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  • Adaptation Displacement: Subverted. People know about the books, but tend to forget Noddy was on TV well before the 90s rolled around. Need proof? Here is the Title Sequence for a Noddy programmer in 1975, and here is the full episode from The Further Adventures of Noddy c. 1972.
  • Awesome Music:
    • The Toyland Adventures Christmas Special has two beautifully written songs both sung by Noddy. The first "Hello Father Christmas" which Noddy sings to Father Christmas after meeting him for the first time. Big Ears, Tessie, and Dinah Doll later join in on Noddy's song. The last is "Don't Let Christmas End This Winter" sung by Noddy and the citizens of Toytown (including Sly and Gobbo).
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    • The 2009 musical "Oui-Oui et le cadeau Surprise" has some notably catchy tunes. Most notably the song "Prêts prêts", "En voyage", "Ton gâteau préféré","La vraie chanson des faux amis", and "Encore une bougie" (which was remixed for "Freeze Freeze").
  • Bizarro Episode: Two in "Make Way For Noddy": One episode had Mr. Plod shrink into a size of a mouse. Another episode has Clockwork Mouse turn into a giant even bigger then his friend Mister Jumbo.
  • Can't Un-Hear It: Good luck reading the original books without hearing Susan Sheridan and Jimmy Hibbert's voices. Especially for Noddy and Tessie Bear since Susan Sheridan gave both characters unique sounding voices.
  • Contested Sequel: Noddy, Toyland Detective and Noddy In Toyland is not popular among longtime Noddy fans due to the direction some of the character designsnote  and storynote  took.
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  • Ethnic Scrappy: The Golliwogs (including Mr. Golly) aren't that well-liked by modern audiences. Even Enid Blyton's own daughters and granddaughter aren't fond of them at all.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff:
    • The Noddy series is huge in France, where it's known as Oui-Oui. The country got a lot of merchandise and the various incarnations of the show air multiple times a day. There was actually two musical live shows exclusively shown in France with the first being "Oui-Oui et le cadeau Surprise" ("Noddy And The Surprise Gift") from complete with it's own album. The second was from 2013 called "Oui-Oui Et Le Grand Carnaval" ("Noddy And The Big Carnival") which also gained an album in France. The most recent incarnation of the show, Noddy: Toyland Detective, was actually co-produced in France and aired there before other parts of the world due to Noddy's massive popularity there. Noddy is so big there that it has beaten home-grown productions like Babar and Asterix in polls with parent and toddler participants in France. The original books by Enid Blyton sell about 600,000 copies annually in that country.
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    • Make Way For Noddy was huge in Portugal. The theme song became a Breakaway Pop Hit and Noddy costumes were big sellers there for a while. It got to the point where TVP reran older incarnations such as The Noddy Shop to cash in on the popularity of this newer installment.
    • The franchise is also fondly remembered in India, due to Pogo's frequent showings of Make Way For Noddy.
  • Heartwarming Moments:
    • The song "Noddy The Little Nodding Man" heard in the US VHS release of Toyland Adventures has a female singer singing about how kind, cheerful, and helpful Noddy is with people in Toy Town.
    • The ending of the episode "Noddy Is Far Too Busy" when Noddy receives 12 sixpences after he finishes helping out the citizens of ToyTown. Noddy then tells Tessie that he's going to buy her a beautiful scarf. She gets touched by Noddy's kindness, and bashfully hold each others hands.
    • The ending for the episode "Noddy the Dancer", after Noddy and Tessie wins the Dance Contest at ToyTown. The final shot shows Noddy and Tessie peacefully dancing with each other in the middle of Toytown at night.
      Noddy: I could dance all night long.
    • The Christmas Special for Toyland Adventures "Noddy Meets Father Christmas", has Noddy feeling nervous and shy for meeting Father Christmas for the first time. However, when Father Christmas visits Big Ear's toadstool house along with Tessie, and Dinah Doll. Noddy gets more anxious until he finally sees him and decides to give him a gift by singing him a song and later waving white hankies. Then there's the ending where the entire citizens of Toy Town are singing about the joy of Christmas and each of them wish the viewer a Happy Christmas/Merry Christmas before the credits roll.
      "Don't let Christmas end this Winter"
      "We should all be friends the whole year through"
      "See the smiles of all our faces"
      "Let Christmas works it's magic, on you too."
    • The Make Way For Noddy episode "The Great Goblin Chase" has Noddy and Tessie Bear being framed for the variety of reasons (caused by Sly and Gobbo's disguise spell as the duo). Mr. Plod tests their goodness to tell which was is which. Noddy shares a Googleberry Muffin with Tessie Bear resulting in this exchange.
      Noddy: I always share with my friends, here Tessie Bear.
      Tessie Bear: Why thank you Noddy. (kisses Noddy's cheek)
      The Citizens: Awww.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In one episode of "Make Way for Noddy", Noddy enters a Mirror Universe where (among other things) Sly and Gobbo have the opposite personalities, with Sly being the smart one of the duo and Gobbo being the dimwit. Come "Noddy in Toyland", those are their personalities all the time.
    • The V-Smile game "Detective For A Day" has Noddy become a detective. In 2015, a show about Noddy as a detective was created.
  • Moe: Almost the entire show qualifies, though Tessie takes the cake.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Averted with the faces. They may catch some off guard, but they're seldom scary, unless you count Sly and Gobbo.
    • The 70s episode based on the book "Hurrah For Noddy" where Noddy has a nightmare about the goblins after Clock Clown discovers two of the goblins hiding under Noddy's car. We get glimpses of the goblins vandalizing his car alongside removing parts to Noddy's car. Once Noddy wakes up, Sly knocks on Noddy's door and takes takes him to the dark woods. Once Noddy and Sly arrive at the Dark Woods, they quickly push Noddy out of his car and drive off with it. It's worse in the original book, where The Goblins (Golliwogs in older versions) steal Noddy's clothes, hat, trousers, and shoes. They quickly drive off while is now naked Noddy and begins crying alone in the woods.
    • Played straight with the music in Robot Village in the 1999 PlayStation game, and with some of the puppets on The Noddy Shop.
  • Special Effects Failure: Being made in the early 2000s, some of the CGI animation in Make Way For Noddy hasn't aged that well.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: A complete utter Sugar Bowl, with bugs whizzing around and having tea parties.
    • Not in the same way Dora the Explorer is, but the franchise has succumbed to the Lighter and Softer effect over the past couple of decades.
    • Somewhat averted with the CGI series, since the goblins are far more mischievous and have wreaked much more havoc than in the older series.
      • The CGI series is dumbed down from the stop motion cartoon however, with more Edutainment Show qualities and many of the cast's Jerkass qualities being downplayed. And apparently it has gotten worse with the second CGI series, Noddy in Toyland.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • "Noddy and His Bell", as well as the book it's based on, "Noddy Gets into Trouble", when Noddy is falsely accused of theft, and is ostracized. It's even worse in the book, as he actually breaks down crying because of it. Happily, Tessie still believes he's innocent, and helps him prove his innocence.
    • Mrs. Tubby Bear crying after learning her son (Master Tubby Bear) has gone missing in the book "Noddy Goes To Sea" along with the 1970s adaptation and Toyland Adventures.
    • In the book "Well Done, Noddy!', Big Ears has an accident and smashes his bicycle in the process. Noddy is told by a doctor to keep Big Ears in bed and must not worry. While Noddy is trying to earn enough sixpences to get a new bicycle for Big Ears, Big Ears is very upset and actually starts crying.
    • In the 1994 stage show, Big Ears gets reduced to tears after he learns that Whiskers (his pet cat) is missing.
    • Susan Sheridan, Noddy's (alongside Tessie Bear, Sly, and Mrs. Tubby Bear) UK actor in Toyland Adventures, lost her battle with breast cancer on August 8th, 2015. A lot of British fans were heartbroke after news broke of her passing due to how recognizable her performance was.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks!: Generally, each Animated Adaptation takes further liberties with the franchise, omitting or altering concepts and characters and restyling the format. The earliest examples of this were received better due to making only ethical changes for the large part, though the CGI series tend to get flak for making heavy creative changes. Make Way For Noddy was considered this trope compared to older fans of Toyland Adventures, though ironically became more favoured compared to Noddy in Toyland and Toyland Detective.
    • Some British fans of the original cartoons were enraged when they saw The Noddy Shop being used to frame them because they hated the characters in the framing devices.
  • Toy Ship: A literal example with Noddy and Tessie Bear. Especially in Toyland Adventures, Make Way For Noddy, and Noddy In Toyland.
  • Uncanny Valley: Dinah Doll's design in Make Way For Noddy.
    • Big Ears in "Noddy In Toyland" looks a bit off compared to his previous appearances. He mostly looks dead eyes most of the time.
  • Values Dissonance: Before Sly and Gobbo came into the televised Noddy series in the 70s note , there were four black faced dolls called "The Gollies" who would cause mischief as well as not only taking away Noddy's car but also his clothes and hat. (They were eventually redrawn as goblins). The original books in general used to have Golliwogs as recurring characters before later editions were redrawn. In an article made to celebrate Noddy's 50th anniversary, Blyton's daughter stated that the Golliwogs won't make a comeback in the series for obvious reasons. The same can be said for Master Gilbert Golly who was a naughty school boy that would later get replaced by Martha Monkey. However there was one Golliwog that wasn't mean named Mister Golly who previously owned the Toy Town Garage who got removed in the mid 70s.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Noddy is actually a boy. He's probably mistaken for a girl because of his eyelashes and being voiced by a girl.
    • Martha Monkey can be mistaken as a boy due to the way she dresses. She did wear a pink bow in Toyland Adventures and the books. But since this isn't present in Make Way For Noddy this can cause some viewers to think she's a boy.
  • Villain Decay: Mild case. While the goblins, Sly and Gobbo's antics were never much more than mean spirited mischief, they came off as much more sinister and cruel in early works and even a bit creepy to younger children. The CGI series punctuated their buffoonish aspects more, making them more silly and likeable antagonists.
  • Wangst: An episode of the CGI series has Tessie despondent for several days due to a balloon she owned popping. She doesn't recover until Noddy gives her several dozen more. Being a Moe, she still makes it sort of adorable however.
    • Tessie in the books was easier to reduce to tears when ever Noddy would scold Bumpy dog depending on the situation.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: Big Ears lives in a mushroom house. At least it's not as bad as another BBC show.
  • The Woobie: Noddy at times.


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