Reviews: Demon Fox 38

Just Fabulous

I originally shied away from Demonfox's works because most were tagged Hurt or Horror and I'm not quite comfortable with those.

Then I read one of his novel-length stories and I realized the fears were unnecessary. Demonfox's writing is one of the best I've seen, and any hurt/horror was usually just a minor cutscene that maybe appeared a few times, or it was an underlying theme about revenge but never as bad as I'd imagined.

Demonfox is one of the few authors I've seen with both short stories and novel-length fics, all of which are written quite well.

Just Fantastic

All of Demon Fox's fics are just fantastic. The writing's great, the pacing is brilliant, the relationships between both team mates and enemies work perfectly, the action is gripping and the plots are compelling. It can be a little tricky to work out if some of their shorter stories are intended to be in the same universe, and if so, what order they go in, but all make for wonderful stand-alone pieces regardless. While the bulk of Demonfox 38's fics are on, it's worth tracking down their tumblr (of the same name) for a master list of all their stories as there are some wonderful one-shots on there.