's. He really loves his mother, as does the Spy, hence why he changed his mind.
    • Soldier worries about everyone thinking he's a civilian while in disguise, and Demo reminds him that that's the POINT of a disguise. Soldier, in a rare moment of vulnerability, then asks Demo if he'll know he's not REALLY a civilian, and Demo reassures him. This especially becomes important if you remember the RED Soldier's whole reason for leading the charge in the WAR! Update in the first place: the Demoman (or so he thought) called him a civilian.
    • Scout is studying piles of law books, since the last public defender they had didn't work out, and it's clear that he wants BOTH of them to walk out of there.
    • There's a quick scene where Pyro lights a few textbooks on fire to make a bunch of children happy. It's clear he just likes spreading happiness, even if his way of going about it is bizarre.
    • After the end, an epilogue appears, with a mysterious man in a large coat walking through a snowstorm in the mountains. As it turns out, it's the Heavy! Not just the Heavy; the Heavy gathering food and other resources from an old woman for his family in the worst snowstorm she's ever seen; she wasn't even expecting him. It's moments like these where you remember the Heavy is more than just a giant Russian brute with broken English.
  • In the third comic, "Cold Day In Hell", Scout is offered sex by a young woman who hasn't seen a man in 20 years. He is very close to thinking about it, but only when he imagines Miss Pauling telling him that she finds what Scout was doing, aka waiting it out, sexier than anything, does he decline having sex. Let me repeat that: Scout DECLINED SEX just for Miss Pauling. If that doesn't say anything about Scout's love for Miss Pauling possibly being more than skin deep, NOTHING will! To reiterate, Scout's plan to get with Miss Pauling is to politely wait for an indefinite amount of time.
  • The fourth comic, "Blood in the Water", proves that Soldier and Zhanna's relationship is not just a fling when Soldier offers Zhanna a string of severed ears as an engagement gift. He apologizes about it only having 2 ears on it and promises to get her more. She's thrilled and accepts, tackling Soldier to the ground and giving him a smooch.
  • Miss Pauling meets Helen (The Administrator) in a back alley for an update on the current mission. She hasn't seen her employer in six months, and something seems off about her behavior, causing her to ask if Helen's alright. Helen snaps at her, saying there's no time to pretend to be friends, and she needs to shut up. After a Beat panel, where Pauling looks concerned, possibly sad upon hearing this, Helen has a surprising Pet the Dog moment:
    Helen: [sigh] "I apologize. You've done well. And I'm...proud of you."

Community-Created Content
  • Perhaps the greatest example of this comes from outside the realm of the game. Valve recently released something called the Golden Wrench: an update to the Engineer class that turns opponents into gold statues with a killing blow. The catch was that only 100 were released, making it a very special weapon indeed. Then something unprecedented happened...a player named WiNGSPANTT of Top Tier Tactics recruited fellow recipients of the wrench into a special charity event called "Golden Charity". On August 31st, they sacrificed their Golden Wrenches in the name of the Child's Play Charity organization; the more money donated, the more wrenches were destroyed. To see something so base-breaking be turned into a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming for the community is beautiful indeed. Valve put it best in their post on the subject...
    The TF2 team knew that the Golden Wrench event would be controversial — an experiment in the distribution of an ultra-rare item. We never imagined that it would empower a small group of players to benefit a much vaster group of children in need. We are constantly shocked and impressed by the creativity of the Team Fortress 2 community, but today we are humbled.
    • Valve made their own contributions to the event. One of the participants had his account hacked and his wrench destroyed prematurely. Valve normally does not replace items that were destroyed via account hijacking, but made an exception to their policy for this event and created a 101th wrench for the unfortunate player. The wrench was later destroyed along with the others for the charity.
    • Like the above, Golden Wrench owner #86, BIG_mama, destroyed hers as part of a donation fund toward the Japanese tsunami and earthquakes.
  • Zero To Hero: The Jump Academy video, captures the whole concept, of teaching others, perfectly.
  • On a smaller scale, in the fan-made video Dance Fortress 2, after the Soldier and Scout spend the majority of the video fighting each other, a BLU Spy appears behind the Soldier and the Scout immediately throws the Soldier his rocket launcher and points out the Spy behind him. They may be assholes to one another, but each respective team is still loyal to the end.
  • Charlie Chaplin's speech from The Great Dictator done in TF2. It can resonate with gamers more than the original speech.
  • Ballad of the Gibus. Everyone who was once a bad Spy player can easily relate to this one.
  • In the video No One Likes the Scout, Scout is about to commit suicide because everyone is making fun of him, but then Sniper comes to give him a hug and show that he at least cares.
  • Together. It's always nice to see some peaceful, relaxing TF2 videos.
  • The ending of Meet the Family.
  • While also a Tear Jerker in the end, this short film of an Engineer and his (Level 1) Sentry will touch hearts. (Oh, and it also won Best Overall in the 2012 Saxxy Awards. For good reason).
  • Never mind he isn't like this, but if you're not laughing from Medic singing in Pinkie Pie's voice (or even then), this Medicinal Smile song can be just as heartwarming as the original.
  • While the first part is a Tear Jerker, the ending of this will touch you.
  • While the audio is taken from two grumps arguing over a broken videogame, the way Heavy (as Jon) and Scout (as Arin) are animated in this beautiful little moment, plus a healthy dose of Awesome Music from Inception, creates a very heartwarming moment between Heavy and Scout:
    Heavy: (as Jon) You can give up now, or you can figure it out, because I certainly can't do it without you, and I know you can't do it without me!
  • "Doktor Is Credit To Team". Awwww.

The Game Itself
  • The Sam & Max: Freelance Police themed items were released because the Telltale people became good friends of the Valve people after 2010 TF2 Studio Rumble. According to Telltale, the conversation for putting in the items were among the lines of:
    Telltale: Hey wouldn't this be AWESOME?
    Valve: YEAH!
  • One of the Heavy's voice lines, while both badass and often made fun of, can also show genuine care on the Heavy's part. If you call for a medic while already being healed and simultaneously being shot at, the Heavy may shout "GET BEHIND ME, DOCTOR!", opting to take the bullets for the Medic. He really cares for that man.
    • Sometimes other players also get in on this, choosing to jump in front of rockets, sentries or other threats so that the Medic may live. Especially poignant in Arena mode, where there is no respawning and the Medic is the most vital member of the team. Some even compliment Medics over the mic instead of just using the voice command for "Thanks!".
    • Speaking of voice commands, the ones used when a Medic is healing. You can tell by the tone that the characters do appreciate it. Same goes with characters using teleporters.When these are coming from the Scout and Soldier it means a lot more than you would normally think.
      The Soldier: You deserve a medal Doc.
      • And the voice responses between Soldier and Demoman referencing their falling out. While most are insults, the others show that they still respect each other.
      Soldier: You were good son, real good; maybe even the best.
      Demoman (while drunk): ...I love you man...
  • Miss Pauling apparently gave a free "open any crate" key to every player to alleviate the "Paying for Festive Keys" part of the Australian Christmas update.
  • If we could be serious for a moment... Selling in-game hats for charity. THANK YOU.
    • Anyone who buys the Magnanimous Monarch. Spending 100 dollars on an in-game hat so that the money can go to charity.
    • It gets even better.
    Wow. Seriously, people, WOW. We knew you had it in you, but we're still amazed you've raised over $300,000 so far.
    Take a BOW, TF2 community — because that is an incredible, frankly astounding, amount of money from a dedicated number of gamers, to one heck of a lot of people in some real need right now. Anytime someone gives you guff about something negative in gaming, you go ahead and point them to this post, because here's some late-breaking damn news: they are wrong and gamers are generous and awesome.
    Nice work, everyone! We're excited to share that, thanks to the generosity of the TF community, in two short weeks we managed to collect $430,543.65 for the Japanese disaster relief fund. It's been inspiring to watch gamers around the world come together for such a worthy cause.
  • Robin Walker frequently plays charity matches of Team Fortress 2 to raise funds for Penny Arcade's Child's Play fund (which donates games for children to play while they're hospitalized). Other frequent participants include Notch, creator of Minecraft, Simon Lane and Lewis Brindley of the Yogscast, and several of the hosts of Kritzkast, the official TF2 podcast.
  • Some of the lines from the Administrator after you defend Mann Co. from the robots make her sound genuinely proud of the mercs-probably a first for her.
    • On the topic of Mann Vs Machine: join a server. Play as Medic. Even if you're not very good at it, you'll still probably save the team a couple times. Prepare to be flooded with "you are credit to team" and "you're the best medic ever" from your teammates.
    • Actually, do anything good on any map of Mann vs Machine. Heal your teammates, stop waves, offer assistance to struggling or players in need of help, stop tanks or robots before they reach the pit or are about to drop the bomb in, or just save your team from losing the wave. Chances are, you'll be thanked and told you are a true credit to the team.
    • It's sort of a double moment as prior to the recent updates the medic was largely considered The Load, as his healing ability could rarely exceed the damage taken by bots and dispensers could heal multiple people at once. Plus any healing benefits he could provide usually weren't worth the loss of an additional heavy hitting weapon at higher difficulties. With the current buffs, the medic is awesome again, finally able to be a credit to his team by blocking incoming fire, ressurecting the dead, and various other benefits. It's touching to see Heavy and medic together again.
  • High-fives. A teammate offering a high-five before or after an expecially difficult fight is an awesome way of showing how much they trust you. Plus, some of the responses are pretty heartwarming. The Pyro in particular looks adorable when giggling and jumping after getting its high-five, or when crossing its arms trying to seem tough.
  • It is now possible to do the partner taunt with a player from the opposing team. If someone is posing with the taunt (high-five, square dance, a flip etc.), many people stop shooting at them and just play along. The ultimate heartwarming taunt is the conga - the entire server may abandon the objective so everyone can dance and have fun, with REDs letting BLUs capture points just to get more time.
  • The "Pocket Class" items. They're small dolls made to look like a certain class, such as Engineer's Pocket Pyro or Medic's Pocket Heavy. The owner of the doll really does show his thanks for the class the doll is based off of.

  • Search on YouTube for any video of the voice actors at a con or just out and about, and watch how willing they are to do the characters' voices on the fly for fans. They really love their job! Robin Atkin Downes (The Medic) even videotaped himself recording "Meet The Medic" and redubbing the outtakes just for the fans (on his YouTube channel)!
  • John Patrick Lowrie doing an in-character video as Sniper in support of Gaymercon (an LGBTQ-positive gaming convention trying to get funding on Kickstarter), saying how nobody deserves to be alone and we all need a mate. His wife, Ellen McLain, also did one in-character as GLaDOS.