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As dramatic as this movie is, even it's got to have funny moments to balance out the melodrama.

  • Saoirse looks over Ben's shoulder while breathing loudly. Ben tells her to be quiet, so Saoirse holds her nose, and mouth-breathes loudly. It's equally funny and adorable.
  • While Ben smashing Saoirse's face into her birthday cake and being punished for it isn't funny, Cú licking frosting off Saoirse's face and her doing the same is worth a chuckle.
  • This expression.
    • Anytime Saoirse makes an upset expression, really. Usually from dealing with Ben's stubbornness.
  • Saoirse trying to replicate her wonderful first night with her seal coat... Using Granny's best fur coat in the shower. Granny ends up freaking out and forcing her and Ben to an early bedtime.
    Ben: [in bed, talking more to himself than to Saoirse] It's not even four o'clock; no-one goes to bed at this hour!
  • The Daoine Sídhe not being able to remember the words to their song and Ben has to feed it to them in secret. They then think the voice is coming from one of their petrified comrades in the fort.
  • Na Daoine Sídhe are especially funny if you recognise them as caricatures of Irish traditional musicians, and even funnier once you realise that one of them is played by Pat Shortt (is it some form of obligation for Irish-made films to include a cameo from him?).
  • The apathetic bus driver and his monotone reaction to everything. "Sure, haven't I got a bus full of goblins and witches in the back?"
    • Followed by an additional funny moment for those who have seen The Secret of Kells as the driver jabs a finger over his shoulder to the group of costumed Halloweeners seated behind him...and among them is Aisling. Well, there weren't any witches or goblins in the back, but fae on the other hand...
  • While following the lights, Ben begins climbing into a fenced-off field. Meanwhile, Saoirse walks two feet to the right and opens the gate he's climbing.
  • The Great Seanchaí and his Forgetful Jones antics.
  • A meta example: the Molly Malone statue, in all its... questionable glory, appears briefly as a Dublin landmark. At the time the film came out in Ireland, a complaint from a man on Live Line, Ireland's premier phone-in whinge-fest, about his book cover getting pulled from Facebook as pornographic due to her, err, ample cleavage, got a huge amount of attention, resulting in the original sculptor getting pulled in and the popularisation of a Facebook group called "Molly Malone has fantastic breasts". Definitely unintentional, but still hilarious.


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