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Tower of God possesses a vast array of unique characters, and here's the place to look them up.

Characters in Tower of God are categorized into two general groups—"Regulars" who were chosen by Headon and are currently climbing the Tower, and "Rankers" who have made it to the "top" of the Tower. The latter group contains a sub-category of "High Rankers" which consist of those who are considered the the most powerful individuals in the Tower, and consist of only 1% of the current number of Rankers. Exceptions to this consists of the Guardians, Guides, and the occasional Irregular.


Among these two groups are numerous factions, the most prominent being the Jahad Empire, consisting of those loyal to Jahad and the 10 Family Heads who first reached the top of the Tower. Notable sub-groups within the Empire are RED, the Royal Enforcement Division, the Royal Guards, the Princesses of Jahad, and the Three Lords.

Opposing the Jahad Empire are two other factions, Wolhaiksong and FUG, with the two factions occasionally clashing with each other despite their somewhat mutual goals.

The majority of the characters in this list hold a place in one or more of these groups, however there are plenty individuals who are considered exceptions to this rule.

Warning! The following sub-pages may contain unmarked spoilers.

In addition, the sub-pages could use further development for characters that appear within the Floor of Death arc and beyond.


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  • Organizations
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  • Regulars
    • Regulars: First Batch (1st And 2nd Floor) note 
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    • Regulars: Fourth Batch (31st Floor - 38th Floor) note 
    • Regulars: Fifth Batch (39th Floor and Beyond) note 
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    • Princesses of Jahad note 
    • 13 Month Series note 
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