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Characters: The Man with the Golden Gun
Characters specific to The Man with the Golden Gun. For those in the entire film franchise, see here.

Francisco Scaramanga

Played by: Christopher Lee

A former Rio Gunman who worked for the KGB before going freelance as a high profile assassin.

Christopher Lee found the role to be one of his favorites. Did we mention he was Ian Fleming's cousin?

Nick Nack

Played by: Hervé Villechaize

Scaramanga's dwarf manservant. He has struck a deal with him, where he routinely hires killers to take his boss out as a part of his training, and Scaramanga has promised him everything if one were ever to succeed.

Mary Goodnight

Played by: Britt Ekland

Field agent working in Macau who joins Bond (much to his dismay) to help in the Scaramanga case. She's James Bond's secretary in the Ian Fleming novels. Important character in the books, but is considered to be an idiotic Bond girl in the movie.

Lieutenant Hip

Played by: Soon-Tek Oh

Bond's local MI6 contact in Hong Kong and Bangkok.

Andrea Anders

Played by: Maud Adams

Scaramanga's mistress. Adams described the role as "a woman without a lot of choices: she's under the influence of this very rich, strong man, and is fearing for her life most of the time; and when she actually rebels against him and defects is a major step."

Hai Fat

Played by: Richard Loo

Thai millionaire industrialist who hired Scaramanga to assassinate the inventor of the Solex Agitator and steal it.

Sheriff J.W. Pepper

Played by: Clifton James

The uncouth Louisiana sheriff who appeared in Live and Let Die. He took a vacation to Thailand with his wife.

Mr. Lazar

Played by: Marne Maitland

A Portuguese artisan gunsmith based in Macau who manufactures golden bullets for Scaramanga.


Played by: Carmen du Sautoy

A bellydancer in Beirut, she was with Bill Fairbanks (002) the night he was shot by Scaramanga. She kept the damaged golden bullet as an amulet in her navel until Bond stole it during the brawl in her dressing room.

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