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The mother really died.

  • There's another way of looking at the film. If the mother dies (during childbirth) at the beginning of the film and the faerie aspects of the picture are just metaphors and non-literal, then the whole thing is just a symbolic journey of two children coping with the loss and absence of their mother which they eventually come to term with.

Aisling or a descendant of Pangur Bán from The Secret of Kells will make a cameo.

  • Song of the Sea will be about Ben and Saoirse encountering other mystical beings, right? Maybe Aisling would make a passing-by cameo, probably in her wolf form or she could be mentioned by the Bearded Man as an aside reference. Or, a cat who just happens to look like Pangur Ban could show up as an alley cat or something that's just as subtle.
  • Confirmed! Aisling has a cameo as one of the passengers on a bus in one scene.

The movie will have a Bittersweet Ending.

  • The Secret of Kells didn't have a super-happy ending, so this troper has a gut feeling that the same will apply for Song of the Sea. Somehow.
    • Bronagh will Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence.
    • Saoirse will ascend to a higher plane of existence.
    • Bronagh and Saoirse both ascend to a higher plane of existence.
    • Confirmed. The Magic Goes Away, and Bronagh goes with it, but Saoirse decides to get rid of her selkie half so she can stay

Bronagh (the mother) is a Walking Spoiler.

  • What she might do in the movie is so impactful that mentioning her presence is a spoiler. It could explain why she was barely mentioned in the movie's sneak preview in the CTN Animation Expo.

  • The statues seen here look a lot like the statues seen near the lair of Crom Curach, so it's possible that this movie takes place centuries after the events of TSOK.
    • As someone says above, Aisling is just hanging around Ireland so this is probably confirmed.


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