Reviews: Of Disguise Kits And Miniguns

Very creative story

This here's a pretty unique plot executed in a pretty neat way. Only issue I had is that the dialogue seemed a bit... off, to me sometimes.

The story itself is good, a nice, relatively short (25k words) comedy.

Now, 2 of the other reviews down there are talking about some chapter 5. I read this on 3 years after those reviews were written, so I think that chapter got removed, because the current chapter 5 fits nicely with the comedy aspect and isn't out of place at all. I didn't skip anything and it was good all the same.

Skip chapter five

Great and funny story. Skip chapter five. The combination of mood whiplash and mild confusion isn't worth it.

Review by Ginger Snaps

I laughed so damn hard while reading this that I was literally gasping for air by the fourth chapter.

Anonymous reviews from the Comments section

Provides a surprisingly detailed deconstruction of some of the more perplexing technologies in Team Fortress 2, as well as accurate characterizations of the team. It's also funny as hell.

Make yourself a favour and skip chapter 5 entirely for the alternate ending, as the author admitted he still has no idea why he completely derailed the story and suddenly went all dark and angsty in what has been a farcical comedy.