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This article will consolidate the recaps for each of Siu's Tower of God story sagas.

Warning! Recap pages do not get spoiler tags. All spoilers on these pages will be unmarked.

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Season 1

    Floor of Tests Saga 

Chapters 0-79

The story introduces readers to the protagonist, 25th Baam, an Irregular being who inadvertently passes through the gate of God's Tower chasing after Rachel, his one and only friend, who wishes to climb the Tower. Now inside the Tower, Baam manages to pass Headon's 1st Floor test to reach the 2nd Floor known as the Floor of Tests. Here, Baam forms a team with Koon and Rak, and along with several other newcomer Tower Regulars, they go about completing a series of tests to see if they have what it takes to climb the rest of the Tower. Baam eventually reunites with Rachel during the tests, but unbeknownst to him, she has other plans.


Season 2: The Return of the Prince

    Prince of Zahard Saga 

Chapters 80-117

Years after his disappearance due to Rachel's betrayal on the Floor of Tests, 25th Baam suddenly reappears again to climb the Tower under a new name, Jyu Viole Grace, as the leader of the criminal organization, FUG, under extreme circumstances. During the climb, Viole joins Team Tangsooyook, a group of Regulars led by Ja Wangnan, as they take part in the 20th and 21st Floor tests to officially become E-Rank Regulars. The latter test being where Viole encounters one of the Tower's strongest Irregulars, Urek Mazino. While taking the tests, Viole is greeted by people from FUG who check on his situation to see if Wangnan's group is worthy enough to continue climbing the Tower alongside their precious upcoming FUG Slayer.

    Workshop Battle Saga 

Chapters 118-190

Falling into FUG's trap that forces Viole and Horyang to depart from Team Tangsooyook, Viole is forced to participate in the 30th Floor's Workshop Battle dedicated for E-Rank Regulars. Viole is put into a team established by FUG to retrieve a powerful weapon known as the Thorn that was crafted there to help further the goals of FUG. In the meantime, Koon becomes the temporary leader of Team Tangsooyook to help them reach the Workshop Battle with their goal set to help Viole break away from FUG. In addition, Viole's previous friends from the Floor of Tests begin to suspect Baam's return, and join in on the Workshop Battle as well to find out the truth.

    Hell Train Saga 

Chapters 191-417

Having reunited with his friends from the Floor of Tests, and successfully broken away from FUG with the Workshop Battle's Thorn at hand, Viole re-establishes himself as 25th Baam. He and his companions return to climbing the Tower, and have now reached a point to be considered D-rank Regulars. Baam goes about creating a new team, and attempts a short-cut by boarding the Hell Train for D-ranks to skip from the Tower's 35th Floor up to the 43rd Floor. The 43rd Floor being where another piece of the Thorn is said to reside. However, he comes to realize that Rachel has also set her sights on the Hell Train with a new team to accomplish a goal of her own, which is to awaken a FUG Slayer named "White" who's trapped within the express. Meanwhile, Wangnan's Team Tangsooyook have also set their sights on the Hell Train in order to chase after Cassano, who had stolen away Horyang's Living Ignition Weapon, which left him in a coma. Baam's journey eventually leads him to a hidden Floor where he encounters the Tower's King Zahard for the first time; an encounter that will have great ramifications on how things will play out within the Tower from then on.

  • Arc 40: (30th Floor) The Hell Train - Prologue (Ch. 111 - 112)
  • Arc 41: (35th Floor) Hell Train: Revolution Road (Ch. 113 - 151)
  • Arc 42: (35th Floor) Hell Train: Revolution Road - Epilogue (Ch. 152)
  • Arc 43: (36th Floor) Hell Train: Hoaqin (Ch. 153 - 159)
  • Arc 44: (37th Floor) Hell Train: Wooden Horse (Ch. 160 - 165)
  • Arc 45: (37th - 38th Floor) Hell Train: A Month (Ch. 166 - 171)
  • Arc 46: (38th Floor) Hell Train: The Dallar Show (Ch. 172 - 195)
  • Arc 47: (38th Floor) Hell Train: Yuri Zahard (Ch. 196 - 197)
  • Arc 48: (39th Floor) Hell Train: The Name Hunt Station (Ch. 198 - 225)
  • Arc 48: (39th Floor) Hell Train: The Name Hunt Station - Part 2
  • Arc 49: (39th - 42nd Floor) Hell Train: Wangnan (Ch. 226 - 231)
  • Arc 50: (43rd Floor) Hell Train: The Floor of Death (Ch. 232 - 259)
  • Arc 51: (43rd Floor) Hell Train: New Power (Ch. 260 - 263)
  • Arc 52: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: The Hidden Floor (Ch. 264 - 274)
  • Arc 53: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: The Hidden Hidden Floor (Ch. 275 - 277)
  • Arc 54: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Koon Eduan (Ch. 278 - 283)
  • Arc 55: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Zahard's Data (Ch. 284 - 287)
  • Arc 56: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Training (Ch. 288 - 297)
  • Arc 57: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Tomorrow (Ch. 298 - 301)
  • Arc 58: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Power (Ch. 302 - 305)
  • Arc 59: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: The Advent (Ch. 306 - 308)
  • Arc 60: (Secret Floor) Hell Train: Three Orders (Ch. 309 - 315)
  • Arc 61: (44th Floor) The Last Station (Ch. 316 - 322)
  • Arc 62: (44th Floor) The Last Station - Evankhell (Ch. 323 - 326)
  • Arc 63: (44th Floor) The Last Station - Kallavan (Ch. 327 - 335)
  • Arc 64: (44th Floor) The Last Station - New Wave (Ch. 336 - 337)


Season 3

    Current Saga 

Chapters 418-present

Several years have passed since 25th Baam and his companions successfully evaded Zahard's forces that were waiting for him to exit the Hell Train at the 44th Floor's final train station. Now considered to be C-Rank Regulars, Baam and his companions return to climbing the Tower. Said companions go about climbing the Tower searching for the person who can awaken Koon from the coma that Rachel put him in during their Hell Train journey. Meanwhile, Baam had gone off on his own to train with high-Ranker Evankhell in order to become powerful enough to one day face off against Kallavan; a high-Ranker officer in Zahard's army who defeated Baam's previous teacher, Jinsung. Following the training, Baam reappears on the 52nd Floor. His goal being to begin cleaning up FUG, such as dealing with Baylord Yama's mad dogs.

  • Arc 65: (52nd Floor) Deng Deng (Ch. 0 - 6)
  • Arc 66: (52nd Floor) Baylord Yama (Ch. 7 - 8)
  • Arc 67: (52nd Floor) Stealing the Fang (Ch. 9 - 15)
  • Arc 68: (52nd Floor) Heart (Ch. 16 - 18)
  • Arc 69: (52nd Floor) Doom (Ch. 19 - 20)
  • Arc 70: (52nd Floor) Stealing the Fang 2 (Ch. 21 - 22)
  • Arc 71: (52nd Floor) King of the Dogs (Ch. 23 - 25)
  • Arc 72: (52nd Floor) Khel Hellam (Ch. 26 - 28)
  • Arc 73: (52nd Floor) Transformation (Ch. 29 - 31)
  • Arc 74: (52nd Floor) The Wall of Peaceful Coexistence (Ch. 32 - ??)


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