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  • The 2009 biopic Enid about the life of Enid Blyton, features Enid typing up the first couple of sentences to the first Noddy book "Noddy Goes To Toyland''. At one point, she's seen reading the first book to her second husband. Throughout the third act, we see a Noddy figurine on Enid's desk and the final shot shows a poster for the first book and the same Noddy figurine on a desk in a library.

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Live-Action TV

  • One episode of the British version of Whose Line Is It Anyway? had Tony Slattery pretending to be Noddy during a "Dating Game" sketch. American participant Greg Proops was completely unable to figure out who he was supposed to be, since he'd never heard of the character, which is justified as Noddy would not hit American shores until three years after the episode aired.
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  • In one episode of The Thick of It, Malcom calls Ollie "the little man with the red and yellow car", a reference to the theme song of the show.
  • In one episode of Coronation Street Liz calls Steve's car "a Noddy car".
  • In an episode of Last of the Summer Wine about a fairy tale parade, Smiler dresses as Noddy so he could tow a bouncy castle around in a car that looks like his.
  • The Goodies episode "The Goodies Rule, OK?" has the Big Ears puppet from the 1950's incarnation of the show as a member of the puppet court.
  • In the 1994 VHS "Blobbyvision", Mr Blobby is in Toyland and seen riding in Noddy's Car.

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