Quotes: Team Fortress 2

"Spanning 119 updates of ongoing development, the Team Fortress 2 team has maintained its unswerving commitment to our user base: to put more hats per square inch in our game than any other piece of media in human history. We've probably improved gameplay and added a new game mode or map here and there too - most likely by accident, while trying to upload something hat-based."
— The TF2 website, summing up the history of the game.

—Everyone Ever

"Sniping's a good job, mate. It's challenging work, out of doors, I guarantee you'll not go hungry. 'Cause at the end of the day, long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead.
— Sniper

"It doesn't matter how much people respect you when they're on fire."
— Respectless Rubber Glove description

"I just kicked your ass so hard it went BACK IN TIME and got me this VIKING HAT."
— Tyrant's Helm description

"Scientists in the future have studied your ass for centuries... And sent me back in time to kick it!"
— The Tin Soldier

"Say, Engie! Is that a miniature Spy in your pocket, or are you just happy to OH GOD STOP HITTING ME WITH THAT WRENCH!"
— Itsy Bitsy Spyer description

"I never really was on your side"

"This is my world. You are not welcome in my world!"


"I have uploaded a boot up your metal asses!"
Jane Doe (aka The Soldier) after a fine day of killing robots.


"There will be a certian day...fortunately it's not today, or anytime soon. But there will be a day where Team Fortress 2 becomes as outdated as Super Mario Bros.. and Contra. And in the days when that game is sitting in the dust like a forgotten memory, A few of us that took the game as a passion will sit down at our Desktops, start it up, and play a nice game of Capture the Flag at 2fort, while this song plays in the background, reminding us of what this masterpiece was and always will be."
From a random YouTube comment