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Baam is Phantaminum
We've yet to see a real picture of what Phantaminum looks like and he mysteriously disappeared at some point in the past. Baam was found literally sealed in a cave at the bottom of the tower with no memory of anything at all and just happens to be ridiculously powerful and a very real threat to the tower, just like Phantaminum was. Maybe Zahard managed to give his old rival amnesia somehow and locked him safely away. Until Rachel found him.
  • I agree with this - and I think that Zahard somehow managed to Amnesia bomb him and seal him in the cave, because Phantaminum wanted to go further 'up' the tower - and Zahard didn't want anybody climbing higher than himself.
    • Jossed: Yuri has seen both. And there's also no known escape from the tower; if Zahard had a way out, Mazino would probably have known about it by now.
    • POSSIBLY jossed - maybe Yuri has, but we have not seen him on-panel as of yet, and a number of Rankers have been shown to not show their faces (Ren, Karaka), there is no guarantee that Yuri actually saw his face. Also, we have no way of knowing what kind of powers Phantaminum may or may not possess - he could plausibly be a shapeshifter or mind-warper that could disguise himself or warp somebody's perception of what he looks like.
    • Well, considering the fact that Phantaminum is a god - as in, literally a god - I very much doubt any type of amnesia attack would affect him, and assuming it did, Baam would be essentially invincible. As we've seen, Baam is most certainly not invincible.
    • We know exactly what kind of powers Phanta has.....whatever powers he wants to have. He is an Axis...he WRITES the story.

Baam was created by Enryu
It is rumoured that Enryu is capable of creating life out of Shinsoo. If this is true, he could have used Shinsoo to create Baam who seemingly has no parents and has been alone his whole life.
  • Somewhat jossed as it is revealed either Enryu, Phantaminum or some other higher power revived a dead infant Baam, after Zahard murdered him in front of his mother.

No one has actually reached the top of the tower yet.
  • The current king simply stopped at the 134th floor, and declares everyone who reaches the same point to be a victor and a Ranker, granting them power in exchange for their agreeing not to challenge the status quo. This is why so many people are concerned with either weeding out people who might upset the balance of power in the tower, or with encouraging them — the current king and the entire establishment of Rankers is actually working to prevent anyone from ever reaching the top, and a sufficiently powerful Determinator could break the whole system by forcing the issue. This also explains why none of the Rankers we've seen really seem that fulfilled. And when Baam asks one of the Rankers what's up there, their response is extremely evasive.
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  • This has been all-but-stated explicitly, really. Zahard only reached the 134th floor, and nobody has cleared the 135th floor. When most people talk about the 'top' when it comes to Rankers and the like, they seem to simply mean the currently-highest-conquered floor of the tower. But, by implication, the great rewards supposedly at the 'real' top of the tower have never been claimed by anyone.
  • Confirmed by the author in a question-and-answer session on his blog:
    Q: Can you really find everything at the top of the tower as Headon says? (10/02/2010)
    A: They believe that everything can be found at the top of the tower. Nobody has reached the top yet.

There are no rewards for reaching the top of the tower.

The tower has no top; it just goes on forever.
  • You're never supposed to stop pursuing a distant, unreachable dream. Zahard and all the existing Rankers (the ones we've seen, at least) failed by stopping and sitting on their laurels lording over others with their power; you're supposed to just keep climbing the tower forever. The two top-ranked Rankers have disappeared because they're still ascending.

The tower is the same one from Makai Toshi SaGa.
  • The similarities are so close that it's hard to avoid thinking that it was an inspiration, at least (huge divine tower at the center of the universe extends up into the sky, with an entire world on each floor; an overlord has taken over the tower and appointed rulers for each layer.)

The tower has no top...yet
  • Because it hadn't been built yet. To simply put, the tower is unfinished.
It's kinda parallels the story where Baam tried to get out from the cave by building a tower made of stones, but failed. It wasn't until an outsider came (Rachel) he managed to get out.So maybe the tower called out irregulars to come and finished the tower itself, assuming the tower is sentient?

The 135th Floor, or one not too far above it, is the final floor.
  • Of course, as no-one's passed it, no-one knows for sure.

In compliment to several of the above (namely the Tower not having a top, it not yet having a top, and the top being the 135th), the Tower used to have a top, but doesn't anymore. At least not one that's anywhere close, that is.
  • Phantaminum, being an Exis, created more floors when they reached the original top so that they might ascend forever. There used to be a top a lot closer to the 134th before this, though whether any of the guardians remember this or just think it's always been this way is up for debate.

Working out possible tower heights based on records and claims of the Tower of Babel's height.
You never know. SIU might have worked out a height based on one of these stories. Note that many of these ideas are taken from external sources:
  • The tallest Mesopotamian Ziggurat was approximately 91 meters tall.
    • If it wasn't for the number being lower than the known floor numbers, you could claim that there'd be a floor for every meter.
  • The Book of Jubilees says the Tower's height was 5,433 cubits and 2 palms (2,484m/8,150 ft), about 3x the height of Burj Khalifa, (~1.6 miles high).
    • We know each floor of our Tower is high enough, in many cases, for an artificial sky to exist, which is probably a few miles, so that's not much help. However, if you were to count it by actual floors (even though real floors are much small than ToG floors), you could factor it. The Burj Khalifa is in the region of 163 floors, including both usable and unusable upper areas, so a tower with 3x as many floors as that would be in the area of 489 floors.
    • Alternatively, if you were to break the Burj Khalifa down mathematically (838m ÷ 163 floors = 0.1945 floors per meter), you could calculate the number of floors a Tower of 2,484m would have (0.1945fpm x 2,484m), that being 483.138, or 483 floors, so a little shorter than 489.
  • The Third Apocalypse of Baruch mentions the 'tower of strife' reaching a height of 463 cubits/211.8m/695 ft, taller than any structure built in human history at the time.
    • As a real tower, as we've established, this comes nowhere close to ToG's setting, which is probably bigger than the Earth itself, not even counting the world outside. However, if you were to run the numbers through the above floor counter (0.1945 x 211.8m), you'd get... 41.195 floors. So not all that helpful here.
  • Gregory of Tours quotes the historian Orosius as saying the tower was "made of baked brick cemented with pitch, is fifty cubits wide, two hundred high, and four hundred and seventy stades in circumference. A stade contains five agripennes. Twenty-five gates are situated on each side, which make in all one hundred."
    • The definition of the stade (or stadion) unit of measurement varies from text to text, but someone once average all those and got 157.7m, which would place the tower at around 31,540m (~19.6 miles) high, or 6,134.5 floors, based on above calculations. However, as i've read this i've realised that, as awesome as that would be, the height seems to actually be being measured in cubits, not stades. A cubit is 0.4572m, placing the tower at 91.44m (0.4572m x 200), or 17.785 floors. ...Personally, I prefer the stade calculation
  • A medieval account by Giovanni Villani claims that "it measured eighty miles round, and it was already 4,000 paces high, or 5.92 km (3.68 mi)."
    • If this were the case, 5.92km, or 5,920m, would amount to, in terms of our floor factoring (0.1945 x 5,920m), 1,151.44 floors. Still very high, but possibly more manageable than over 6,000, as above. I like high though, it gives Baam (or Rachel, depending on your view) something to reach for.
  • The 14th-century traveler John Mandeville made an account of the tower, and reported that its height had been 64 furlongs, or 13 km (8 mi), according to the local inhabitants.
    • 13km, or 13,000m, is very high. So high in fact that it equates to around 2,528.5 real world Burj floors (0.1945 x 13,000m).
  • The 17th-century historian Verstegan quotes Isidore, and says that the tower was 5,164 paces high, or 7.6 km (4.7 mi), and quoting Josephus that the tower was wider than it was high, more like a mountain than a tower.
    • This would match what we've heard of the tower's width in ToG, though I believe it, unlike Babel, is probably a lot higher than it is wide. That said, at 7.6km, or 7,600m, this clocks in at around 1478.2 real world Burj floors (0.1945 x 7,600m).
  • In summary, based on stories of the Tower of Babel, the average floor height of the real world tallest tower as of this writing, the Burj Khalifa, a little bit of rounding, and discounting results we already know can't be right (less than 135), the Tower could be anything from 483 to 6,134 floors high. Not very helpful, but this was a fun train of thought.

The tower's top and bottom is actually reversed
  • Floor with the bigger number is actually placed lower and the highest floor we've seen is the first floor.
  • The tower has an oceanic theme, many creatures are based on sea creatures, the regulars' position (fisherman, wave controller) is also tied with it. There's no air or water in the tower, only shinsoo. The higher the number of the floor, the shinsoo also gets more dense. It works similar with water pressure. The more deep you are, the water pressure also gets bigger.
  • Headon said the answers could be found on the top of the tower. He didn't say which way the top is. This could also explain why no one had reached the top of the tower yet. Also, no one can get pass the 135th floor is simply because the 'shinsoo density' is too big for human to handle.

Akryung is Urek Mazino.
  • Several panels suggest that Akryung is an irregular, yet no one seems concerned about him the way they are with Baam, Yuri doesn't find him interesting, nobody's worried about him disrupting the tower, etc, even though he seems on the face of it to be drastically more powerful than Baam. Nobody noticed him enter, even though Baam's entrance seems to have attracted massive attention. Both Androssi and Yu Han-Sung seem to know him; Androssi's knowing him shouldn't be possible according to the rules of the test, since he was in her group. The only logical way Akryung could be an Irregular, freakishly powerful, and someone known to both of them without alarming them is if he were an Irregular who was already known in the tower — and the only active irregular is Urek Mazino.
    • Nope. Both the appearances of Urek and Akryung as well as their personalities are just too different to match.
      • Urek looks like Eminem, Akryung looks like rak with red skull.

Akryung is Enryu.
  • Most of the logic of the above WMG holds for this one, too, though this one assumes that Enryu came back and that those who recognize him keep quiet about it. Enryu is specifically noted as having a red motif, being an excellent spear-carrier, and using huge red spears specifically, which fits Akryung's methods and appearance fairly closely.
    • It also matches Rak - ever think of that?
    • While it is an interesting theory, this has been jossed by the author. SIU has stated that Shinsoo 'turns red in Enryu's presence'. This obviously doesn't happen for Akryung or Rak.
  • Or, alternatively, is merely a being created by Enryu.
    • Jossed, Akryung is a being created by Headon, based on one of the wall sculptures in the first floor.

Akryung is Zahard (Undercover Boss).
  • Zahard being a symbolic leader can leave all the political and rulling stuff to the three lords while he tags along with our heroes.
  • Explains the reason being that Akryung doesn't use his power is because if he does, the Rankers will recognize him.
    • Jossed, Akryung is a being created by Headon, based on one of the wall sculptures in the first floor.

Akryung is a member of FUG.
Akryung was part of the Headon's plan and assigned as a "Bodyguard" to Rachel/Lahel, in order for the Rankers to think that Akryung is the Irregular and not Rachel. So many powerful characters are revealed to be FUG members that he might as well be one too.
  • Jossed, Akryung once again is a being created by Headon, based on one of the wall sculptures in the first floor. He isn't a member of FUG because he isn't even a living being, just a thing made to protect Rachel during the test.

Akryung is related to Baek Ryun.
As Akryung could be spelled out as Aek Ryun

At some point, somebody will shoot a beam from his crotch.
  • Simply because it would be the most hilarious and longwinding Brick Joke ever and "not even Urek has that kind of Bullshit ability!"

Phantaminum didn't disappear from the Tower, he went up.
After seeing that Zahard has no ambition to go above 134th level he lost interest in him and simply went to another level. Zahard hid that information to not cause public unrest.
  • I agree with the theory - with the caveat that Zahard has his palace built on the exit to the 135th level. When Phantaminum assaulted Zahard's palace and 'disappeared', he was simply clearing the obstacles out of the way for his continued ascent. He didn't kill Zahard - because he wasn't TRYING to kill Zahard, he just wanted to go to the next level.

Tin is the Chessmaster of the Untrustworthy Room.
Automatic door anyone?

Viole is a female version of Baam and Ja Wangnan is a male version of Lahel/Rachel.

Viole looks like Baam and looks like a girl only pretending to be a boy. Wangnan has blond hair like Rachel.

  • Jossed. Violie IS Baam, Wagnan is not a powerless, backstabbing douche - he's actually quite clever, manipulating Viole/Baam into passing the entire team.
    • Rachel is clever and manipulative too. She doesn't have horns on her neck or Cute Little Fangs however, unlike Wangnan. Wangnan also has no desire to see the stars, unlike Rachel.

Gyetang is the newest incarnation of Lo Pa Bia Ren

His motivation is to meet Androssi - he was assumed to be a fanboy(girl?) but that seems too simple for SIU. Also, his body shape and size is extremely similiar to "Yuga", moreover in his first few appearences Riceball wasn't creepy - goofy and weird, yeah, but not scary per se.

And, if you were Ren, how would you infiltrate the group? The "core" team is pretty heremtic; but hey, there's a guy that recruits new memebers. Remember that Koon might not know "Yuga's" real identity - it would require both revealing Anak's story and Yuri's interfering with the test, so it might be possible that the girls told him nothing about the incident.

Also, SIU has a really perverse sense of humor - it might amuse him to make one of the cutest creatures around a borderline eldritch horror. For added fridge scare - Gyetang wanted to perform CPR on Dan. Bleach your brains now.

  • Most likely Jossed. Michael The Missionary killed him. You don't think a character so closely related to Anak would just drop dead like that, right?

Baam will kill it.

Rachel forevermore shall be referred to as "it".

Zahard is female.

Zahard gives power to only princesses and her "maybe son" Ja Wangnan is lying on piles of trash.

Rachel will awaken as an Exis.

  • There are many arguments which support this theory and for the sake of conveniance shall be presented in list form:
  • According to Godai's blog on TOG wikia:
    • Any normal human being can awaken (각성, gahkseong; "trigger") into an Exis (엑시즈, Ekshijeu).

      • Rachel is so far the most normal person in the series.

    • Unable to find meaning in their godlike power, many Exes eventually fall into confusion, and only use their powers to meet their own desires.

      • Rachel's desire is to ... see the stars? What a weird goal.

      • It could be much worse - imagine if somebody like the Joker got Exis powers, and their desire was just to cause chaos.

    • Exes serve the universe by taking on the duty of leading a story that is crucial to the entire history of universe.

      • Rachel's actions did lead up to what is now season 2.

    • Theory:
    • An Exis power does not count as a battle ability, but rather as authority over a section of the universe.

      • Rachel has no fighting skills yet managed to go all the way to the 25F and perhaps beyond. Could her pre-awakened ability have something to do with, coincidences?

      • I don't think it's an Exis power - Exis power is to literally 'rewrite' reality - she's never shown anything close to that ability, if she could do something like that, don't you think she would have 'rewritten' it so that Baam conveniently died in any of the multiple possible situations (when he took the initial test, when Hwa Ryun swung at him during the Crown game, when he 'saved' her from Ho) rather than try to kill him herself in an obvious manner?

Zahard's blood is actually a power LIMITER
It appears as though Zahard gives his blood to the princesses PRIOR to their ascent (as in, before they have attained their full power themselves). By giving them his blood, it does give them a power boost, but ensures that they can never surpass Zahard in power. Zahard gives his blood to only the strongest, ensuring that no regular will ever be able to challenge him. Does have the slight hole of Zahard only giving his blood to females - but he could simply be killing males.

Phantaminum will become the Big Good
It's been stated that he is pretty much a god and could literally end the entire story if he wanted to. The only thing that can possibly stop him is an Exis more powerful than him, and he is one of the five most powerful Exes. In short, he's essentially immortal and no character stands any chance against him, unless one of the characters awakens as an Exis. This would, of course, be an extremely unfair enemy to fight. Phantaminum will either be the Big Good or to watch over the tower and congratulate people who make it to the "top."

Phantaminum is Headon
  • No connection between the two, Headon is the Guardian who first greeted Zahard and his allies, Phantaminium is an irregular who slaughtered all of Zahards top guards.

Kakara is Akryung

Their mouths look similar. They are also both extremely powerful - Akryung was possibly the strongest regular on the second floor and Karaka is a Slayer.

  • Is it just me, or does Karaka look an AWFUL lot like Griffith from Berserk when he has that helmet on? If intentional, this doesn't bode well for FUG - considering what happened to Griffith's band because they were holding him back.

Baam will ignore Koon's group in the workshop battle

He'll try and ignore them so they won't recognize him, either due to not wanting them to know he's alive or thinking it could cause some problems with FUG.

If they do realize it's him, the one to recognize him will be Rachel, due to knowing him when his hair was long (This may happen if for some reason he does actually let his hair down) When she does, she will freak out.

  • Jossed. Koon knows he's alive, Baam knows he knows, and Rachel is no longer with Koon, as she betrayed him along with two of his team members, who were planted on his team as FUG's agents, although there is also no implication that Rachel has been told that Baam is still alive. He's actually trying to avoid Leesoo's team, which has said man, Anak, Androssi, Hatsu and Amigo in it.

Zahard is a Time Lord
And the Tower is his TARDIS.

Nobody can access the 135th floor

Because only irregulars can take the test from the guardian. This would mean that the only person who can advance upwards is Zahard (And possibly Enryu and Phantaminum, if the WMGs about them going up are true)

  • Phantaminum, Enryu and Urek Mazino have all been confirmed as Irregulars - A previous WMG is that the reason Phantaminum disappeared was because he already went up to the 135th floor and beyond.
  • In addition, Zahard initially climbed the tower with the heads of the 10 great families - who would ALL have to be Irregulars, since there was no such thing as a regular at that point. That brings the MINIMUM number of people in the tower capable of going to the 135th floor and taking the test up to 17 - the 10 family heads, Phantaminum, Enryu, Zahard, Urek Mazino, Baam, Rachel, and Akryung.
    • You gotta make distinctions. An Irregular is not an "official" term. By "official", I mean, a term used by the Guardians to refer to people. It's a made up term created after Zahard made a contract with the Guardians, allowing him to make tests of his own to refer to people who "bypass" the system. However, the phrase "only an Irregular might take a test directly from the Guardian" is probably incorrect because the difference is hard to grasp for the ones not being irregulars themselves. The Guardian explicitely states "I ask you, you who opened the door by himself, what is it, you desire?", so logically speaking, the Guardians don't care about all the Irregular stuff. What counts is the fact of having opened the door by oneself. To restate this: Baam, Zahard, Enryu, Urek Mazino and Phantaminum are eligible to take tests from the Guardian while Rachel and the 10 Warriors who just went in through an open door, are not.
    • What's also interesting is the ability to freely manipulate shinsoo. Is it needed to open the door in the first place or granted by the tower for the chosen ones who open the door? Do Guardians judge the worthiness of taking tests based on this ability or on the fact that guy opened the door? If so, are there people with this ability who didn't open the door but are still eligible to take tests? You could think of a ton of special circumstances...

The 13 Month Series weapons are just parts of 1 much more powerful weapon
Since Rainbow Undecimber (Rainbow 13th Moon in Korean), is an Arms Inventory rather than a weapon, if all of the other 12 weapons from the 13 Month Series were to be put into it, it would become 1 weapon. Seems to be the only logical reason for one of them to be an Arms Inventory, and further evidence is that, unlike the other weapons in the Series, Zahard has NEVER given it to a Princess.
  • Essentially confirmed by the most recent chapter — except rather than a weapon, they were part of the key that Zahard used to lock access to the 135th floor.

The red thing at the bottom of the lake that gave Viole extra powers is related to Enryu.
It's red. It grants shinsoo related powers. Shinsoo turns red in Enryu's presence.
  • Semi-correct. It turns out to be a copy of the Thorn, a weapon that Enryu once used to kill the 43th floor Guardian.

Zahard isn't even awake right now, and Adori Zahard is the one REALLY running the show.
We have yet to see Zahard on panel, and we actually have yet to even hear any direct orders from him. Usually by now (130 chapters in), almost every writer has at least given us a panel of the Big Bad gloating or expressing concern about the hero (different WMG - he actually gave us a panel of PHANTAMINUM for that purpose). Adori Zahard is currently the highest-ranked Princess (8th in the Tower), and the head of the Royal Guard. La Poo Boi Ran is a member of the Royal Guard, and subordinate to Adori Zahard, he was most likely acting on her orders. If Zahard is actually unconscious/asleep right now, it would explain why the FUG seems so cavalier about manipulating Baam to defeat the (debatably) 3rd most powerful person in the Tower. They don't need Baam to FIGHT Zahard when he's at his best, they just need an Irregular that is powerful enough to go up to his sleeping form and deliver the kill.
  • This is half-true. Word of God (from the author's blog) is that Zahard is inactive at the moment; the acting head of government are the Three Lords, although we don't really know much about them.

Baam is actually Zahard reborn.
Similar in theory to my previous WMG above that Adori Zahard is actually the one running the Tower, this comes with 2 subtheories, that rely on the following premise: Zahard has been confirmed to be immortal to anybody but an Irregular through a contract with the Guardians. HOWEVER, as the various immortality tropes will tell you, 'immortality' doesn't necessarily come with infinite power/instant healing. My theory is that Zahard's immortality is actually REINCARNATIVE immortality, that is, when he dies/is killed, he is born again in a new body. The reason that his name is 'TWENTY-FIFTH Baam' (twenty-fifth night), is that this is, in fact, the TWENTY-FIFTH time this has happened - and each time, he climbs just a little higher in the Tower. (Would also explain Headon's smug grin when he first entered).
  • Could also come with the sub-theory that FUG knows full well that he is Zahard reborn, and they are trying to either a) maintain control of him when he figures it out, or b) are trying to convince him to become a benevolent ruler rather than the apparent tyrant he has been in the past (and doing a TERRIBLE job of it).
  • Also explains why Baam is able to pick up techniques so fast. He isn't COPYING them - he's already learned them previously, now he's just remembering how to perform them!
    • Jossed: It is revealed that Baam is actually the son of V and Arlene, two of Zahard's companions when he first ascended the Tower.

Yeon Hana will fall in love with Viole.
He is an irregular and thus outside of the contracts and rules of the Tower, including Yeon Hana's contract to never fall in love with another man again. This will lead to either standard romantic comic relief, a sweet and heartwarming story in which she stops hating men, or both.

.. Of course, this theory does kind of fall apart when you consider that the contract is more likely binding her, as opposed to binding the regulars, but who knows?

  • Well, arguably, as Zahard's contractual immortality apparently doesn't apply to any Irregulars, if she were to... have her contract violated by an irregular, she is still technically a virgin as she's never gotten frisky with anybody the Tower recognizes as a person.

After the time-skip, Leesoo has now mastered the Killer Arts
Surely he has to have some expertise in fighting after climbing thirty floors.

Baam is the Prince of Zahard
I've heard many people speculating that Wangnam is the Prince, but it could easy be Baam. Depending on how the story goes, it could provide easy explanations to where Baam was before he entered the tower, how he got there and why he's so powerful.

Yama's Mad Dog serves under Baylord Yama
We've recently learned of the Slayer, Baylord Yama. We also know of "Yama's Mad Dog," supposedly the strongest E-Rank regular. The Mad Dog either worships FUG, serves under Yama, or is a Slayer candidate himself. The strongest E-rank being a part of FUG would certainly make sense, and he may develop a "rivalry" with Viole. He could also be a Pitbull.
  • Jossed. We've been told that he's cut off ties with FUG and that he hates the lot of them...and by extension, he has beef with Viole.
    • Double-jossed. His hatred to FUG is actually staged.

Speculations regarding Viole and FUG
    Warning: Spoilers 
FUG's actual plan is still to kill Zahard, however in the end, it will involve Rachel doing it instead of Baam.
  • Let's start with the facts:
    • Zahard can only be killed by an Irregular due to the Tower's contract.
    • Baam is an Irregular with a great talent in Shinsoo.
    • Baam is currently acting under FUG because he doesn't want his friends to be harmed.
    • Baam was taken in by FUG due to his talent, but his current power is achieved not only from Training from Hell, but also from a mysterious something he gets after Rachel's betrayal.
  • Now the speculations:
    • That mysterious object is probably made by FUG.
    • There is also a possibility that the object serves not only as a power amplifier, but also power repository. >>> Semi-jossed, see below.
    • FUG may eventually declare Baam has outlived his purpose especially because Baam's personality isn't something FUG wants. >>> Confirmed; they want to kill Baam.
    • If the object really is a power repository, FUG can rip Baam's power out and transfer it to someone else: Rachel. >>> Semi-jossed, see below.
  • If FUG were to do that (transfer Baam's power to Rachel), that helps them because they'll get a minion who:
    • has a genuine desire to climb (Baam merely follows Rachel, while Rachel has another reason to climb),
    • is loyal to them (because FUG gives her the means to climb the Tower), and
    • can kill Zahard (as an Irregular).

  • Further speculation: FUG seems to be a sneaky organization in general, but suddenly announced Juy Viole as a Slayer Candidate to the whole world. This always felt a little weird to me, but if one considers Rachel in the role the poster above speculated, it would make sense.
    • Have a 'visible' Slayer Candidate to be the center of attention, keeping the second Irregular safe from scrutiny.
    • If/When the Slayer Candidate everyone is aware of is either eliminated by the Tower or by FUG, it would seem that the danger for the Tower has passed and people in charge can loosen their guard a little.
    • Perfect time to use the second, hidden Irregular to strike.
Some fun facts about the speculations in light of the recent chapters:
  • That thorn copy is indeed a power repository, but for the real Thorn, not for Baam's powers.
  • FUG indeed plans to kill Baam, rip his powers and transfer it to someone else, but that someone else turns out to be Karaka.

Another possibility, related to this one, is that FUG is actually pulling a Kansas City Shuffle by having Baam be a dramatic, obvious threat in order to draw attention away from Rachel. Consider: FUG first forced Baam to openly declare himself as a regular, then hid him, then made him a slayer. Wouldn't it be easier to arrange things so he never declared himself? They wanted him to declare himself so they could then pretend to hide him, convincing the Zahard government that Baam is the crux of their plans when they're actually sneaking Rachel up the tower to kill Zahard.

Hoaqin is the Slayer White, or at least one of the souls that made up White and is trying to resurrect the original.

First off theirs the whole soul eating thing, which was something that White was infamous for, as he went around killing thousands in order to collect souls. Then Pedro mentions how some members of FUG was against his "resurrection", implying that he was a person of high standing already in the organization, and that he was somehow killed. Haoqin also says that Pedro should "respect his senior" after he gets pissed about the comment on his height.

Then there's the fact that, along with the statement that "Hoaqin" is just an alias he uses, the characters for the name "Hoaqin" (호아퀸) is almost identical to that of the name "White" (화이트).

Reflejo is Karaka or Karaka's minion
Earlier we are introduced to Karaka, an FUG slayer who is super mysterious and apparently has living shadows as his minion. Reflejo is super mysterious, and as Season 2 Chapter 80 shows, his shadow is abnormal. The last time we see Karaka, he sends one of his Living Shadow minion on a mission. Do the math.
  • Confirmed that he's at least one of Karaka's minion as of Season 2 Chapter 90.

Baam has already made himself incapable of killing Zahard.
In the story, several different lines have been stated regarding the "Laws of the Tower". The Laws of the Tower are not just rules, but basically a Law of Nature. The contract Zahard made to make him unkillable has been stated slightly differently a couple of times. At first it was simply stated that Zahard can't be killed, then it was stated that specifically "Zahard cannot be killed by residents of the Tower." Meaning anyone who was born within the Tower cannot kill Zahard, hence why Irregulars from outside the Tower can. However, another line I've been thinking about said it slightly differently (I can't remember which chapter I specifically read this in, sorry). The line read basically as, "Zahard made a contract with the Guardians so that he cannot be killed by anyone who has made a contract with the Guardians." When I read this line, I remembered the time that Baam made a contract with the Guardian of the 2nd Floor, and what that Guardian said, "Remember, this is not your Power, but your Shackle." As an Irregular and not being bound by the Laws of the Tower, Baam had no need to make that contract to manipulate Shinsoo. But because he was ignorant at the time, and simply doing a Class Assignment for the Position Training, he made the contract, and was henceforth, "shackled" to the Tower. He is now bound to that Guardian, and by extension the Tower. Even if he's still an Irregular, and has ungodly talent and power, he can no longer kill Zahard or any of the Heads of the Ten Families.
  • While this is not confirmed, it is interesting to note that FUG's plan is to infuse Baam with the copy of the Thorn, then melt him with the copy while in the presence of the original Thorn, then use that newly forged Thorn to kill Zahard. So indeed, they don't exactly plan to make Baam kill Zahard, they just want his Irregular power, so whether or not Baam makes a contract will be rendered moot.
    • That is only the plan of PART of FUG - the part that includes Beta, Karaka, and Xia Xia. Hwa Ryun appears to work directly for Grace (the leader of FUG), and HIS plan is still unclear - but it definitely involves Baam alive in some way.
    • The point of this WMG is that 'possibly' because Baam made his "...this is not your power, but your shackle..." contract with the second floor guardian, he no longer HAS the "Irregular Power" that FUG wants.
      • Original poster here. Yes, this is exactly what I meant. By making a contract he has made himself a citizen of the tower or something close enough that he no longer has the quality to kill Zahard and the Heads of the 10 Families.

Reflejo has blinded Hwa Ryun.
Well, yeah. Notice how in recent chapters, we never outright see her eyes, and there's blood trickling all over her face. Considering she already lost one eye, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch. If she survives, I expect her to come back with a healthy dose of Disability Superpower eventually.
  • Jossed. Awww.

Zahard's prince.
SIU will throw many fake clues pointed in Ja Wangnan, then it turned out the prince is Baam/ someone else. In the end, even though Ja Wangnan isn't the prince he still says Screw Destiny and managed to change the tower after all.
Rachel killed Koon and Team Tangsooyuk.
That's why they are "late"; Rachel found them before Team Novick found [i]her[/i] and killed them. The messages Baam and Ran receive are just her covering up for their deaths until the big scene, where in a Wham Episode of EPIC proportions it will be revealed that Team Tangsooyuk is never going to come. Truly, the most evil plot twist yet.
  • SIU said in his blog that "it is not as if I killed (Koon) off screen..."

Rachel is not as bad/evil as previously thought...
If Rachel's reactions to seeing Baam face-to-face again are any indication, her goals may not be as evil as first thought. For those people who managed to overlook their hatred of Rachel, you may have noticed Rachel's initial reaction: she looked genuinely surprised, forlorn, regretful and her hand was even trembling. All signs that she maynote  feel truly guilty and bad for the way she's treated Baam. Following her initial reaction, after taking a breath and composing herself, Rachel coldly and apathetically cuts Baam down; is this all an act due to her deal with Headon ? Just to add, a few chapter later, when Rachel is given her chance to escape from Baam again she seems hesitant to leave. Someone so evil and unfeeling would have left by now...

Considering we still know next to nothing about Rachel or her goals, it's still too early to call Rachel straight up, no-questions-asked, pure evil. Not yet anyway. This troper is still going with the idea that Rachel is a Well-Intentioned Extremist.

The top of the Tower is without Shinsoo, and only Irregulars may reach it.

The rewards are said to be at the top of the Tower. We may infer that by "the top", they mean the top outside the Tower, as it is ostensibly the highest point possible of the Tower. As it is a place outside the Tower, there is no Shinsoo, or at the very least, it is very scarce. Shinsoo is described as an energy vital to those within the Tower. By being born within it/living within it for long enough, your body becomes too used to Shinsoo and requires at least a certain amount of it in the environment to survive, similar to how we normal humans need a certain amount of oxygen to function properly.

Therefore, only Irregulars, who come from an environment where we assume there is no Shinsoo, may reach the top of the Tower and survive it's environment so that they may claim the supposed reward. However, by living too long inside the Tower, one's body gets used to Shinsoo and therefore, would fall into the same situation as all those born within it—thus, taking too long to reach the top results in being unable to finish the journey. This is the reason why Zahard and his cohorts have stopped at the 134th Floor—they realized this fact and also realized that finishing the climb could potentially kill them. Thus, they stopped climbing and settled for ruling over what they've claimed as theirs.

This is also another reason for why Irregulars are despised by most of them—because only they can finish what they started.

It's very likely the Tower Guardians are aware of this, and likewise FUG, having spies and contacts everywhere—which ties into why Rachel seems so adamant to climb the Tower as fast as possible: because she knows she's running on a timer; if she doesn't hurry, she'll not be able to survive being outside the Tower because of reaching the point of needing Shinsoo to live.

Contracts with Guardians aren't absolute.

Contracts, by their definition, are agreements made between different parties. If one party breaks the contract, it is made void. Thus, if one makes a contract with a Guardian to use Shinsoo (as shown in Floor 2), then breaks it somehow, one would no longer be able to use Shinsoo (or use it as well). However, Baam was shown to somehow command Shinsoo to attack Hwa-Ryun during the Crown Game—before he made the contract.

It's possible the "shackle" the 2nd Guardian spoke of to Baam may imply that it binds him to the Tower in the way that he is unable to kill Zahard because of it despite being an Irregular—but FUG isn't dumb enough to get a weapon that is useless in the first place against their enemy. They must be aware of this fact—therefore, even if Baam's contract binds him in this way, as he has shown he can use Shinsoo without a contract, he needs only break it and train until he can use Shinsoo under his own power.

How this will be accomplished, I do not know yet. Baam certainly has no intention to kill Zahard on his own, but probably killing the 2nd Floor Guardian will do it. Doing it is another thing entirely.

As a side-effect, this means that should Zahard and the 10 Great Families do something to severely displease the Guardians, they may revoke the benefits granted to them by their contracts, including longevity, the right to rule, and, most importantly, protection from being killed by a non-Irregular.

Ja Wangnan's status as "Prince of Zahard"

He has a Zahard crest ring. He's ambiguously gay, at least for one chapter. He's rather pretty. He's been referred to as "The 10 Families Greatest Mistake". SIU invokes androgyny confusion with the readers and also quite a bit with the in-universe characters.

Wangnan was made a Princess of Zahard before anyone realized he was a boy.

Jaina Repellista Zahard was the one who arranged for the encounter between Baam and Mazino, using the knowledge of her Opera.

This is heavily implied, but since it's not explicitly stated and some people might have missed it:

  • Yuri meets Jaina Repellista Zahard and asks her about Baam. Jaina Repellista Zahard feigns ignorance, but promises to search for him if Yuri gets her something. Yuri agrees, and right after she leaves, Repellista laughs to herself, with a "gotcha."
  • Later, Mazino encounters Baam because he was sent to get the child of Zygaena.
  • After successfully retrieving the child, he indicates (when delivering it to his manservant) that getting it was a request from Yuri.
In other words, Repellista used the omniscience of her Opera to manipulate Mazino and Baam into meeting by asking Yuri to get her a child of Zygaena, knowing Yuri would pass the request on to Mazino.

Zahard had a lot of influence OR still has a lot of influence outside the tower.
  • Waaaay back in 1:28 while Baam is having one of his flashbacks about Rachel in the cave, you can see the three eye'd crest of Zahard on the wall. This could mean a couple things, the most probable being that Zahard is a legend outside the tower as well as inside.
  • Or, more interestingly that Zahard has a way to at least contact the outside of the tower if not leave it completely that he hasn't let anyone else know about. Instead of sleeping he could be ruling both the inside and outside of the tower.
  • Could explain why Phantaminium entered and stormed his castle, cause he already knew of him from outside...

Bam is the son of Zahard and the unnamed Tenth Family head
The tenth family along with there head has not bam named in canon or in the author's blog notes which is odd considering that all other nine family head and their families have been Named. The theory goes that Zahard and the tenth carried on in a relationship which eventually lead to a child's, a few of the other heads were threatened by the union of the tenth and Zahard so they killed and forced Zahard to hide his child away. Support for this come from the endless comparison of Bam and Zahard. In one remembers Bam cave Below the Zahard symbol there was a cross and in a picture of the ten families crest there was one far to the right at the bottom which was slightly obscured which looked like a cross.

Adori belonged to the unnamed tenth family.

Zahards full nam is 7th Il Zahard
This is a extension of the Bam being Zahard son as listed above with where ever Zahard is from they names themselves based on what number day or night they were born.

the 135 floor is the final floor before the top.
It would be completely within SIU nature to keep stating that there are floors beyond the 134 only for it to turn out there are technically only two(the top can count as a flow itself form a certain point of view.)

Ren was the boy who tested Kaiser by love and used her.
  • It was mentioned that she fell for a genius from the same family and Ren is the same family a genius and the youngest member of RED along with a complete Jerk Ass who would use someone feeling like that for even if they loved you.

The boy who tricked Kaiser is Karaka
  • just wild here but it could be an interesting story how Karaka went form being a prodigy unequaled in his family and a agent of Zahard to a Slayer and what happened with kaiser and afterward would make a great Start of Darkness.

V's real name is Viole.
Since V is likely Baam's father, it's possible that Grace Mirchea Luslec wanted Baam/Jyu Viole Grace to inherit both of his parents' names.

The Tower is a virchworld
  • With the practical limitations of building a Tower of the size depicted in story (even in a world full of magic populated by Exis), as well as certain supplementary materials suggesting it's Bigger on the Inside, it would make perfect sense for the inhabitants of the Tower to be living inside a constructed world with different physical laws than our own. The Axis would, in that case, be the devs of their region, capable of Rewriting Reality.

Gustang is going to betray Zahard
Po Bidau Gustang is one of the Ten Great Family leaders that rules the Tower under King Zahard. However, Gustang's daughter, Princess Eurasia, ended up going crazy after activating 2 13-Month weapons during a time when she was looking like the prime candidate that will win the Zahard Princess competition. The Reveal that there's a ghost hiding within the 13-Month weapons that will make anyone who tries to collect the weapons look like they went insane goes to show that Zahard has put a plan together to make sure that no one will ever win the Princess competition, and keep his potential threats to the throne in check.

Obviously, Gustang would find out about this, and not appreciate that Zahard's plan did this to Eurasia, and is now looking for potential allies that will one day support him in getting back at Zahard. This is why Gustang appeared to be supporting Baam from behind-the-scenes of the Workshop Battle, and now appears to also be the person that made sure Princess Garam hiding out on the Floor of Death was able to be kept secret from the eyes of Zahard.

  • Heh, was going to add "Gustang is betraying Zahard (taking that as already established) because of his daughter (that's the guess part)."

The Tower is a training ground for new Axis
If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. First, why anybody can't go up the tower is now explained. Only Irregulars, and the people that they chose, (Khun and Rak) can make it up the tower. Also, Rachel is not included, as the Tower didn't actually chose her. Also, Jahad isn't climbing anymore because he failed the test to become an Axis. He simple cannot climb the tower anymore, so he basically said "Screw this! I can't climb any further, so nobody else can climb any further!" Going by my theory, The guardians are either Axis or were once Axis. Again, look at Headon. He basically alters reality to make those statues for Rachel. As Axis are basically gods, he would basically know that Rachel isn't destined to become an Axis, because of her Evil nature. Speaking of Rachel, she already knows this. Isn't it weird for her to want "the stars", or infinite freedom? But here's the thing, no mortal can have infinite freedom. There are always limits to the mortal capabilities, for example "you have to eat" and "You cannot jump from an airplane without a parachute". However, as a god, she would have infinite freedom. The reason why Pentamanium attacks is to try to free up the tower for irregulars, but then he got distracted by something (possibly Baam's birth).

Zahard's princesses are attracted to Baam because of the former's love for Arlene
Now we know that Zahard was deeply in love with Arlene, who would reject him for V with whom she would later have a child: Baam. Zahard later kills infant Baam in a fit of jealousy and goes on to become king of the Tower. It is also a known fact that Zahard imparts part of his power to his princesses through his blood, and so far every princess Baam has encountered has either fallen in love with him or is deeply intrigued by him (interest bordering on infatuation). My theory is that Zahard's love for Arlene somehow survived through his blood and is the reason why the princesses feel such an attraction to Baam, Arlene's own son.

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