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Hi there! I'm The Wild West Pyro. I joined TV Tropes because...well, there was something very addicting about it, and I needed to recommend a fanfic for Team Fortress 2. I was one of the players/Metaguards in The Wall Will Fall ARG.

My hobbies consist of reading, drawing, listening to music and gaming. I'm a history buff too. Military history is one of my main areas of focus (particularly small arms), and some areas that I'm interested in are World War One, the Spanish Civil War and The Vietnam War. I'm also generally interested in modern history as well, with my focus revolving around the world from the 1920s to the 1970s.

Regarding tropes, I'll be most active on the Cool Guns page, as I, well, really like guns and often add pictures to the subpages. I'll also be active on the trope page of whatever work of fiction interests me at the moment.

I was born and currently live in Hong Kong.

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Hello there Pyro :D ~ Scarab
Heya, Pyro! Good luck with your tests! :D - Victin
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