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Web Animation / Vete A La Versh

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"Shut up, asshole! You are made of sperm!."
Darkar, using his usual Preemptive "Shut Up" at Mecoboy.

A Spanish-language Mexican webtoon animated in Flash and created by independent American-based animator Roberto "Darkar" Alatriz. Apparently it is one of the most lucrative YouTube cartoons of Mexico with over 130 million views and more than 6 million followers.

The story is a Slice of Life that revolves around Darkar, an impulsive, immature and rude teenager who lacks any sense of responsability or respect. Together with his Vitriolic Best Bud Mecoboy, a mysterious being made of jizz, he faces nosense situations that often end with an Aesop Amnesia or a trademark Preemptive "Shut Up".

The miniseries can be found on the VeteALaVersha Youtube channel.


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