Reviews: Eight Mercenaries And A Toddler

Cute yet dark

Turns out even trained killers can be gentle in their own way.

It's hilarious watching the mercs babysitting, and slightly less hilarious when dark pasts and secrets are revealed.

Quite a touching story.

The sequels are amazing. The third part of the trilogy is even longer than the other two parts combined (which by themselves are still a decent length). If the average novel length is 100,000 words, this TF2 fanfic is longer than three novels. Still, I enjoyed every single word of it.

Also, check out the author's profile for a few scrapped scenes.


This fic grabs you at the beginning and doesn't let go. Even though some of the names and backstories aren't 100% canon, they're so well-written that I forgot they weren't canon. Mild Sniper/Spy, Medic/Heavy, and Pyro/Engineer friendshipping that could be interpreted as more, but the ships aren't blatant enough to ruin the tone of the fic. 10/10 will read again.

Review by Belphegor

It's a great story that starts with rather a lot of adorable Crowning Moments of Funny, and gradually grows Darker and Edgier as we dig into characters' backstories, especially the Spy's.