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Kakumeiki Valvrave is meant to be seen as a parody!
Sunrise generally has a reputation for producing some of the best Mecha-anime, alongside Gainax (for example, Sunrise has the entire Gundam franchise and Code Geass on their resume), so at first it seems odd that Sunrise would produce a show as nonsensical as Kakumeiki Valvrave. Then it occurred to me, that perhaps the show is made that way on purpose, because they wanted to make fun of anime in general and Mecha and War anime specifically. In fact, where Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann was an Affectionate Parody, taking every Mecha-anime Trope Up to Eleven, Kakumeiki Valvrave is more of a caricature of the same genre, exaggerating the most iconic aspects of the genre and taking those way beyond the logical extremes, while downplaying the less iconic aspects. For example, plots in Mecha shows often tend to be either fairly generic or rather poorly written, with plot twists coming out of nowhere, in favor of putting a Or of effort into making the robot-battles look as awesome as possible and having generally pretty well-written characters. Valvrave exaggerates this, by having a plot that makes no sense with plot twists in every episode, some of the best animated robot battles of the 2010s, and a generally very well-developed cast of characters.
Theories on the nature of the Valvrave
The thing turned Haruto into a flipping vampire! There's got to be more to it than just a Super Prototype or highly powerful experimental weapon. And why was it hidden under a high school of all places?
  • Valvrave itself is a vampire (or a demon) biotechnological mecha. It can only be piloted by another vampire through a physic link. Turning the pilot into a durable vampire also probably helps the pilot survive some of the lethal Gs that it can produce.
    • There are hints that the Valvrave is either sentient or alive, both of which make this theory more likely.
    • It has Sexual Intercourse in it's word bank. It has no need for those words unless it is capable of acting on those words. And in a robot the ability to do that is far beyond pointless. Which then leads to the conclusion that the Valvrave can reproduce through sexual intercourse.
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    • By that logic each unit has a gender.
      • They do in fact reproduce if Cain is to be trusted.
    • In the space dock for the Valvraves the anchoring mechanism for each unit is an ovoid ring from which massive needle like rods extend. Not a very effective design unless you wanted to inflict pain.
      • Actually, that design seems quite useful; one docking point design capable of holding almost any shape capable of fitting inside the docking unit, rather than having each dock custom made for a given Valvrave. And most likely, much easier to repair and replace than said custom docking unit - just pull out a damaged 'pin' and replace it.
      • This does not mean it still can't be used to inflict pain.
    • Unit 1 gets hungry.
  • It's probably something like the vampires of Trinity Blood. Basically a virus or nanomachines causing vampiric traits.

Who will pilot the other Valvraves?
Ok, so the official site has been updated, including its mechanic page. Aside from changing Valvrave's (or, should we say, Valvrave One's) section, it added in entries for Valvrave Three-Six, which appeared in the opening, with Valvrave Two explicitly missing, which will probably be important to the plot. So, anybody have ideas on who will be their pilots?
  • L-Elf gets one, definitely.
  • Shouko. There is no way she was just a normal person.
    • Here's a thought: If Shoko "surprisingly" turns up not dead, then the most fitting unit for her to pilot would be the one listed as being "mysterious" (Valvrave Six).
  • Mad theory here that the other Valvraves are actually different versions of the original, and that they change because of Haruto's vampiric habits. "Proof" is in how the original Valvrave became Valvrave One after Haruto pressed the button.
    • Somewhat doubtful given that the official site lists the machines as separate units (e.g. Valvrave Three's description specifically calls it "Valvrave Unit 3").
    • You know the Valvrave has a 6 way dial in the upper left top corner of its front control panel. I just hope that it is for attaching optional equipments.
    • Any theories involving the units all being one is jossed as of episode five. They found the other units underneath of the module.
      • Quite puzzling. Mystery Valvrave aside, even if the other main characters L-elf Saki and Shouko use them, they've still got one Valvrave left. It's possible L-elf's 4 teammates use them, but the OP and ED seem to show them having other units.
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    • If this scan is any indication, then Saki has become a likely candidate for piloting Valvrave Four (the green one).
      • Also, Valvrave Four will appear in episode 6 which is called "Saki's Comeback".
    • I'd wager the Valvrave pilots will be:
      • Shoko in Valvrave 3 (Yellow) - Valvrave 3 looks like a Big Guy member of the team, which would fit Shoko's personality. Jossed, as of episode 9, Raizou is the pilot of Valvrave 3.
      • Saki in Valvrave 4 (Green) - Confirmed in Episode 6.
      • L-Elf in Valvrave 5 (Blue) - Would emphasis the Red Oni, Blue Oni dynamic between L-Elf and Haruto. Jossed, as of episode 9, Kyuma is the pilot of Valvrave 5.
      • Kyuma in Valvrave 6 (Purple) - I can't think of anyone else that would fit in a Valvrave. It's either him or someone we haven't met.Jossed, as of episode 9, Kyuma is the pilot of Valvrave 5. I'm betting on Akira for this one. Confirmed in Episode 12.
    • The back of the Valvrave Three model's box spoils who its pilot is going to be (assuming the reader understands Japanese). It's Raizo.
    • Valvrave 2 (Black) went to Cain - albeit it was incomplete, so we can assume that it would've been Orange had it been completed.

The world of Valvrave is a metaphor for the Cold War.
  • One problem: How in the heck do Vampire mecha pilots fit into the Cold War?

What's D-Zero?
At the stinger L-Elf mentions D-Zero to Haruto. So, is D-Zero Haruto's alternate name? Like Haruto has his memory wiped in the past and assumes a new identity (as Haruto?)
  • ...he never says the word D-Zero. At least not in Crunchyroll's subs.
  • Maybe Haruto's a sleeper agent. If so, this plot is going to get very complicated, very fast.
  • D-Zero was a mistake; the actual translation is "Liselotte".

Shouko isn't dead.
I feel like this is pretty obvious since they Never Found the Body. I mean making it even more obvious is that the laser didn't make direct impact on her, and just flung debris towards her and the camera. My guess is she'll turn up half-way through the series with amnesia or brainwashed against Haruto. Plus there's parts of the OP where it seems like she'd easily fit in once she comes back.
  • Given Sunrise's track record with situations where people live through something they probably shouldn't have, it does seem pretty likely. Heck, even if she did bite it, given that this series has vampire-esque entities, it's would be just as like for her to be brought back to life.
  • Maybe the person in the car had something to do with it.
  • She is the original pilot of the Valvareve (or one of the other 4) and is thus a vampire, allowing her to survive the blast.
  • Heck she's still in the OP at point, particularly in one shot with that other school friend of there's that is still seemingly alive.
    • It's only Episode 2, and she's already confirmed to be alive and well, not a scratch on her person. Apparently, she made into the car before it got buried. So she was neither a Decoy Protagonist nor a Sacrificial Lamb.
      • Yep. So Confirmed I guess, despite not what everyone was assuming.
Pink-haired girl in the opening is related somehow to L-Elf's past.
  • Or she's related to that girl who makes contracts.
  • My money's on her being Liselotte.
  • Confirmed. Simply being in L-Elf's body and seeing a picture of her causes Haruto to start crying.

Valvrave Two will be orange
Look at the exact colors of the Valvraves. Valvrave One is Red. Valvrave Three is yellow. Valvrave Four is green. Valvrave Five is Blue. I would also assume that Valvrave Six is Indigo. That would create a rainbow if Valvrave Two were orange. This also leads me to predict that there will be a violet Valvrave Seven.
  • In episode 5 Haruto and Saki "stumble" upon units 3-6 and saki exclaims "Look! They come in all the colors of the rainbow"!"
    • Seemingly jossed, since when Cain does get Valvrave 2, it doesn't have a color, and he gives it a black paintjob.

The girl in Valvrave's humanity question
She can be seen again in the OP and ED. In the ED there is dismantled/deformed Valvrave from which the camera pans up to see the end of her extremely long hair. It pans up some more and there is the symbol for the Valvrave. Pan up some more and there is the girl, who looks a humanized (or demechanized) form of the Valvrave. That is a lot of detail/focus on a trivial image.
  • Maybe she'll turn out to be the personification of the Valvrave.
    • In episode 4 when the Valvrave kills the solider trying to pilot it the girl on the screen says, "You mistake." This could just be part of the programming or a sign that the Valvrave is alive.
    • Episode 5 has her commenting on the kiss. To be more precise, when she sees it she asks, Is this sex (sexual intercourse)? Now, no matter how advanced the robot, or how good it's guide program is, there is no logical reason why it would it even need to have those two words in its database.
      • Unless of course it is capable of doing such a deed itself.
      • Episode 9 says they can.
  • She doesn't seem to be present for the Green Valvrave's question, so Haruto's Valvrave might be special like that.
  • She also gets hungry.
  • She's implied to be the reason Haruto raped Saki when in ballistic Magius mode.
  • She's also overjoyed at the thought that Haruto will be marring Saki.

L-Elf will (at least attempt to) assassinate Shoko
.After the events of Episode 4, Shoko has proven to be a major Spanner in the Works to L-Elf's plans, and therefore a threat to him.
  • He'd have to be careful. That would even further screw up his chances of getting Haruto to join him. On top of that, it would probably push Haruto dangerously close to the edge.
  • Episode 11 showed that L-Elf was willing to pull the trigger on Shoko had she not chosen to let Haruto destroy the Dorssian fleet along with her father. While he probably won't willingly assassinate her, he won't hesitate to eliminate her if she became a burden.

Theories on the leader of the ARUS.
We've only seen him on screen on two separate occasions so far, but it's safe to assume that he's going to have a major effect on the plot. So what? What are his motivations? His goals? Dorsia is as easy to read as an open book—all they want is world domination, but what about the head of a group of people who are united economically?
  • He's seen in season 2, and seems to be in cahoots with the Dorssian leader. However, the Magius who collectively are The Man Behind the Man, dislike the Dorssian's plans of attacking JIOR and getting a hold of the Valvraves, which was revealed to them thanks to their informant Cain. As punishment, they force the Dorssian leader to become a Magius like them. Later on the ARUS president is seen getting along with them, and the Dorssian leader tells him that so long as he obeys the Magius, they won't force him into becoming one of them.

L-Elf can literally predict the future
When he calls himself prophetic he wasn't just being smug. He formed a contract with some magic person that gives him limited future-vision. It's how he pulls off his crazy Xanatos Gambits. Haruto forming a contract with Valvrave is seriously throwing off his visions though, which is why he laughs at the end of Episode 4. He hasn't felt so unsure of the future for a long time.
  • This trooper believes that he isn't magical but just a very analitical guy who most of the time is correct. Maybe that is why he laughts at the end. He just knows how unworkable is Shoko's plan but he yerns for the challenge of an unexpected situation.

Valvrave is in the Code Geass world, but in the future.
It had to be said. Clearly, the body switching ability is related to Geass, the girl we see on Valvrave's screen is connected to Codes (and possibly inside the core, but that's another WMG), JIOR was formed when Japan joined with the Black Knights' former allies China and India, Dorssia is the EU which never properly demilitarized even after Nunnally changed Britannia into the basis for ARUS, etc. I guess the sakuradite stocks ran out eventually, so Knightmare frames were no longer practical or possible.
  • Or maybe ARUS is the fussion between a democratic Britannia and most of the EU. Dorssia was founded by disgruntled Britannian veterans that chose to remain in the Eurasian front and create their own absolutist empire.

Not only is Valvrave in the future of Code Geass, but L-Elf is the future of Lelouch.
The end of R2 strongly implied that Lelouch took C.C.'s immortality. Now, years in the future, we have another rebel against another oppressive militaristic government. One who displays the exact same style of chessmastery; like Zero he will always win if he knows the pieces on the board and the other players involved, and his pieces follow his commands, but rapidly falls apart when unknown factors enter into it. He fights like he's been practicing for decades, makes similar oversights to Zero, does things which should be impossible for a man who can be killed regardless of his skill (like winning alone against a full brigade), etc. When he encounters people with outright magical powers, he doesn't even display surprise, just learns what he can of their capabilities and adjusts his plans accordingly, as if experienced with such matters. L-Elf? or L.L.?
  • Also the "Elf" in L-Elf is German for "eleven". As in, the eleventh Imperial Prince, who started a rebellion in Area Eleven. That cannot be a coincidence.

Alternatively, L-Elf is reincarnated from Lelouch, and Shoko is Shirley
They can be together in this life... Which would make her an ancestor of L-Elf's descendant, the young prince in the year 211. Yes, I'm saying Shoko is the Founder of the Third Galactic Empire, not Haruto or whoever. (Crunchyroll's subs using "he" was conjecture, there's no implied gender in the Japanese script of that scene (s1e12)). Everyone trusts her as a leader, and at this point, more people probably do expect her to die than don't. Also, I think Aina filled the Shirley/Hare role there (death to motivate heroes).

The pilots powers depend upon which valvrave unit they contracted with
Essentialy the unit gives its pilots abilities which aid in pilting the unit. Since Valvrave one is more of a jack of all trades it gave Haruto a fairly flexible power more suited to influencing events around him. Other valvrave units give different powers i.e. unit 3 may give powers related to prediction or analysing the battle, to go along with its (supposed) role of fire support.
  • Alternitivley the powers may be based on the pilots existing abilities or personality.
  • Jossed. Saki becomes the pilot for the Valvrave IV and her powers are the same as Haruto's, with the added benefit of not occasionally losing control of her own body.

Haruto's body swapping powers
If his original body is damaged (or even killed) it will revive, regenerate, and attack the person who attacked him.
  • If he can't reach the person he will heal and return to the Valvrave to destroy him.
  • If he's already in a different body when it dies Haruto will awaken in his own body.

L-Elf will fall for Shoko
If the opening tells us anything, Shoko and Saki are the two main heroines. If Haruto chooses to stay with Saki, then would this point out that L-Elf would fall for Shoko? You can't leave her hanging! Even the ending of episode 4 seem to point out this possibility. If there is anything that Gundam SEED taught me, then it would mean the two main protagonists((Haruto and L-Elf being the Deuteragonist))is going to fall for one of the two main Heroines.
  • I'd wager it's going to be a Love Dodecahedron if anything. Possibly made more complicated with the whole body swapping thing.
    • nope. He had his own girl the whole time. On the other hand, the future prince does look a lot like him...
      • Completely Jossed. Haruto dies in the finale. Although he MAY have fathered a child with Saki in episode 10 against both their wills.

Saki will pull a Face–Heel Turn
Something about her personality and the whole secret deal with Haruto bit makes me feel very uneasy about her. She seems like a prime candidate to cause Haruto a great deal of trouble whether unintentionally or intentionally.
  • Teased at. See below for speculation of significance, but in Season 2 teasers shown in episode 12, it was shown that Saki did visit Dorrsia.
    • Jossed. She is a seriously abused Dorsian P.O.W.

A-Drei is a Dorssian prince and he is related to Liselotte somehow
First, it is implied in episode 4 that A-Drei is a prince. When A-Drei was getting impatient because the Valvrave wasn't coming out, H-Neun told him to not "be impatient, prince". He replies by saying "it's 'flight lieutenent', that's what I am right now." gg subs probably translated "prince" as "princess" for the sake of comedy, but if you listen carefully he did call A-Drei a "prince." The word "princess" also doesn't make sense in context because A-Drei basically says "I am a prince, but don't call me that, I'm working." Replacing prince with princess in that sentence kinda seems strange.

Second, in episode 5, Liselotte is shown in an extravagant, pink room made for a princess, she has the appearance of a princess, she dresses like one. I don't have much proof because she's only made ONE THREE SECOND appearance, but hey, its kinda obvious that she's a princess.

Now, if A-Drei is a Dorssian prince and Liselotte is a Dorssian princess, who says that they are not related? And the by 0.009 % chance that all of this is true, then L-Elf probably met Liselotte because of A-Drei or vice versa.

  • A-Drei is a confirmed prince as of episode 6.

Shouko will die by the end of the first season.
Although I do like Shouko, I feel that her death is necessary in order to get the plot rolling. I think that she kind of represents Haruto's humanity. When Haruto had thought that she was dead he had given up his humanity and went on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Dorssians. When she was confirmed alive he basically reverted to the way he was and now we're stuck in this school arc. If she's around then he'll probably never make a contract with L-Elf and we'll be stuck in this school arc forever. There's also the fact that she appears on the new ending "Soba ni Iru yo (I will always be with you)" cover art as a ghost(which will start playing in episode 7) and in the official sound track she is completely separated from the other main characters. That's never a good sign.
  • She bears a strong resemblance to Shirely and Hare. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.
    • About the cover art of "Soba ni Iru yo"...there's an extended cover art which also adds in Saki in astral form. Taking that into consideration, the cover art seems like less of an indication when you take into account that Saki is still alive 200 years from the current era.
    • This doesn't stop her from racking up the death flags during her election speech.
    • Jossed. She survives.

The pilot of Valvrave IV (the green one) will die.
  • Saki does seem to be acting incredibly irresponsibly with her newfound powers as the pilot of the green valvrave. This can be taken as a massive death flag, or at least a sign of an incoming Break the Cutie character arc for her.
    • Jossed as of episode 7. Saki is shown to still be alive and well two hundred years after the events of the current time period, seemingly not even having aged a day.
    • Rukino Saki is one of the only three Sakimori Students to still be around even 200 years later, the others being Sashinami Shouko and Renbokoji Akira.

There will be a body swap between Saki and Shouko which gets one of them killed
A sort of combination off-shoot of the above two guesses. No doubt Love Triangle + Body Surf = Crazy Shenanigans. One of them will probably confess to Haruto, but in the others body causing much drama à la Kokoro Connect. This will culminate in either a Murder the Hypotenuse situation where one girl leads the other into her death, or a Heroic Sacrifice where one girl swaps body last minute with the dying girl.
  • Jossed. Both Saki and Shoko appear in the epilogue, 200+ years in the future of the series start.

If Valvrave is included in Super Robot Wars...
The producers will pull a serious Fix Fic on the entire series. Or maybe it'll be paired up with Code Geass for hillarity.
  • Having both happen isn't necessarily out of the question, in my opinion.
    • Even Oughi will be disgusted by Shoko's betrayal.
  • Alternatively, they'll pair it with Cross Ange for hilarity, and the cast of that show will be presented as being sane in comparison; possibly even causing the character development that happens later in that show to happen much earlier, and possibly even having Embryo not be as vile of a character (maybe even leading to him being a Secret Character - because let's face it, the Hysteria would be pretty cool to use, especially since it wasn't usable in V.

Future Saki is Shouko
Related to the last-minute-before-death body swapping teory above. Future Saki somewhat gave a diferent feeling from the one of the present. Saki would change bodies with Souko to save her, making Shouko promise to defend the earth or something like that, a promise that Shouko would follow forever, if needed. Future Saki looks pretty Genki Girl, contrasting with she usually behaves.
  • Being Genki in her Valvrave is very in-character for Saki.
  • Jossed. Shoko is Future herself.

Magius are not space vampires, but empowered souls
Aina calls Haruto a "holy spirit" empowered by a god and Haruto's blood test does not show any observable physical changes. That got me thinking. The Valvraves alter the souls of their pilots instead of their bodies. The new souls are able to repair and maintain their Residual Self-Image in the material realm (Saki thinks she is an immortal being, ergo she does not age) and move into other human bodies and possess them by suppressing the weaker normal souls (meanwhile the original body is literally soulless).

What if someone answers No to the Valvrave's humanity question?
If you read the text above the question in episode 1 it says, "You must answer the following question. . ." It never says that you must say yes, so what happens if you say no?
  • 50/50 It either simply shuts down and waits for another candidate or it kills you like it did that one guy who tried to pilot Haruto's unit.
  • Maybe it stays white, doesn't inject the pilot, and has reduced performance.
  • Actually, if you watch the first episode carefully, the "do you resign from humanity" question appears several times with the "no" button being pushed repeatedly while Haruto desperately tries something else. So choosing "no" just gives you a chance to leave the cockpit still human. The screen only changes to "activation" mode when Haruto ultimately chooses "yes."

The whole "wife" thing.
So in episode eight Takumi looks at some of the incomplete Valvraves and says that "I can hear her—our bride!" Either that or it was Cain's voiceover during the scene with Takumi. Either way, I theorize that the bride in question is the girl in the Valvrave's humanity question. But what does he mean by bride?
  • He's talking about Pino would be my guess.

Who is "Doctor Tokishima"?
In episode 5, when he is looking at Valvrave One, Kibukawa mentions a "Doctor Tokishima" who apparently was responsible for developing the units. Who is Doctor Tokishima? What is/was his/her relationship with Haruto?
  • He is Haruto's father, and the lead scientist on the VVV project.
    • He is finally shown in episode 18. At first they have an awkward but otherwise happy reunion. Then Haruto becomes disgusted at his father's plans at creating a new breed of super humans.

Cain is the pilot of the Valvrave Mk. II
Cain has a Magius mark. There's one orange Valvrave missing from the line-up. Just putting those two things together. Also, it seems strange that the second Valvrave is the mysterious missing one. But it kinda makes sense if Mk. II had a connection to the Mk. I, which apparently contains an entity that Cain considers his "wife".
  • Confirmed in episode 12, he forces it to activate using his own A.I. named Blue, using the light associated with valvraves to create limbs for it.

Haruto's Valvrave is special...
We have more than one visual confirmation that Haruto's Valvrave is the only one which has the AI Girl in the weird outfit, and there are hints that Cain considers one of the mechs to be his wife. Haruto is the only Magius so far to also freak out, get those strange markings, and attempt to bite someone against his will. He might be the only pilot to have been severely injured so far, but he's also the only one to have freaked out when not injured.
  • It gets hungry.
  • Episode 10 tells us that only Haruto's Valvrave has the Harakiri Blade (And thus, super mode), and an AI. Definitely special in some way. Super Prototype? Deus Est Machina? Simple plot contrivance? We'll have to wait and see.
  • Super prototype if Cain is to be believed as he states #01 (with Pino) and #02 (with Plue) are the "first."

Either Saki or Kyuma will kill Q-vier.

When that happens, Q-vier will basically have a Villainous Breakdown And be screaming, begging for his life.

  • Kyuma is now dead as of Season 2 episode 9. Saki still might though, and considering how ax-crazy Q-ver is, he might just force her to.
  • Confirmed in the finale. When Dorsian commanders ordered their troops to stand down after seeing the live feed of the Fuhrer, Qvier decides to attack anything that moves, his comrades X-eins, A-drier, and Saki. While X-eins is busy helping Haruto against Cain, A-drei and Saki wind up fighting Q-vier. Q-vier then reveals himself to be a blood knight, and he DIES HAPPY!

L-Elf is Ledo
While L-Elf was released from prison, he ventured off into another colony that was already in a war with aliens. He took on the name, "Ledo" and earned his skills as a soldier. He met a boy which reminded him of himself, and even went far enough to call him his own brother. His death reminded L-Elf that all defectives must be eliminated, and the most efficient route is necessary. But he will do it without a single life (His comrades) to be wasted in the process. After he finishes the war, (The events of Gargantia) he returns to DORSSIA with his new found abilities. His revolution will be a success.
  • Jossed by Gargantia. Ledo remains on Gargantia.

The future is not what it seems
The first thought (based on Episode 7) is that Saki and the other "Golden Seven" members are rebels. It is not so.

In fact, L-Elf's revolution was a success. "Golden Seven" are Freelance Aces that usually help said Reich, only occasionally working together, though. The situation shown in the beginning of Episode 7 was a tail end of an altercation where Saki was a rearguard for evacuating colony (pirate attack is to blame) and she is finishing off the last pursuer.

  • My first assumption was that they're like a cross between Power Rangers and Celestial Being. A third party group of peace keepers that go around fighting bad guys for great justice.
  • Going by the writer's previous works, Code Geass and Guilty Crown in particular, he prefers bittersweet endings in which things are heading towards a much brighter future, but often with the main character having to to to hell and back to achieve this future. So, it's very likely. The "promise" could be one to maintain peace and order in the world, to make sure that no one has to go through what they went through as kids.
  • Addition by original entry author: Episode 12 shows Saki converse with someone visibly reminiscent of L-Elf's descendant, in a mansion decorated with 3D Valvrave Emblem Sculptures (check for yourself, Ravens sitting on Golden Crescent Moons), and refer to one of her friends (contextually) as the Founder. Conclusion - Saki was on the winning side of the war, and said side has a healthy appreciation of Valvraves. Challenge - guess the winning side.

Body Snatching goes both ways
Meaning, it's possible for Valvrave pilots to bite someone and absorb their soul, rather than transfer their own. And it will be shown in an appropriately dramatic manner.
  • Jossed. When someone bodyjacks another person, their own body goes into a coma.

Akira will pilot the last Valvrave.
Confirmed in Episode 12.

Cain's relationship with the current Dorsian Fuhrer will turn out to be a Generation Xerox with L-Elf and Haruto's relationship.
Right down to the former being a skilled tactician and leader, and the latter being a Magius.

Shoko won't tell Haruto about her father.
She won't tell him because she doesn't want him to angst over it. But he'll find out anyways and angst about it even more because she didn't tell him.

The Valvraves will gain their gold parts after the marriage.
This will happen because its the final step in the Valvrave plan to get the units or the pilots to reproduce.

"Liberator" and "Revealing the truth of the world" refer to putting an end to the Ancient Conspiracy of the Magius
.And we can assume based on the flashfowards that it's going to be successful in its duty. But what are the Magius and what are their goals? What to they gain from manipulating these great conflicts and trying to get ahold of the Valvraves?
  • Confirmed, as of Episode 2x11.

The child that future Saki was talking to was...
  • L-elf and Haruto's child
  • Saki and Haruto's child
  • Saki and L-elf's child
  • L-elf and the princess's child
  • Someone else?
  • L-elf and Shoko's child
  • Since it's 200 years after the series, it's probably someone's great grand-child or further.
    • Since the child has traits from both Haruto and L-Elf, it is likely that Haruto and L-Elf's lineages mixed over time.
  • Some sort of genetically modified clone created from a mix of L-Elf and Haruto.
  • A-drei's child that has stopped aging for some reason, as Saki has to sell her body (in marriage or out of marriage) in order to escape Dorsian captivity.

There will be a third season
The second season will end with the creation of the Third Galactic Empire (mentioned in the flashbacks in episode 7 and episode 11). Then there will be a third season that shows the battles between the Empire and the Valvraves.
  • Jossed - as of November 21, 2017, it's been almost 4 years since the end of season 2, and no season 3 has been announced.

The pendant future saki carries in episode 12 contains Valvrave I A.I.

Theories on the picture in the pendant Future!Saki wears and the promise that she made to him/her.
  • The picture could be Shouko. The promise would be to, "Take care of Haruto" or something along those lines.
  • The picture could be Haruto. The promise would be to kill him if he goes out of control or to take care of the empire that he founded if he is in fact the "founder" that was mentioned by Future!Saki in episode 12.
  • What if the pendant was actually given to her as well? The previous owner of the pendant could be Liselotte. In the preview for the second season, it is shown that Saki goes to Dorssian's capital for some reason. This could be the same place where Liselotte is being held captive. They may encounter each other there. The pendant is also pink and elegant-looking, much like our pink princess. The picture would also be of Liselotte. If the L-Elf lookalike happens to be her descendant, then the promise they made is the reason why Saki looks after him (and her other descendants) 200 years in the future.

The Magius's plan to control the world may have been worse than we ever imagined, especially if they want to summon something....big
When the Magius were revealed to be the Bigger Bad in the series, we can assume they were planning to do a One World Order around and Dyson Sphere and kill everyone who opposes them, especially the JIORians. It can be stated that their bigger plan is to summon what is supposed to be the Valvrave equivalent of Satan. AND IT'S GONNA GET UGLY IF THAT HAPPENS! And will cause controversy in the religious department.
  • Jossed. Cain claims the Magius Clan wants to "connect their lives together", so probably a Assimilation Plot.

H-Neun will pull a Heel–Face Turn
  • 1. he appears to be the most level-headed of the group, even if he does crack jokes every now and then.
  • 2. we see him snooping around around in the middle of season 1
  • 3. he sees that Cain is not what he appeared to be.
  • Kreimheld may also defect with him. She's shown snooping along with H-Neun in the middle of the season. The preview of the second season shows that she joins forces with H-Neun. The thing that may stop her is the blood splatter shown on H-Neun's face in the preview because it could be hers.
    • He gets killed off by Cain after he finds out too much about the Magius, and Cain's plans for using X-eins' body for one of the Magius. He gets shot by Cain, and X-eins later finds out about it, causing him to pull a Heel–Face Turn to avenge his best friend.

Shouko or Takahi Will get a visit from Valvrape the Penetrator

  • 1. They do not know about the "Curse" or any other effects of becoming a Valvrave pilot.
  • 2. Their current roles in the plot are relatively minor.
  • 3. They both have feelings for Haruto.

Seriously, with Saki bringing it up again in Episode 13, there is no way that it will stay out of the plot.

  • Jossed. Haruto dies before then, but not before saying "goodbye" to his Fire-Forged Friend.
L-Elf was a member of the previous Dorsian royal family.
The Dorsian Furher offhandedly mentions a "revolution" with Cain at the start of season two. He took the throne by force, and the reason a child like L-Elf was being sent to some sort of prison camp was because he was a member of the previous royal family. This could also mean that the white-haired prince we see in the flash-fowards is either his child or grandchild, and that at the end of the series, he and his family will be placed back in power after having won the war.
  • Jossed. As we see in flashbacks, L-Elf was a common prisoner, whereas A-Drei is a prince.

Marie was the first Kamitsuki
This one just seems obvious. In the Flashforward of episode 15, Saki is talking about a girl, but doesn't mention the name. Given the revelation at the end of the episode, and Marie's youth, I figure this makes her a solid candidate.
  • Confirmed. She was Unit-01's test pilot. However, she was abandoned because of her lack of "limiter" which causes her memory loss whenever she touches the Valvrave. She dies after saving the others by piloting Unit-01 despite its effects on her.

Cain and the Valvrave AIs are working towards an assimilation plot
Well, who does Marie remind you of from this writer's previous work? Which would make Pino... Not that the AIs are Haruto or L-Elf's parents or anything, just that they're the ones with a similar mission.
  • Cain already spelled this one out, so it's not really a WMG. The Council of 101 wants to "Connect their lives together" using the Valvrave Units 01 and 02.
    • But that the Valvrave AIs are involved heavily?
      • The AI's are just tools in the plan for the Council of 101. They have no direct role besides being Macguffin's.

the Dorrsian team's letter-number names are a code
No, not that type of Code. Maybe also with the letters that correspond to the numbers (or vice-versa).They're L11, A3, Q4, H9, X1.
  • or 12-11, 1-3, 17-4, 8-9, 24-1
  • or LK, AC, XA, QD, HI

The FlashForwards that feature Saki is actually the future where Haruto succeeded in unifying all humans under one empire.
Saki continues to live roughly 200 years after the main storyline, is referred to by a hostile pilot as a member of "The Golden Generation" and is now the caretaker of a child that looks like L-Elf, whom she refers to as "Prince." Surprisingly, Satomi Renbokoji, is also alive and apparently has not aged during that time and states that the prince's godmother is a Renbokoji as well, hinting that Akira is also alive during that time. Further details to this WMG are as follows.
  • All of the Valvrave pilots are alive, and are currently spread out in Haruto's empire as guardians of a sector. It is implied that Saki is living on the outskirts of the galaxy, with the prince noting how far away from Earth they are. Partially jossed as of episode 21. Kyuma dies.
  • They are referred as the "Golden Generation" because they managed to defeat the Council of 101, with Haruto spearheading the fight. Saki's Magius tattoo may even imply that they took over the reins after the Council's fall.
  • The other students would learn Haruto's and the other pilots' condition sometime before they fight the Council. After the battle, Haruto gets elected as new leader, then asks his classmates whether or not they would help him rebuild the world into a world of peace. Some, like Satomi, accept and become immortal.
  • The Prince is actually a cloned version of L-Elf, who is being groomed as the next in line to the Empire. Haruto may have decided to step down from ruling to enjoy a more quiet life.
  • Alternately, the war may NEVER have ended, and even though the young child is a "prince" and Saki's "friend" is the founder of the Galactic Reich, it does not mean Saki's in charge, and the Jiorians could still be on the run, with the prince being an illegitimate heir, perhaps no longer physically aging as well for some reason. (He could be A-drei's child. It wouldn't be the first time a conqueror took a "wife" from a race he was trying to exterminate. Conquistador Cortez took an Aztec wife as he was actively trying to exterminate them in real life.)
  • Jossed, the war ended in a witch hunt. Guess who got hunted.
    • Not quite. The Council got hunted. But given that Saki, Satomi, Akira, and Shoko are all apparently Kamitsuki, and apparently in charge, they managed to achieve at least some peace in the aftermath.

H-Neun was turned into a Magius
As dramatic his supposed death was and that they Never Found the Body, given the nature of the show, would mean there is much more to his death. X-Eins seemed to have found Cain much later than H-Neun confronted Cain hints that something could have happened. Cain commented that the ritual must be started over might mean that one has already taken place or begun.
  • H-Neun is killed off by Cain in episode 17 after he finds out about the Magius, and their plans to use his friend X-eins as a body for one of the aging members. While X-eins wasn't there to see the murder, he later reveals to A-Drei that he heard his friend's last moments through a secret recording, and does a Heel–Face Turn against his former commander.

Cain is secretly working against the Magius.
First off, even though Cain seems to be the Magius' mole in Dorssia, the Magius don't seem to know a lot about the Valraves despite Cain's seemingly in depth knowledge, suggesting that he's hiding their true nature from them. Also, it's possible he deliberately allowed H-Neun to infiltrate the castle and inadvertently disrupt the ritual to possess X-Eins in order to prevent to the Magius from taking control of his subordinates. Why he is doing this is yet to be seen.
  • With how he's getting way more screentime than the Council and the ED's foreshadowing that he's a proper villain, I could imagine he would betray the Council by maybe draining all their Runes and using it to power Unit 02?

Pino will perform a Heel–Face Turn.
Her time along side the Jiorans of Module 77 and with Haruto will convince her that the way that the Council of 101 are doing things is only causing people to suffer, and possibly convince her brother to be good as well.

Akira will deliver a What the Hell, Hero? to Shoko
Seriously, the first friend she's had in god knows how long tried to sell her out to save herself and it caused one of their allies to die.
  • Actually, Raizo "Thunder" Yamada does it. He gets stopped by Professor Takami by stating that Shoko had no other choice as leader of New Jior, and "Thunder" Yamada could not have done any better.

Haruto's going to die. Perhaps before he gets to confess to Shoko, and the remaining Jior scientist will have to fill her in on the Valvraves and the Magius.
  • Confirmed in the finale.

This person is going to die within the last 2 episodes:Raizo "Thunder" Yamada.
Most likely in the penultimate episode. However much such a thing might be unwanted, the odds are stacked against him. Too many characters still alive, not a whole lot of focus and/or development compared to all the other pilots, not appearing in the flashforwards, missing an arm in the penultimate PV while fighting the mass-produced Kirschbaums, let's face it, it'd be a miracle for him to make it out of this series alive.
  • Confirmed. He dies at the end of episode 23.

Haruto's memories and personality are stored in Unit 1's data banks
  • A Valvrave is powered by a RAVE engine, which is fueled by the runes of the pilot's memories; and at least Unit 1 and Unit 2 are capable of storing complex personality constructs (Pino and Prue, respectively). Given that information, it's quite possible that, assuming the unit isn't destroyed in combat, the memories of a pilot that died in the cockpit are stored in the unit's data banks, possibly as a personality construct similar to the the AIs of units 1 and 2.

Why Saki is that calm after being raped by Haruto in a vampiric frenzy
Pino ate Saki's mental trauma (she ate Marie's memory, after all. She learned to eat specific memories of a human and wanted to spare Saki of being that traumatized) and only left a rather abstract memory of the rape.Haruto switched bodies with her, effectively raping himself with her body. It would explain why she only vaguely remembers what happened, as well as his own torn clothing

Saki is a reincarnation of Nina Einstein, and Haruto is a reincarnation of Table-kun.
The infamous Valvrape scene is revenge.

(Almost) all survivors of Module 77 become immortals
We have so far seen Saki Rukino, Akira and Satomi Renbokoji and Shoko Sashinami in the flash-forwards to 200 years later. It's probable that the remaining survivors of Module 77 decided to become immortal as well to survive and tell the tales of their friends who fought tooth and nail for their futures, many of whom died in the process. It would also make reign an intergalactic empire a lot easier.

The Third Galactic Empire is composed of three or all four major nations (including the New JIOR/Module 77) joined together and run by the Sakamori students and their descendents.
Module 77 thanks to their operation of retaking it from the former ARUS/Dorssia alliance. Thanks to the students' new contacts to A-drei and the Dorrsian rebels, the revolution has integrated their home country into the mix. Subsequently, since JIOR was conquered by Dorssia right from the start, it was also integrated into the new Empire.

ARUS is either part of the Third Galactic Empire or the enemies fighting it.

  • Possibility one: Thanks to the turmoil going on and the following arrests of all the powerful and most influential members due to the Council of 101's expose, ARUS's specialized market-economy is likely left in a chaotic mess. And now with the combined military and economic might of JIOR and Dorssia, as well as having the Valvraves and support of the Sakamori students, they were easily able to take over ARUS and bring into the Empire.
  • Possibility two: Because of the said expose, ARUS was driven into fear by the Maguis and their Sakamori Academy "holy spirit" counterparts. And now that they have the power of Dorssia and JIOR, they're wanting to fighting them. Thanks to the former ARUS/Dorssia alliance, they also have the Kirschbaum weapons as seen in the future cut scenes.

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