Quotes / Team Dad

"You have a father's love for the child, and that is useless to the cause."
Quentin Travers to Rupert Giles, regarding Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"The Arctic? I've always wanted to see snow."
"I would invite you to join, Rafael, but the conditions are much too extreme, even for we Autobots."
"I understand..."
"...But, I will bring you back a snowball."
Raf and Optimus, Transformers Prime

"Will you two knock it off? We have a guest! I mean it, you two! Don't make me turn this interdimensional transport around!"
Reed Richards, Fantastic Four

Lily: "It's true, Ted. You may be single and childless, but you're totally a dorky dad.
Ted: "I don't think I like your tone, young lady."

Joseph Joestar: My apologies. My youngins are so hotheaded.
Risotto Nero: Not at all, mine are just the same.