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The ending was an asspull to end the first series prematurely.
Was it just me who felt that everything after the declaration of war for the student council seats was rushed?


The final fight Gangryong faces is going to be Sealed Evil in a Can Yuri instead of Vera.

At some point, Gangryong is going to need more power... And instead of taking the artificial ki, he's going to take a bit more of the power sealing up Yuri, probably in preparation for a fight with Vera. After that fight, the hold on Yuri will be weakened enough that she wakes up. Gangryong has had the practice fighting her style thanks to Vera and then he'll stomp down on Yuri, too.


Gangryong is going to be Vera's second crush.

Not reciprocated by the man himself, but he will whenever he gets around to fighting her. He's shown to be pretty much the only person capable of drawing a reaction out of her quite early on, and once he actually gets to the point where he can beat her, that hatred is going to pull a very quick 180 degree turn.

  • I think it's more complicated than that. Vera blames Gangryong for LT's death because according to her logic, if LT didn't have a disciple, he wouldn't have fought Yuri and died. It's lampshaded by Shinra that Vera treats Gangryong differently than every one else.
    • My feeling of her opinion on him is not just that LT died because he had a disciple, but she's also disappointed by how pathetic he is compared to LT himself. LT had a fun time curbstomping the entire school, essentially, up to and including Fire Dragon. The only person who got a single shot in was Vera. Gangryong, even in the latest issues, is just on par with the strongest students. I have a feeling part of her disappointment is that he's got an attitude very much like LT's, but currently he doesn't have the strength to back it up.

Honse will reveal that during the time after his ki-channels were destroyed, he took the martial art Vera used which didn't rely on ki (and is likely based on a Traditional Art Honse knows) and refined it.

That was his original focus with his training. He still has the ability to challenge Vera pretty solidly without using any ki at all. However, Honse is very likely a powerful practioner of Xanatos Speed Chess.

He will reveal that he is not left-handed when Vera seems to gain the upper hand.

He has his ki back, I've got absolutely zero doubts. He didn't sell the ginseng, he ate it himself and regained the power of his ki channels. He told Gangryong that they wouldn't help just in case he let it slip. Naturally, the money to reward Gangryong's absurdly generous offer came not from the sale of the ginseng, but was a sincere thanks for the help he had in regaining his former strength. The lavish gifts and pimp chains further served to reinforce his image as The Load to the Nine Dragons organization.

  • Partially Jossed, given that the entire burning-out of his channels was a hoax, but also there were three roots. Even after selling two, just one could have helped Honse make up lost time in artificial Ki. And confirmed in that he has been restoring Southern Taek-Gyun by combining the breathing methods Anachelli passed to Rud illegitimately with Reunion's reconstructed outer forms.
    • Speaking of the deception, that was by far the most epic grin I've ever seen on anyone's face when Hayato grinned at Shinra. That shot made my WMG being Jossed completely worth it.


Vera is helping Gangryong

There's a hint that Vera is helping Gangryong. One is she denied Gangryong access to artifical ki. According to Lightning Tiger, getting more ki is pointless since it makes mastering EOTL impossible. The reason that she would do that for Gang is that Vera feels she owes a debt to Lightning Tiger.

If Gangryong had managed to be around at the start of everything and been Lightning Tiger's disciple earlier in life, this totally would have been a Harem Anime situation.

I just realized it. He's managed to draw an unusual response out of EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE MAIN GIRLS IN THE CAST, except for his coming opponent. In an actual Harem Anime, these would be moments where his actions would have added +1 to the Love Dodecahedron surrounding him.

The Girls:

-Vera has demonstrated a lot of frustration with Gangryong. She would have been the Tsundere of the group, very likely with an emphasis on the Tsuntsun aspect of it. Gangryong's position would have been further solidified with her, what with Lightning Tiger being all "Hey, stop hitting on me and start hitting on my apprentice! I want women, not girls, damn it!"

-Gangryong managed to draw a blush out of Madoka when he told her that she was trying to hard to stop the fight for all the right reasons. She would have been the Unlucky Childhood Friend. In a Harem Anime situation, he wouldn't be taking any particular side out of spite, something that Madoka readily agrees with.

-Gangryong also managed to draw a blush out of Shinra when he told her, basically, "Man, the way you kept trying to kill me was freaking HOT until you had a motive and feelings and crap". She would have been the Yandere, without a doubt.

-Yuhwa might have been a Second Love on her part. It's implied heavily that Muyong isn't long for this world thanks to either Yuhwa's control of him or his own penchant for practicing absurdly powerful martial arts with little regard for his health. Either way, that'd allow her to round out things by being either an Emotionless Girl or having a Sugar-and-Ice Personality.

The Rest:

-Guhoo would either become the Rival Turned Evil to Gangryong (if he was in a relationship with Shinra in this AU I'm pushing) or straight-up Bash Brothers with Gangryong if not. Whatever motives he wants to talk about, that boy likes fighting quite a bit.

-Rud and Jeeha would have been Those Two Guys, with Rud pulling double-duty as one half of the Happily Married Beta Couple with Anchilla, would probably would have been one half of a Smash Sisters deal with Anichilla.

-Honse would have been a generic lech in a shifting Beta Couple situation with Hyunmi, maybe.

You know I'm right.


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