Tropers: The Wild West Pyro

Hi there! I'm The Wild West Pyro. I joined TV Tropes because...well, there was something very addicting about it, and I needed to recommend a fanfic for Team Fortress 2. I was one of the players/Metaguards in The Wall Will Fall ARG.

I like the following: Reading, Drawing, Listening to Music, Gaming, Team Fortress 2, Wreck-it-Ralph, Poptropica, ERB, Doctor Who, Monsters, The Wizard of Oz, Madness Combat, Laurel and Hardy, Kung Fu Panda, Percy Jackson, Bioshock, Frozen, The LEGO Movie, Guns, World War One, History and a whole load of other stuff I'm too lazy to mention.

My historical heroes are Charlie Chaplin, Charles Dickens, Walt Disney, Theodore Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi, Sun Yat Sen, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, James May and The Stig., Jules Verne and William Shakespeare. I'm also not sure if Laurel and Hardy count, but I'll put them here anyway.

I was born and currently live in Hong Kong.

My main interests are Gaming, Reading and Drawing.

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Hello there Pyro :D ~ Scarab
Heya, Pyro! Good luck with your tests! :D - Victin THANKS VIC! :)