Tropers / Eleanor Strachen

The pen-name of a long-time TV Tropes addict. She is a homeschooled teenager from England and enjoys Psychoville, Psychonauts, The League of Gentlemen, Angelspit, Dog Fashion Disco, Portal, Team Fortress 2, A Clockwork Orange... basically stuff. Her favourite hobbies include writing, roleplaying (mostly on Pandora), making graphics (in addition to non-copyright-iffy digital art), drawing, and Tumblr. Also, collecting Badass Longcoats.

This is actually my second handle, changed because my old one had some bad rep for being a complete and utter moron, not powerful enough to stir up drama but just... kinda stupid, really. I just want a clean slate, and I hope that you can give me a second chance and don't mention it, if you, by any chance, work out who I am.