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In Fangs And Fins, it is often hard to distinguish who is a main character and who is a supporting character, as the page time in the original fic was not exactly shared evenly. Please think before you put a character under Main Cast or Supporting Cast.

The new members of the season 2 main cast have been added to the Main Cast folder, obviously.
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     Main Cast 

Rose Collins

Duration: Season 1 -
"She was all alone. Her feelings mean nothing. Her life is nothing."
The main character of the series. Rose starts off as an absurdly quiet, cynical girl who is still distraught over the death of her mother six years prior. She starts dating a new arrival in town, James Wood, only to discover that he is not exactly normal - though she herself isn't either. She changes throughout the series, becoming more verbose and empathetic and becomes good friends with James's brother, Ben.

In season 2, she learns from Elisabeth Fitzgerald that her mother was stripped off her mermaid powers after a shoddy attempt to become immortal which resulted in the death of three people, and that it is suspected that her mother was changed into a vampire by Issac Wood, James and Ben's father and faked her own death. Rose sets out with Ben to find out if this is true or not, and spends a good portion of season 2 fighting feelings for Ben and wondering if the years spent putting her mother on a pedestal were a mistake.

Lily Collins

Duration: Season 1 -
"I really like having you as a friend. When I'm with you I don't have to worry about being the mother figure. I really don't have to worry about anything when I'm with you. I can just be me."
Rose's older, more responsible sister. Initially she's a very concerned Cool Big Sis, but revels Hidden Depths as the series progresses. At first, Lily is opposed to Rose's relationships with Ben, James and Constance Wood to the extent that she was briefly affiliated with a group of vampire hunters. However, Lily eventually begins to accept all of them, and becomes especially close with vampire Arianna Cromwell.

Lily had a relationship with her best friend Lewis Williams, but ended the relationship as she felt it would put pressure on Rose's friendships with the two of them. She spends much of season 1 dealing with the aftermath of this decision, but eventually she and Lewis become the best of Amicable Exes and are still best friends in season 2.

In season 2, she struggles with her sexuality and her growing feelings for Arianna and is pressured to rejoin the group of vampire hunters Ash Johnson introduced her to.

Lewis Williams

Duration: Season 1 -
"Does werewolf count as an extracurricular?"
Lily and Rose's best friend. He and Lily used to have a thing, which he has a hard time getting over. Lewis is a responsible guy, is always there for the girls, and forms an Odd Friendship with Ben over the course of the series. He spends the majority of season 1 mediating fights between Rose and Lily, trying to win back Lily and being generally supportive.

In season 2, he is changed into a werewolf, and joins Will's pack and forms a friendship with Laurel, who encourages him to move beyond his limitations and live life to the fullest.

James Wood

Duration: Season 1 -
"I don't see humans as food. I see them as people."
The eldest son of a powerful vampire family, James befriends Rose after his family relocates to Queensland. He is compassionate, intelligent and has a deep regard for human life. At first, he appears to be a prefect Prince Charming. Kind of. However, underneath that, he's an awkward Control Freak who is constantly pressured by his father. As the most responsible member of the Woods family, James does his best to control Ben's antics and womanizing (which exasperate him) and soothe Constance's anxiety and depression (which makes him anxious).

In season 2, he is forced into an Arranged Marriage with Arianna, which becomes extremely problematic for him when he becomes closer with Minerva and realizes the inevitability of becoming the head of the Woods family.

Benjamin "Ben" Wood

Duration: Season 1 -
"I always think about the future. What will happen if…if I let someone in? The answer: it's always bad. Someone always gets hurt. It's a foolproof equation. With love comes pain."
Ben starts off as a perverted, Jerkass who Really Gets Around / James's friend. He is eventually revealed to be James's half-brother, and we learn his Jerkass tendencies were a a facade. He has an Odd Friendship with the group. The product of Issac Wood and a human, Ben is ignored by his father and orchestrated by the rest of the Wood clan. At the request of Issac (whose approval Ben is desperate to win), Ben committed a series of murders to supply blood for weaker vampires that were incapable of hunting on their own. This comes back to bite him bad in the ass when Ash kills Constance, thinking her responsible for Ben's action. Ben continues to be a major target of the Gold Coast's vampire hunters throughout season 2.

In season 2 Ben becomes the source of a Lockwood/Cromwell dispute regarding his future engagement. Sofia Lockwood and Katharina Cromwell both vie for his attention, but he only has eyes for Rose. However, Rose's feelings for Ben are very conflicted.

Arianna Cromwell

Duration: Season 1 -
"You know I can't help that."
Arianna is independent, loyal and secretive. The eldest Cromwell daughter, Arianna is used as a pawn by her domineering vampire mother Alena Cromwell in the vicious power struggle between the Cromwells and the powerful Lockwoods. In contrast to the traditionalism the Cromwells uphold, Arianna takes after her hippie human father Marc and his idealistic principals. This being said, Arianna is extremely loyal to the Cromwells and obediently followers her mother's orders, despite how much pain they might cause her.

Arianna was optimistic and lighthearted as a child, but hardened over the years into a grumpy pessimist after forcing herself to hide her sexuality. Upon returning to the Gold Coast, there is some off-screen Defrosting Ice Queen and she begins to return to the person she was as a child. Lily seems to bring out the best in her, and a softer side of Arianna is shown whens he is around Lily.

In season 2, she is forced into an Arranged Marriage with James. Arianna decides to comply with the marriage, despite the sexual incompatibility.

Minerva Montgomery

Duration: Season 2
I like you. As a friend. Not what my family wants me to like you as and not what they especially want you to like me as."
Minerva is hard-working and absolutely determined to succeed. She pushes herself and others to reach impossibly high standards(standards which her three older, successful sister have already reached). She tries to befriend James on her parents' request, and is reluctant to encourage his feelings for her. She is aspires to be a pianist, but her parents would much prefer for her to attend Law School.

William "Will" Burke

Duration: Season 2
Will is laid-back, a star on the school swim team and is extremely concerned about his sister Laurel's well-being. He is also the leader of the werewolf pack Lewis joins.

Mysterious Animal Senses: His lycanthropy enables him to have heightened senses.

Laurel Burke

Duration: Season 2
Laurel is an outwardly cheerful girl, but beneath her calm demeanor, she is unstable and harvesting a massive secret.

Constance Wood

James and Ben's adoptive sister. Initially portrayed as sweet, airy and somewhat ditzy, Contance is seen through season 1 watching reruns of 1990s sitcoms and caring for her stuffed animal collection. We eventually learned that she was (rather violently) changed in the early 2000s and was adopted in the Woods family on Ben's mother's request. Issac Wood regards her with contempt and she is treated as pariah in the elite vampire society the Woods belong to, which explains her somewhat...odd behavior.
Duration: Season 1

     Supporting Cast 

Sofia Lockwood

Duration Season 2
Sofia is Jewel's smarter, more well-mannered younger sister. She enters the series having returned from a trip abroad trying to find her sister (there family did not tell her that Jewel had died. She is excluded from vampire society despite her family being as important as the Woods and Cromwells as she is the illegitimate child of Beatrice Lockwood and a rouge vampire. Initially she appears to be an antagonist, but it eventually becomes clear the she just wants to save her skin from the Woods/Lockwoods and find out who her father is.

Katharina Cromwell

Duration Season 2
At fifteen, Katharina's is another

Ash Johnson

Duration: Season 1
Ash is introduced as a boy in a few of Lily's classes who appears to be interested in her and vice versa. Eventually we learn that he is a vampire hunter trying to track down various targets of varying offences. He kills Constance in the finale, thinking she had committed crimes that Ben was actually responsible for.

Byron Lyle

Duration: Season 1
Byron comes to stay with the Collins as a house guest (he and Lily were on the swim team together/were good friends as kids) and resides in Elliot's room. It is implied that he is a vampire that Ash is looking for who is hiding out in the area - especially around Mako. Also implied that he is the vampire who attacks Rose at Mako, and the one who attacked Lily and Lewis a few days after. We learn that he was turned by Elliot.
  • Demoted to Extra: He never had a huge role, but we do see him having breakfast with Lily, Rose and Lewis at least once or twice, Rose is seen eavesdropping on his conversations and he used to spend time with Lily. Apparently he left the house for long periods of time and this is why his pagetime was noticeably smaller (to non-existent).
  • I Hate You, Vampire Dad: Averted
  • Killed Off for Real

Jewel Lockwood

Duration: Season 1
Jewel is introduced as a blonde, bitchy friend of James's. The Lockwoods are family friends of the Woods, and whenever Jewel is in town she hangs around with James, Ben and Constance (should be noted that Jewel is intersted in James, though he does not reciprocate). She is horrendous to Constance, and this is ultimately what gets her killed.


The Collins:

Elliot Collins

Duration: Season 1

Robert Collins

Duration: Mentioned in season 1; first physical appearance at the end of season 1/in season 2.
Lily and Rose's father. He used to work as a freelance writer, but now writes exclusively for a popular magazine.

  • Bumbling Dad: He's certainly not stupid or lazy, yet the entire Collins household thinks so
  • Doting Parent: You have to give the guy credit for being an attentive and loving father who raised a happy and emotionally well-adjusted daughter to adulthood ... eccentricities notwithstanding. He could have done the same for Rose, had she allowed him.

The Woods:

Issac Wood

Duration: Season 1 -

Anna Pike

Duration: Mentioned season 1; no physical appearance.
Ben's mortal mother, was killed by his father out of pressure from their relatives.

The Cromwells:

Alena Cromwell

Duration: Season 2
Arianna's strict, domineering vampire mother. She is separated from Arianna's mortal father and has never remarried.

Ashley Cromwell

Duration: Mentioned both seasons; no physical appearance.
James's deceased mother.

Marc Clare (Cromwell)

Duration: Season 2
Arianna's care-free, hippie human father. He is separated from her mother and has remarried and has two young daughters.

The Montgomerys:

Mathilda Montgomery

Duration: Season 2
The third eldest Montgomery sister, and the Black Sheep of the family.

Madeleine Montgomery

Duration: Season 2
Second eldest Montgomery sister. She just graduated from college (double-major in biology and botany with a minor in Russian).

Marie Montgomery

Duration: Season 2
The eldest Montgomery sister; she is marrying Jewel's brother Matthew Lockwood.

Micheal Montgomery

Duration: Season 2
Minerva's father

The Lockwoods:

Blake Lockwood

Matthew Lockwood

The Quinns:

Noelle Quinn

Duration: Season 2

Beatrice Quinn

Duration: Season 2

Matthew, Jewel and Sofia's mother.

The Campbells

Martha Campbell

Duration: Season 2
Minerva's mother; a distant (paternal) relative of the Campbells

     The Nereids 

The group of young mermaids both Elisabeth Burke and Violet Collins belonged to as teenagers. They operated in Perth but dissolved shortly after Violet Lange was stripped of her powers and sentenced to live a normal life after she killed another member of the group.

Violet Lange Collins

Elisabeth Ftizgerald Burke

Ariadne Kahn

Ariadne is the leader of the girls (until Violet steps in). Amiable and ambitious, Ariadne has a good heart and is a born leader, though she has a quick temper and is always willing and able to put someone in their place and will interject if Violet is being particularly nasty.

Léa Abel

Ariadne’s best friend. Léa is more stoic than the rest of her friends, though she is reliable and shows a deep concern for others and is more tolerant of Violet than the others are. Until, of course, Violet tortures Ariadne...

Abigail Novak

Abigail is the youngest member of the group. She’s spacey and romantic to the point of naivety. Murdered by Violet

Gabrielle Kozel

Gabrielle is the most conventionally pretty and feminine of the girls. Because of this, she worries about being stereotyped as shallow and dumb and compensates by engaging in multiple extracurriculars and trying to maintain a high GPA.

  • Action Girl
  • Ascended Extra: Arguably. She ended up going with Elisabeth and Léa to look for Ariadne, Abigail and Violet, though her role in the story had been minimal before and unlike Léa and Elisabeth she had no connection to any of the girls who were missing.
  • Dumb Blonde: Averted.
  • The Big Guy: Kind of.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper: She and Violet get into a fight after Violet calls Gabrielle a bitch.

Petra Thames

Apparently, she left the group to become a vampire hunter. Lily and Ash meet her in Fangs & Fins.

Elle Simons

Elle is sweet, compassionate and very forgiving. Most of the other girls see her sweetness as an act, much to her contempt.

Odile Porter

Odile is more assertive than Elle, and really doesn't like Violet.

Eione Davis

Calista Flume

Thaleia Crane

Clymene Fell

Amathia Vega