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There was no mistreatment.
What if Snow White was a jealous Daddy’s girl who wanted her father all to herself, so she mistreated her stepmother, but claimed the reverse when she was punished by doing chores. Her hatred of her stepmother was bigger than even Cinderella’s for HER stepmother, so she planned her murder, so the Queen went to live with her paternal uncles (the 7 dwarfs).

To start things off, here is some Wild Mass Guessing from George Carlin (derived from his album "Toledo Window Box").
"The seven dwarves were each on different [drugs]. Happy was into grass and grass alone—just occasionally some hash, make a little holiday for him. 'Hey, man! * puff* Hey, thanks, man! * puff* Hey, down here, man! Pop!' Happy, that's all he did. Sleepy was into reds; Grumpy, too much speed. Sneezy was a full blown coke freak. Doc was the connection. Dopey was into everything. Any old orifice will do for Dopey: he's always got his arm out and his leg up. And then the one we always forget because he was...Bashful. Bashful didn't use drugs, he was paranoid on his own. Didn't need any help on that ladder."

Snow White is a self-insert of the eleven-year-old Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire.
Songs and being a proper, pretty little lady are the secrets of life. Dwarfs are to be laughed at as they're not pretty. The prince is a perfect match for no other reason than that he is pretty. No one would dare harm the princess, not even the Queen's huntsman. And everywhere you look in the movie, there's a little bird.

The entire movie was a hallucination from the Disney Acid Sequence in the forest onward.
She disliked her stepmother, who was strict but not malevolent, ran away, and got lost in the forest. She either tripped and bashed her head open while running, or got hungry and decided to eat the pretty mushrooms for dinner.

The dwarfs, the huntsman, and the scenes with the shapeshifting evil queen are all part of her brain-addled nightmares. Everything involving the dwarfs huntsman, or the evil queen holding the apple like some sort of red lantern. The animators wanted the movie to be really trippy, or really Anvilicious, but the executives limited them to what the movie ended up as.


The poisoned apple was a belladonna fruit.
The queen painted a "green" apple with red poison. Snow White confused it for a tomato, or love-apple, which was just becoming popular as the plants brought back from the new world were deemed to be not poisonous. Or maybe for a real apple.

Snow White actually died from the poison apple.
The prince was the/an Angel of Death in the form of the guy on whom she was crushing, and took her to a castle in the afterlife. It's possible she may not even realize she's dead, and as far as she knows she really is living happily ever after.
  • Also, a scene was cut with the Queen attempting to drown the Prince because animation was not yet advanced enough to do a scene like that. Perhaps he never really made it out alive.
  • The "prince" may have been the/an Angel of Death all along. The reason he was at the castle earlier in the film was because he knew Snow's time was almost up and he wanted her to trust him when the time came.
    • It makes perfect sense, since at the end of the movie Snow White and the prince appeared to be approaching a castle in the sky.. as a kid this troper always wondered whether that castle was real or not.
  • Maybe they're ALL dead, and the ending is a symbolic representation of Snow White being reunited with her loved ones (the dwarfs, the prince, maybe her parents once they reach that cloud castle). For all we know time might work differently in heaven/wherever, so theoretically the dwarfs and prince might've all died years later, but for Snow White no time had passed at all.

The Skeleton in the Queen's castle is the King.
Just an idea that popped into my head just now. I don't recall any word of the King being mentioned in the movie (the myth is not necessarily this setup). The Queen is clearly mad and very vain. If she was not lined up for the throne by birth, then she probably wooed the King and then once she secured her place and control of the land, quietly hid him away in some deep part of the castle and fooled her people into thinking the King was just reclusive and eventually passed on. Whether she was born a princess or married into the royal family, I assume that by the time she had ensured that the Kingdom would be under her control whether or not the King was around she had already given birth to the King's daughter or otherwise the girl was the daughter of the late Queen (the current one either killed her or was lucky enough to find a King who desired a new wife to help cope with his loss and give his daughter a mother). At that time, she had no personal grievance with Snow White so she let her live in the castle.
  • At least one of the skeletons was planned to be an unfortunate Prince the Queen had taken into captivity before.
  • This would have been confirmed in drafts for a Seven Dwarfs spinoff film that would reveal the Queen and Magic Mirror's origins.

They aren't making sequels of it because it's the first Disney movie
  • Apparently, there were plans to make a sequel at some point, but the company realized how controversial that would be.
    • Additionally, Happily Ever After didn't help. An unofficial sequel was met with a dismal reception, so it's unlikely that an official sequel wouldn't be reviled. Plus, why would they bother with a sequel when it's cheaper just to rerelease the original film in theatres every so often?

... However, if they did make a sequel, it wouldn't be canon.

Snow White's title of fairest of them all is referring to her inner beauty
Snow White sings like Edith Bunker, is flat as a boat, dresses like she just came out of a primary color convention, and uses clown paint for makeup. But she never holds a grudge against a soul, not even when people repeatedly try to kill her. She is the embodiment of forgiveness and sympathy, even to creatures that look like the boogeyman's grandmother. That is why the Queen isn't the fairest, because she can't compete with that through looks alone.
  • I smell Fridge Brilliance...
    • Played with in a "Fractured Fairy Tale" retelling of Snow White on Rocky and Bullwinkle: the mirror tells the queen, "Snow White is the fairest, but you're the prettiest...she never lies, cheats or steals. Now what could be fairer than that?"
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    • But for a long while, the Queen was the Fairest of Them All. Rather than Snow White. Huh?
  • Not pretty to you. Fair skin, red cupid's bow lips, black hair, brown eyes, and small breasts are very attractive traits to a good deal of people. And old hollywood makeup, clown makeup? Really?

The queen really is the fairest of them all
The mirror just gets sick of her fishing for compliments every day that he decided to just fuck with her one day. Best move of his life.
  • She crosses her arms way too much.

There is a minimum age requirement to be judged "Fairest"
If Snow White was the fairest in the land, how come the all-knowing Mirror didn't notice until that day when he finally does? Answer 2? Age requirement. Snow White hit a certain time in her life where she could be eligible as being fair. um in the movie she's 14 (Walt wanted her to be 10-11..but the animators disagreed and in the Grimm Brother's second Edition of Snow White..she's SEVEN!!)

Snow White's hut in the Disney movie is part of The Village
  • As this video shows, the dwarfs' mine is just a short walk away from a 1940s Canadian city. Obviously the dwarfs pay off the guardian monsters with jewels and war bonds, making trips into town for supplies in order to keep Snow White oblivious to modern society.

Snow White is thirteen years old
  • Look at it this way; she's flat-chested (thirteen-year-old girls aren't fully developed), childishly sweet and innocent, despite looking reasonably mature (thirteen is at that awkward point between child and adult), and spends much of the movie pining after (a) an imaginary man or (b) a man she met once (I've met many boy-crazy thirteen-year-old girls).
    • To avoid Squicking anyone out, the prince is probably under eighteen, too. He actually does look about sixteen years old, judging by his boyish face and frame.
  • In actuality, she's 14.

The Seven Dwarves are the same as the seven dwarven ring-bearers from The Lord of the Rings
  • And by this hypothesis, Snow White is either the same as the lady Galadriel, or perhaps only a relative (mother, sister, aunt, who knows?).

The skeleton in the dungeon scene was actually the Huntsman
  • Jossed due to how long it would take for a body to decompose. Unless the Queen had spells that can instantly make a body into a skeleton, it's impossible for the Huntsman to be killed and decompose in a matter of days.
  • The Queen may have had him killed (which she threaten with should he fail her) since he outlived his usefulness.
  • Considering the Queen goes right into the poisoned apple scheme the second she realized she was tricked, there was no time for her to punish the Huntsman, since she dies soon afterwards.

Queen Snow White makes the Huntsman her Captain of the Guard for his ethical judgment in sparing her life.
  • It would be nice… But how to be sure ? There should be a fancomic about that.

The Magic Mirror is what's left of the King, bewitched by the Queen and forced to give her the attention he formerly gave to his daughter.
  • Perhaps the death of the Queen either freed him from the mirror or was able to rest in peace. If the latter, not before seeing his daughter one last time.
    • Jossed, as the Magic Mirror appeared many times in various TV shows.
  • There is a official-but-not-canon novel named Wicked, tale of a queen (I know it by Disney Wiki) which shows that the Magic Mirror is the spirit of the queen's FATHER.

The Magic Mirror is a demon manipulating the Queen.
Beauty is subjective; it just comes up with whatever person for the Queen to kill who may seem to fit the criteria and will cause the most evil in the world. Perhaps, originally, when the Queen obtained it, it gave small tidbits of information at first; before latching onto her obsession with beauty and steering her down The Dark Side.
  • Should one ever destroy the mirror, this doesn't kill the original demon; just the communication device its using.
    • It depends. In some versions of these legends, the demon is trapped in the device he use and if you destroy the device, he disappears.

The Seven Dwarfs are the seven deadly sins.
An issue of Marvel's Not Brand Ecch mocked this with the dwarfs carved in rock:
  • Pride=Doc (has glasses)
  • Envy=Dopey (no beard)
  • Greed=Happy
  • Wrath ("Hatred")=Grumpy.
  • Gluttony ("Selfishness")=Bashful.
  • Sloth ("Laziness")=Sleepy.
  • Lust (Censored)=Sneezy.

Dopey isn't a dwarf.
He's a human, abandoned as a baby by his parents when they saw he had a ton of physical and mental problems, but the dwarfs took him in (as the film demonstrates, they have no problem rescuing and living with lost humans). This explains why he doesn't have a beard, why his clothes don't fit, and of course his childish behavior.
  • This is somewhat supported by the fact that out of all the dwarfs, Dopey is the only one who looks for a kiss on the lips from Snow White (all the others were content with a kiss on top of the head). Human hormones kicking in, perhaps?

The Queen's transformation was permanent
Had the Queen successfully killed Snow White, her victory would have been a Pyrrhic one. She would have gone back to her castle and found herself unable to undo the transformation. Though she'd have killed Snow White, she still would not be the fairest of them all, as she was now permanently transformed into an ugly old woman. This would cause her to have a Villainous Breakdown and possibly either commit suicide, or try to kill each successive person whom the mirror deems "fairest."
  • More or less confirmed. In comic stories, it is shown that she didn't die, but that the lightning "froze" the spell and she cannot get back to normal. Then, she is unable to enter her former castle, and lives now in a house near the Forest as a witch.
  • This was also confirmed in the novel, Fairest of All: The Tale of the Wicked Queen, where the Queen tries to reverse her hag disguise, but cannot find an antidote to turn herself back into her normal beautiful form.

The Queen's pet raven is the same as Maleficent's.
Either it's spying on one villain for the other, or it's acting as communication, delivering messages or spells or the like.
  • Alternatively, this could be Diablo in his early years, going by how skittish he seems around the Queen. Presumably after she dies, he leaves the castle, joins Maleficent, and under her tutelage and care becomes the confident and helpful raven as we know him in Sleeping Beauty.

The seven dwarfs are outcasts from a larger dwarf community.
Basically a WMG to explain why they're digging for all those diamonds. The seven dwarfs were originally part of a larger, Tolkienesque dwarf clan (maybe somewhere deep in the mountains), but got kicked out for not being Proud Warrior Race Guy-y enough. None of them really seems like the "warrior" sort (even Grumpy is initially too scared to confront the "monster" in their beds), after all. Despondent, they banded together and traveled the land, until they came to a kingdom populated mostly by humans, where the hills carried countless diamonds. Here, they set up shop, and began to mine for jewels day in and day out, hoping to one day dig up enough to impress their way back into dwarf society (after all, the second-most respected thing for most dwarf clans happens to be lots and lots of shiny stuff, preferably earned by hard toil...)
  • Half-jossed. It remains possible that they are outcast form a larger community, but there is a canon explanation of why they dig diamonds in comics: they do it just to admire them, and once they have well seen them, they put them back in the mine and they do it again ! This was given in some comics.

The Magic Mirror is actually the queen's insecurities speaking to her.
Physical attractiveness is subjective, so it would be impossible for an omniscient Mirror to tell the Queen who is the most beautiful. So the Mirror can't be an omniscient being. But what if the Mirror isn't really sentient at all? Think about it: A woman obsessed with being beautiful looks into a mirror, and then believes that other women are more attractive than her. It's not the Mirror that's telling her Snow White is fairer than the Queen—she's talking to her own reflection! She keeps telling herself that there are other, more attractive women in the world, but no matter how many women she has killed, she never feels like she is good enough. That's why the Mirror doesn't just tell her that she is the fairest in order to stop the carnage. There is no Magic Mirror, just a very insecure and psychologically unstable Queen.

The Prince and Snow White knew each other as children.
If they had music lessons together as part of their nations' alliance, it would explain how he could join her song so easily. She hadn't seen him since her father died and she was forced to become a servant, which is why she runs upstairs, embarrassed about her rags.
  • Supported by what he says to her in the opening of "One Song" - "Now that I've found you," possibly implying that he's been looking for her since they were kids. Maybe no one knew what became of the princess once she stopped appearing in public and became confined inside the castle as a scullery maid.
    • Also there's Snow White hoping "for the one I love to find me today". Not someone for her to love or the one she will love, but the one she already does love. As in maybe she already knew Ferdinand/Florian/Frederick/Buckethead.

The Evil Queen is Mother Gothel from Tangled
Their young forms are near identical, and they're both obsessed with beauty. The queen let herself get old to disguise herself and poison Snow. After she got thrown off the mountain, she survived but gave up on Snow. She limped away to her flower and rejuvenated herself. She cackled to herself since she knew this was how to get back at Snow White, outliving her by centuries.

The Magic Mirror is actually one of the four Mirrors of Lucifenia
And it's not the mirror itself who talks, it's the Demon of Pride.

The Queen is The Dreaded by her people.
The fact the dwarves automatically know how bad the Queen is, despite being in the middle of the woods away from civilization, is a bad sign. It is probably indicative of how bad the Queen's rule over the kingdom is, especially if the skeletons in her dungeons are any indication.

The Evil Queen is a genie.
Therefore she can't kill a person directly. That's why she first ordered the Huntsman to do it and later used a sleeping curse instead of just poisoning Snow White.

The dwarfs were banished by the Queen.
It is possible the dwarfs were banished from either Snow White's castle or the village near the castle by the Queen as they seem to know her. So we could assume the dwarfs lived happily in the castle or the village until the Queen arrived and after the death of Snow White's father banished the dwarfs as they were to her not human. So if that was the case the Queen would had been the first Disney villain to be racist. Let's not forget Ratcliffe saw Powhaten's tribe as 'savages' and Frollo hated gypsies despite a lust for Esmeralda so it makes sense. Or it it also possible the dwarfs did something bad by accident and the Queen as punishment banished them into exile.

Snow White had a crush on Grumpy.
Snow White during the film showed signs that she had a crush on Grumpy as she flirted with him such as playfully teasing him, blushed when Grumpy stuck his tounge out and even prayed to God asking him to make Grumpy like her. Even though Snow White fell in love with the Prince Snow White flirted with Grumpy thinking she may not see the Prince again.

Snow White was either Christian or Catholic.
When we saw Snow White pray to God this implies she was either Christian or Catholic. It makes sense as in those days royal families were religious and took God very seriously. It is also foreshadowing as she is reunited with her Prince and is taken to his castle in the clouds which is peach in colour implying not only did God grant her wishes but she also died and met her prince in the afterlife.

Dopey was castrated as a child.
Hence why he lacks a beard and has childish facial features. The reason he doesn't talk is because of how ashamed he is of his high-pitched voice.

The Queen doesn't really believe that the Huntsman betrayed her.
When she learns that she has been tricked, her reaction is to call the Hunstman a "blundering fool". This makes it sound like she thinks the Huntsman didn't mean to kill the wrong target, he was just stupid enough to kill a pig instead of Snow White. This could be partly because of the Queen's sheer hatred for Snow White - in her mind, Snow White is a pig compared to her. Either way, the Queen's narcissism is clouding her mind - after all, who would DARE deliberately disobey someone like her?

The Dwarves aren't really Dwarves.
Snow White and the others are actually giants while the dwarves are actually normal size men. Not really supported by canon evidence, but do they actually ever call themselves dwarves?

Snow White is a time lord
Her wishing well is her Tardis. It would explain why she didn't hear the prince creeping up on her. That or she just has a very vivid imagination

The Prince is Phillip and Aurora's son
Just compare him and Phillip and tell me they don't look similar. It would also explain why he kissed the seemingly dead Snow White — his mother was awakened by True Love's Kiss, so he kissed her in the hopes that it would work for her too.
  • He also has blue eyes, which could come from Aurora.
  • How about that Phillip is Snow White's and the Prince's great-grandson-in-law and their line goes down to Prince Hans of the Southern Island and his 12 older brothers. That the idea is Snow and (Prince) have an unnamed daughter who then has Stefan, Aurora's dad. Aurora and Phillip has the unknown King from Enchanted who had Edward and Edward&Nancy have Eric who with Ariel has Melody who has Han's dad. But Anna and Elsa are related to Nancy Treamine because she's a "missing" relative of Cinderella. That she somehow ended up as a young girl in NYC but in reality she's from the "fairy tale" land.

The Wicked Queen forced Snow White to keep her hair short
Short hair wasn't exactly fashionable for women at the time the movie is set, and since she forced her to dress in rags, it would also make sense for her to do other things to hide her beauty (at least considering the time period's standards of beauty).
  • Or she's wearing a snood/net, which was absolutely accurate for the time.

Snow White and The Prince chatted after he stopped singing
Did you think they would part ways shortly after the Prince finished singing "One Song?" It would seem odd for them to not at least have a conversation after they meet(whether it's their fist time meeting each other or have reunited after so many years since they were kids).

Snow White is a Vampire and her step mother knew.
My brother and I have held this idea for a while. Think about how she is described: Ruby red lips, Black hair, and skin so white that she registers as the "Fairest of them all". That sounds like a vampire to me. Also think about how she seems to have an odd power over people, convincing the huntsman to leave her alive and the dwarves to let her stay at their place. Can you say Glamour? This last power might be a bit of a stretch but I could totally see vampires having command over forest creatures as well.

Now, think about this. Many vampire lore have it that you don't completely turn until the first time you feed. Sure, she doesn't like her, but how would you feel if you were forced to be the guardian for a child that might turn bloodsucker? Funny how her step mother doesn't fully turn on her until there was a Prince suddenly hanging on her who seemed awfully attached for having just met the girl. And suddenly, Snow White is the Fairest in the land. Maybe, the Step mother wasn't asking out of pure vanity but also as a check to see if her Step daughter had turned. Awful suspicious from the Queens POV. Now, does she hire an assassin or one of her ever so loyal soldiers to kill the girl? No, she hires a "Huntsman", odd title. And she specifically orders him to "bring back and show me her heart", something that would likely be a good way to kill a vampire.


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