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  • Similarly, Amber's Lovable Alpha Bitchiness is usually really funny, as are most of the things Cedric does.
  • On multiple occassions, it is shown that Flora and Merryweather, after all these years, have yet to resolve the blue-pink debate.
  • Blazing Badminton. That is all.
  • The "Dads and Daughters" Song. That is all.

    Season 1 
  • In "Once Upon a Princess", Clover tells the birds how Sofia screamed like a banshee the first time they woke her up, and Sofia wakes up, saying that she's not going to scream. But when she finds the bunny in front of her face and talking to her, she screams anyway.
  • Clover's Deadpan Snarker tendencies qualify. For example, the scene from the special when Sofia hugs him:
    Clover: Whoa! You ever heard of personal space? Put me down!
    Sofia: Sorry. You're just so cute and cuddly, I couldn't help it.
    Clover: Yeah, well, please, help it.
    • From "The Shy Princess," about why he doesn't think his friendship with Crackle is going to work out:
    Clover: She's a nice dragon and all, but -- we're just too different.
    Sofia: Because you're a rabbit and she's a dragon?
    Clover: Nah, because she breathes fire and I don't like being on fire.
  • Ruby during the fan-painting in "The Big Sleepover" gets some good moments with her "I'm Mr. Happy Fan, don't make me Mr. Sad Fan" routine.
  • In "The Shy Princess", James and Zandar discuss putting a cannon on their dream castle. They later unveil the castle, revealing it to be a huge cannon topped with a tiny model castle. When they lose the contest, they determine it's because the cannon should have been bigger.
  • During the "Princess Test," Cloudcuckoolander Mrs. Higgins (Though it's actually Fauna, having disguised herself by magic.) is drawing Sofia a map to her cottage that somehow turns into a tic-tac-toe game...
    "If my cottage is this X and we're this circle, then just put an X here and and an X here and then tic-tac-toe, I win."
  • In "The Tri-Kingdom Picnic", during the opening song, it's mentioned that the royal family literally sent the ants away in advance by having all the ants put in a box and carried away. King Roland sings, "We go too far, so I've been told!"
  • Amber's interactions with the flying carpet in "Two to Tangu."
  • Clover trying and utterly failing to communicate with Sofia through charades when Sofia temporarily loses her amulet and ability to talk to animals in "The Amulet of Avalor," as well as Sofia's completely unnecessary struggle to make herself understood.
    Sofia: *speaking in a loud voice, pronouncing the words carefully* Hi! I still haven't found the amulet yet!
    Clover: *to Robin and Mia* Why is she yelling at us? We can understand her!
  • In "Cedric's Apprentice", while Sofia is training with Cedric, Baileywick comes and he asks Sofia what she's doing. She says something like, "Learning magic!", and Baileywick remarks, "Oh, then perhaps you could teach some to Cedric."
  • "Make Way for Miss Nettle":
    • Sofia tells Desmond that everyone is afraid of something, to which James retorts that he's not afraid of anything. Sofia warns him that there's an ogre coming and James believes her, proving that he's afraid of ogres, only to realize that Sofia tricked him, causing him to give her a dirty look without her noticing.
    • Desmond's list of fears includes "red ants, black ants, my Aunt Nadine..."
    • Earlier in the episode, Sofia, James, and Desmond ask Professor Popov to help face Miss Nettle, but he ends up trapped in a bubble. That part isn't funny, but it becomes a Brick Joke at the end of the episode when the royals realize they forgot about him, and when they find that he's still trapped in that bubble and floating all around, they chase after him.
  • In "The Amulet and the Anthem," Luciano describes all the perks of being anthem singer to Sofia:
    Luciano: But first, the very best part; You get to meet the king and queen of Enchancia!
    Sofia: Mom, dad!
    Luciano: Ah, you've met!
  • In "The Great Aunt-Venture", Aunt Tilly mistakes Sofia for Amber, and tells her how beautifully she's grown up. She then whispers to Amber about how she was a "funny-looking baby".
  • In "Princess Butterfly," the All Hallows Eve Ball requires that everyone make their own costumes themselves. Hildegarde shows up with a mask on a stick so she didn't have to make anything!
  • "The Baker King" is stuffed with laughs.
    • The Royal Family wake up the next morning to find they are no longer royals, but simple bakers. Most of them take it quite well except Amber, who goes through three consecutive freakouts upon realising they're not in the castle, there's only one dress in the wardrobe and her tiara is missing, the last of which makes her scream loudly enough to wake everyone else. When she inspects the dress and deems it the ugliest one she's ever seen, Sofia informs her that it's not a dress but an apron. Cue Amber flinging it away from her like it's on fire and screaming even louder.
      • James and Roland take enthusiastically to their new lives, but clearly have no idea how to live it. They're asked to get milk and eggs; James chases the hen around the yard asking it for eggs, prompting Sofia to direct him to the chicken coop, and Roland orders the cow to give him milk.
  • In "The Floating Palace," when Queen Emmaline is introduced to the royal family, King Roland gives an appreciative "Wow!" While he could just be reacting to learning mermaids are real (he is very in touch with his inner child), Miranda turns and gives him a suspicious glare.

    Season 2 
  • In "Two Princesses and a Baby", Amber looks over Cedric's shoulder as he checks his spell book.
    Amber: Oh, how about that one?
    Cedric: No, that's a shrinking spell.
    Amber: This one?
    Cedric: Sleeping spell.
    Amber: Ooh, how about that one?
    Cedric: That's a "losing my patience" spell!
    Amber: Really? I never need a spell to lose my patience.
  • In "The Enchanted Feast", Sofia visits Cedric while he's preparing for the titular feast, and actually gets his name right. On impulse, Cedric starts to correct her, but stops short, amazed she got it right. Sofia seems to be unaware she was ever saying it wrong.
  • While Axel's bad "joke" to Hugo is very hurtful, some viewers find it amusing.
    Axel: You'd better win or don't come home! Just kidding, baby bro!
  • In "King for a Day", James is able to solve most of the kingdom's tasks easily enough with his "King of Fun" ideas, but is having trouble dealing with the snoring giant problem. He decides to deal with it by drowning out the snoring with a loud party and fireworks show in the town. Pretty much everyone (Sofia, Baileywick, Cedric, Ruby, and Jade) has a bad feeling about this and asks if he's really sure that this is a good idea, only for him to overrule their concerns and decree it to be so. Sure enough...
    • ...the fireworks end up waking up the giant, which turns out to be a baby, meaning that it can't be reasoned with. James has everyone take shelter in the abandoned house, which he had previously decreed to be transformed into a candy and gingerbread structure for the party. The baby quickly goes to town on it, and Cedric is blamed for their impending doom, who replies with "I was told to make a dessert, not a fortress!"
  • In "When You Wish Upon A Well", Sofia, having been turned into a cat, has to convince Clover of her identity.
    Clover: What's my favorite food?
    Sofia: All of them.
    Clover: Favorite sport?
    Sofia: Sleeping.
    Clover: Favorite story?
    Sofia: The Tortoise and the Hare... until the end.
    • Also, during the song "Make Your Wishes Well", while Sofia is being chased by Rex and Wormwood, Clover puts effort into saving her, and it is hilarious, such as hitting Wormwood with a plate and tripping him with a rope and dropping a watermelon on Rex.
  • Any time Sofia and her copy interact in "Sofia the Second". Ariel Winter definitely had fun recording this episode.
  • In "Baileywhoops," Cedric and a rival sorcerer, Greylock, have been trying to one up each other while entertaining the kids, when Greylock suspends a carousel the kids are on in the air, without knowing how to bring it down. The second the carousel is brought down, the first thing Cedric asks is if the kids are "willing to be sworn to secrecy about what just happened."
    • In the same episode, Slickwell's Villain Song and dance routine. Christian Borle really has fun with this.
    • At the end of the episode, after Slickwell's scheme is exposed Roland declares him to be banished, only for Slickwell to declare that he can't do that as he doesn't work for them. Cue his boss, a furious King Magnus, who officially fires him and sees to that banishment.
  • Everything Cedric does in "The Curse of Princess Ivy," during his amnesia-induced stupor.
    • Prior to that, his nonplussed reaction when he learns of Amber having stolen Sofia's amulet. After all, he's been trying to swipe the thing for ages and then Amber just goes and snatches it from Sofia while she sleeps.
  • In "Substitute Cedric," Cedric is at first content to let the Hexley Hall pranksters do their thing, fondly reminiscing about Prank Day back in his day as a student. Then Sofia reminds him that he is responsible while the fairies are away, and then the pranksters insult him after he fails to stop them... by comparing him to that notoriously bad sorcerer who went to their school back in the old days named Cedric (they didn't know it was actually him they were talking to, and merely laugh when he tells them so.) Needless to say, he quickly became more motivated to stop their pranks and make them pay.
  • In "Sidekick Clio," James and Cedric get a little too enthusiastic in making the scenery for the play, nearly destroying the stage when Cedric makes an actual jungle spring forth.

    Season 3 
  • In "The New Genie on the Block", Sofia is helping a genie policeman track down and bring under control a rogue genie. A Genie. Policeman. And he is awesome.
    Sergeant Fizz: You are under arrest, bub. You have the right to remain magical. Any wish you grant can and will be used against you in a court of whimsy. You have the right to a wizard; if you cannot afford a wizard, one will be provided for you by the kingdom. Do you understand these rights and wrongs as they've been read to you?
  • In "All The Sprite Moves," Clover eats a "Liking Berry," causing him to fall in love with Crackle. He starts fawning over her in hilariously sappy and clingy ways, to the point where Cuddle Bug Crackle is actually annoyed by all the attention. One scene in particular is quite funny:
    Crackle: Clover, I need some space. Imagine there's a bubble around me, and you have to stay on the outside of it.
    Clover: ("Pops" the bubble with his paw) Pop!
  • In "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle", Olaf thinks he's in a place called "Oh, no" because of Sofia's exclamation when she figures out that Miss Nettle's crazy crystals prevented the Amulet of Avalor from bringing a Princess. He then asks if it's near Arendelle.
    • Most of what Olaf does could qualify. When told the summoned princess is supposed to give advice to Sofia, he tells her "Stay away from fire." like it's a big important secret.
  • "Lord of the Rink" has plenty of silly moments, mostly with Hugo:
    • Hugo's secretive behavior and the silly faces he makes to hide his emotions. It's also pretty funny when he accidentally performs an axle jump during hockey practice, then flees in embarrassment
    • Hugo really isn't good at faking sick, yet Derek, Khalid, and James actually believe he is sick. Even funnier, they actually saw Hugo looking healthy prior to this, but after Hugo's conversation with Sofia, the boys don't even wonder how Hugo got sick suddenly.
      • The Netflix subtitles make sure to keep the joke by having the coughing sound effect put in quotation marks, simply to emphasize how horrible of an actor he is.
    • King Garrick putting on his son's skates only to learn the hard way that they're enchanted
      • Even funnier, he was able to put on skates meant to fit Hugo, who obviously has smaller feet than him.
    • When the rest of the hockey team catches Hugo ice-dancing, he tries to come up with a cover story. It doesn't work, but it is hilarious.
    Hugo: No, I'm not, Sofia. Why would I be doing that? Uh, somehow these enchanted skates got mixed up with mine. Then I got lost and thought the pond was the ice rink, and did I mention I bumped my head?
    • When Hugo confesses shortly thereafter, he tells the princes to "go ahead and make fun of me." Derek eagerly accepts (until James stops him).
    • When Hugo and Sofia are ready for the ice-dancing recital only for Garrick to show up to take Hugo to hockey practice with Hugo looking at the camera with a frown on his face, knowing he's been caught and there's no point in trying to fool his father
    • The whole hockey team wanting to learn how to ice-dance and letting Flora put a magic spell on their skates only to have more trouble with the sport than Sofia
    • Zandar wearing his turban over his hockey helmet
  • Cedric's face when Sofia tells him that there was a princess trapped inside her amulet, accompanied by a barely audible "Huuuuhh?"
  • Much of "Cedric Be Good" becomes all the more hilarious knowing that Elena was inside the amulet the whole time, basically screwing with Cedric by doubling down on curses the second Cedric slipped back into scheming.

    Season 4 
  • Pretty much all of Sir Oliver's attempts at petty revenge in "The Royal Dragon". He isn't even a threat until the last part of the episode because his first two shots end up backfiring hilariously. He makes some headway on his final attempt, but it is soon foiled with Sofia simply distracting him by pretending to be an awestruck fan and asking for an autograph to give Crackle and Sizzle the opening they need, despite Sofia being the main one to foil Oliver's plan the last time they met.
  • This quote from "Princess Jade" when she learns who her great-great-aunt Frederika Assemblia the original architect of Royal Prep really is.
    Jade: I'm just really happy not to be royal!
    Hildegard: Wait (offended) What?
  • In "Day of the Sorcerers", for the first time in the entire series, Sofia tells her father what Amber had done to her in "Once Upon a Princess", causing James to smirk at Amber, who makes a face as though to say, "Sofia, are you seriously telling Daddy on me for that?"
  • In "Ivy's True Colors," Sofia has teamed up with Miss Nettle to use Ivy's butterflies to pollinate Miss Nettle's newest magical flowers, which can cure a disease affecting animals. Sofia is uneasy (since they're essentially stealing the butterflies), so she consoles herself by saying they're just "freeing" the butterflies, and for a good cause. Miss Nettle responds "Don't take this away from me!"
  • In "The Lost Pyramid", when the Princess Adventure Club meets up with Princess Cassandra, her revelation to being blind leads to this:
    Zooey: Cassandra, are you...
    Cassandra: ...blind? What gave me away? Are my socks mismatched again?
    Zooey: You never mentioned in your letters that you couldn't see.
    Cassandra: Well, you never mentioned you could.
  • Sofia has spent so much time with Cedric that she reveals in "Royal Vacation" how well she can impersonate him.
  • In "The Royal School Fair", Sofia's classmates and siblings are all trying to convince her, in song form naturally, to just pick a new school and she is overwhelmed by all the choices. James reassures her that she just needs to decide what she likes best and Amber sings "For once, James is right.", making James beam in utter surprise and delight, an expression that he holds for a full second, then adjusts his bowtie with a smile that basically screams "Amber just said I was right! Yep, that just happened!"
  • The Birthday Wish:
    • During Sofia's birthday party in the beginning, some of the guests are playing Stick the Tail on the Dragon, and someone actually does stick a tail on a dragon: Crackle!
    • Sofia's breakdown is heartbreaking, but some fans find it very funny.
  • The finale Forever Royal has a plenty.
    • Wormwood and Twitch's constant misleading snarks to each other.
    Vor: There's nothing like a fresh, unspoiled realm. Ripe for the taking.
    Twitch: Yeah, uh, speaking of that, how exactly are you planning on taking over the entire EverRealm with just you, me and a rickety old raven? (to Wormwood) Uh, no offense.
    Wormwood: None taken, you shifty shapeshifter.
    • As Roland leads the royal family's escape down and outside Cedric's tower, he's about to fight some of Vor's crystal soldiers, but then he sees a group of animals (Rex, Mia, Robin, and Whatnaught) speed in from the other side manning a catapult. Roland simply steps back in the door and closes it while the animals take out the troops.

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