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Heartwarming / Tower of God

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  • Androssi helping Anak against Ren and his pets considering her earlier actions, aspirations and past.
  • Doubling as a Funny moment, we have Viole looking utterly amazed - a sharp contrast to how dark he acts nowadays - upon seeing the sea for the first time, and carrying Miseng on his shoulders as they watch the flying fish.
  • The conversation between Wangnan and Viole in the chapter 108.
    • Wangan training and trying his best to complete the test after finding out about Viole.
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    • Then later Akraptor, Prince, and Horyang saying that they want to help Viole meet his friends again. Aww...
  • In the Devil of The Right Arm arc, we get this gem of Viole kindly assuring Miseng that Horyang will be okay, before he puts the blanket over Goseng who had fallen asleep while waiting for Horyang to come back, and goes off to bring Horyang back.
    • And earlier in the arc, we also have Horyang and Viole's talk, and Horyang tells Viole how much he likes being in Team Tangsooyook, who were like a family to him.
  • Viole convincing Xia Xia to let Ran and Novick come along because he doesn't want to fight Koon's allies.
  • When met with the Traveller, Viole is asked his name. Due to not wanting to give away his identity, he has to think on his feet and come up with an alias, and comes out with "Twenty-Fifth Baam." Whether or not this is a desire to have his old life, or simply the first name that popped into his head is up for debate, but still pretty touching.
    • After being attacked by Androssi, Traveller assures Viole that she must have been mistaken, since there's no way such a nice guy could be Jyu Viole Grace.
  • After 5 years of thinking Baam was dead and suddenly finding out he is now on the enemy's side, Koon still thinks of Baam as Baam and not Viole. It's nice to see that, while Baam may think everything has changed, it may actually not be true.
    • When Koon hears that Leesoo and Baam are fighting, he immediately gets annoyed at Leesoo for picking on Baam
    • Rak's faith that his "turtles" were definitely not dead - he ends up find both Koon and Baam alive by himself.
  • When Androssi and Rak reunited with Baam. Rak shed many manly tears and hugs him tightly- a first in the whole series. And then Baam hugs back.
    • Androssi was also heartwarming. She started blushing and reminding him of their date. She also reaffirms the belief that Baam has not changed at all.
  • Rak. In Volume 2 Chapter 67. Manly Tears doesn't do the scene justice.
    • "When I found out Black Turtle (Baam) was alive, that I could meet you (Aguero) here again, that the three of us could climb the tower again, I was happy." ... "I only wanted to be happy. With you, and with Black Turtle."
  • Aguero when he is first suspicious of Rachel. Not wanting his friends to split up after the loss of Baam, he has Ship Leesoo take the rest of the team onwards while he stays behind to "fence in" Rachel.
    • Aguero: "For something this cruel, suspecting the one person Baam wanted us to protect, only the cruelest of us should take on this task."
  • After all the crap they went through, seeing Aguero, Baam, and Rak sleeping together (not like that) at the end of the Workshop Arc really did it for me
  • Despite all the things that she is indirectly responsible for and calling him by a name that signifies just that, in Hwa Ryun's thoughts, he will always be Baam.
  • In Season 2 Episode 195, Yuri finally reunites with Baam, rescues him and his team,and gives him a hug.
    Yuri: Well done kid. Don't say anything right now. Just take a break.
    Baam: ...Okay

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