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The baby in the opening is Phillis and EBE1's kid.
Possibilities include...
  • Hue. He has human emotions, blue eyes like Phillis, and before the author took the characters' ages off the fact page, it listed his age at around 50. The prologue took place in 1947. Not to mention, Phillis asked about him in Rose's hallucination (Or Was It a Dream?).
    • Another reason why it might be Hue...Roger asks Merraine why they don't just dispose of Hue and make a new, properly working clone. Merraine says "we don't talk about that", implying that there is SOME reason that EBE1 doesn't want to just make a new Hue. Hue also refers to EBE1 as his father, and no one (not even seeming idiot Quazky) seems able to believe that Hue was cloned from him. Also, EBE1 EXPLICITLY STATES that he doesn't need cloning to reproduce, meaning he is perfectly capable of getting a female pregnant on his own. Hue might be a child of a human and a Grey, but got the appearance of a Grey and the mind of a human (with telepathy). He even says something to the extent of "This is the first time I've ever felt like myself" when using a Trying Human circuit for the first time.
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  • MJ-6. He's half grey and half human. It's the logical assumption.
    • Jossed. By Word of God, MJ-6 is only three years old which would make him much more likely to be a child of Pigment and FJ-12.
  • Rose. She clearly has a connection to Phillis, and Jar-Phillis knows who she is. EBE1 says something red is coming, and there is a possibly that this refers to Rose's hair. As for her age, the ability to keep someone's age suspended apparently exists.
    • Jossed. She has a nordic mother and human father.
  • SHADE! Yes, Shade. Related to the 'something red is coming' phrase constantly repeated. Shade is very obviously associated with the color red. Even her eyes are red, in human and Grey form. She also seems to exhibit SOME emotions/curiosity that most Greys do not. EBE1 even mentioned something about how Shade was lying to him and telling half-truths or something. Unless Shade's age was on the Cast page, it is completely possible that she is a lot younger than she seems. Shade also displayed an odd interest in what happened with Hue and Rose, implying that she wants to see where it goes and what happens. She lies for Hue so he can keep seeing Rose.
    • It's also implied that she cares deeply for Rose. Not to mention, she is one of the few (if not only) female Greys left!


The baby in the opening is a Child by Rape between Glasner and Phillis.
The baby being EBE1 and Phillis's seems suspiciously obvious, so it could in fact be a Red Herring. The comic's made it pretty much clear what Glasner's intentions are, it's been built up, and science would be more in favor of that than a naturally occurring Half-Human Hybrid. Possibilities include...
  • Rose. See above.
    • Jossed. She has a Nordic mother and human father.
  • Pretty much any human whose parentage isn't clear, especially those who look like they could've been born around 1947.
  • This would explain why, whoever the baby is, that Phillis even stayed on the base long enough to give birth to it. As we see in the prologue, EBE1 is obviously NOT locked up, so if the baby belonged to him and Phillis, and he loved her that much, why wouldn't he just take her away with him? If the baby was Phillis and Glasner's, Phillis would insist on at least staying until the baby was born. Perhaps Eebs promised that once it was born he would take them both away? It would explain Phillis saying "I should have waited" in the beginning, and explain why Glasner did not mention killing the baby. He's evil, but perhaps he somehow saw the child as "proof" that Phillis loved him.
  • This is further supported by Phillis saying in the newest page that she "would do anything" to keep EBE1 from being killed. Glasner seems to like that and repeats "Anything" in what seems like a threatening manner. Perhaps it wasn't RAPE rape, but still unwanted sex that resulted in the baby. His "anything" was her becoming his in every way, and her agreeing to everything in order to prevent EBE1 being killed.
    • Come to think of it, Phillis resembles Roger as much as she resembles Rose (shape of the face, blond hair). Maybe it's Roger who has alien ancestry?

The baby from the beginning is NO ONE!
  • It didn't survive to even grow up. Glasner immediately had it killed. A very dark WMG, but unless the baby was Glasner's own, one can't see a guy like him letting a child from Phillis and someone/something else survive at all. Also, Jar!Phillis never mentions a baby or child when talking to Glasner through the printer.
  • The baby is someone we haven't seen yet or will never see. It was just something dramatic to make Glasner seem like a horrible person from the very beginning.

The baby in the opening is a human-created clone.
  • The scientists want technology from the Greys/Reptoids. Why not cloning technology? The baby wasn't even RELATED to Phillis at all, but, being the compassionate person she is, she wanted to take it away from that awful base and all the possible awful experiments and raise it as her own or with Eebs.
  • Alternatively, the baby was a clone of Phillis. Glasner used the cloning technology to create a clone of Phillis to 'love' him. Phillis tried fleeing with her clone, but Glasner got to them first. Later, Glasner saw that the clone was not a perfect clone of Phillis (had red hair!) and dumped it into some adoption agency, leading to the Rose is a clone of Phillis theory. Glasner then decided just to keep the real Phillis alive in a tank until she 'loved' him.
    • At least the second half of this WMG is jossed: Rose is not a clone of Phillis, as Rose has a Nordic mother and human father.

The baby in the beginning is Walter and Phillis's Child by Rape.
  • Phillis does not seem to romantically care about Walter. Walter resents her feelings for the alien and has gotten rough with her multiple times and insulted her. He obviously has romantic/lustful feelings towards her and people seem to forget that Walter is almost, if not just as bad as Glasner. He still shot Phillis when she was running, even though he heard a baby crying.
    • Perhaps he didn't want Phillis to take his child away, even if he HAD raped her to father the child. He perhaps felt some regret for his actions toward Phillis and hoped he could stop her and his baby from fleeing the base by just injuring her. Walter never actually killed her. Glasner just claimed he did to make Walter go on the run (possibly with he and Phillis's child) and Glasner stuck Phillis in a tube.

Jar!Phillis IS NOT the real Phillis, but a clone created by Glasner.
  • Clone!Phillis just happens to have all of real!Phillis's memories and feelings, something Glasner didn't count on, which is why he won't let her out of the tank.
  • Also sort of explains WHY she is in a tank. She was grown there.

Emy Bitner is an alien.
She's still a little naive about how Earth relationships develop, but she's getting there.

Hue was intentionally created to have human emotions.
  • This seems to be a forgone conclusion after Merraine says "we don't talk about that", when Roger asks why not try again to make an emotionless Hue.

Hue inherited his emotions from EBE1.
  • Being only a prototype for the genetically modified greys, EBE1 has emotions but keeps himself emotionally detached so he blends in with the rest of the group. Hue, being his clone, inherited these emotions and has been lied to so that nobody suspects anything of EBE1.
    • Jossed. EBE1 is one of the last Greys to still be capable of biological reproduction, meaning he is one of the last Greys that's still "natural". The rest are clones.

Rose is a clone of Phillis.
  • Would this make it weird if Hue were the biological child of Phillis?
    • Let's hope Hue isn't the biological child of Phillis, because Rose is not be a natural red, giving this wild guess more weight.
      • Jossed, Rose is the child of a male human father and female Nordic mother.
Rose and Phillis are multiple personalities.
  • They're the same person due to time freezing, like Dr. Glasner.
    • Jossed, for the same reason as stated above.

Katy Perry got the idea for "E.T." from this comic

Walter is Rose's grandfather

The as-yet unseen Nordics are Trying Human's version of Blood Elves.
  • Emy has stated that they're really, really annoying, a common trait of most elves, especially the Blood Elves of World of Warcraft.
  • The official pictures depict a race of oddly attractive, vain human-looking creatures.
  • They have flowing hair and delicate features, which is very similar to World of Warcraft's Blood Elves, and the one image of their 'ship' looks a lot like Quel'thalas, the Elven capital.
  • The one named Nordic (named in an old Tumblr post by Emy) had a name VERY similar to that of a Blood elf. He was also male and very feminine, another similar trait. Unless she changes the Nordics by the time they make an appearance, this troper will always consider them TH's version of Blood Elves: Annoying, vain, effeminate, yet still dangerous if messed with.

EBE1's real name is...
  • I have several guesses.

Rose's mother is an alien!
  • I mean just LOOK at her photo.
    • SHADE is Rose's mother, which is why Shade is so adamant about not getting attached to humans. It would also explain why she wants to wipe Rose's memory so badly. She doesn't want her remember her real mother.
    • Confirmed! Her mom is a Nordic (and possibly a Manic Pixie Dream Girl).

Phillis is half-nordic like Rose.
  • Come on, look at the hair! Phillis' status as an orphan and the contact she has had with aliens prior to EBE1 also supports this.
    • If so, would Phillis' blonde hair, in opposite to Rose's red, mean that she's infertile, as the Nordics are during the time their hair grows blonde? Because that would set an end to some of the theories about the baby.

Rose and Phillis are half-sisters!
  • Connected to the above WMG, it could be that Fatima is the mother of both. It makes sense, Nordics have double the lifespan of humans. It would also explain the weird connection that Rose and Phillis has and why Phillis is specifically interested in Rose (you know, outside of EBE1 and Hue).

The stuff that Walter got injected with by Dr. Glasner stopped his aging.
  • Dr. Glasner said it was what kept the dead Greys from decaying, and he needed a guinea pig to try it out on before he took the stuff himself. When he saw at Walter that it worked, he used it on himself — that stopped his aging, not using the hyper-speed train. Walter too is still alive and possibly around these days; that's how 6 (who's only three years old) can know him.

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