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Nightmare Fuel / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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"A perfect disguise!"
"One of the most frightening sequences in film history is the scene in which the huntsmen come to get Snow White, forcing her to retreat into the woods, which come alive and try to kill her."
Steven Spielberg, who also burst into tears as a child when he saw the Witch kicking the skeleton who died from thirst.

  • The theme-park ride "Snow White's Scary Adventures" is legendary for freaking people out, as it condenses most of the film's scary moments into five minutes of a ride. It had a warning posted that it may be too scary for some people several decades ago, until the ride (at WDW) was finally dismantled in the early 2010s.
    • The ride has realistic-looking SKELETONS on the walls of the dungeon, something that would be more appropriate for rides like the Haunted Mansion or Indiana Jones Adventure instead of a goddamn princess movie. Tokyo Disneyland’s version features the most skeletons of any version, while Paris’s version has one so horrifying it is nicknamed the “Paris Fright”, which drops on the riders from above. The 1971 Magic Kingdom version is considered by far the scariest, though, with no moments of levity, seven Witch figures, and an implied victory for her, all behind a cutesy facade. The original 1955 Witch is easily the most realistic, grotesque, and frightening version, though.
  • The Huntsman attempting to kill Snow White. He doesn't go through with it, but he still draws the dagger and advances on her.
  • Queen Grimhilde in general.
    • The Queen, even before her transformation into a witch, has a fixated angry face. It almost looks like a mask sometimes, which makes it eligible for the Uncanny Valley trope page.
    • Her Palpatine-esque Witch form is also quite disturbing, especially in frontal shots like when Snow White spots her staring through the window. The way she stares into the screen makes you feel like she's watching you.
    • The Queen wanted the hunter to present her with the heart of Snow White when he's done killing her. In the original fairy tale, she planned to eat the heart.
    • The queen kicking the skeleton in her dungeon and laughing adds some gratuitously creepy Black Comedy. "Have a drink!" Because the guy died of thirst with the water jug just out of reach. Especially when you consider that the movie originally was going to show us the guy when he was still alive and not all skeletal. Assuming it was a guy. Maybe it was the previous rival for "fairest of them all"... Whoever was in there though, it's still nightmarish, considering the fact that the water pitcher was right in front of him centimeters out of reach.
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    • Also, when she kicks the pitcher over, there's no water in it. While it may have dried up, what if it was empty the whole time? Then the victim died with hope just beyond their reach, and if they did reach it, they would have discovered it was false hope.
    • The infamous "transformation into a witch" scene.
      • The music during that sequence is absolutely terrifying! The queen's hands change into long and ugly fingers, her hair grows white and you don't have the feeling that swallowing the magic potion is a pleasant experience for her at all. It's quite reminiscent of Donovan's fate in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
      • The equally infamous moment when she reveals her ugly face to the camera for the first time.
      • The final shot of that scene (pictured above), where the Witch looks directly at the audience and the camera blackens out around her, while only her piercing eyes remain visible. This is really a chilling image that remains with you forever...
      • The Scream of Fright, part of the Queen's potion, can genuinely freeze your heart.
    • When she dips the apple into the potion, not only does a skull-face form on the apple's skin, but if you look you can see that the potion is actually moving towards the apple, as it were a living thing eager to consume the apple.
    • Another Black Comedy moment is her frightening her pet crow by "offering" him a bite of the apple; his terror and panic is quite justified.
    • Her leaving the castle. Just the shot of her silently rowing her skiff through the night, surrounded by fog and in the looming shadow of the castle while very ominous music plays. Visually it evokes Phlegyas leading Dante and Virgil across the river Styx while the Queen herself resembles Death heading out to find Snow White, who is completely unaware of the danger already on its way. Spooky stuff.
    • It doesn't help that the Queen's personality and appearance is VERY reminiscent of the legendary Serial Killer Elizabeth Báthory.
    • What makes the Queen a realistic villain is that there are people in real life that are just like her: people who have gotten so jealous of others to the point that they want the people dead.
  • The infamous forest scene, taking place right after the Huntsman tells Snow White to run.
    • The creepy looking expressions of the trees with the glowing wide eyes and gnarled leering faces which makes them look psychotic and murderous.
    • The alligator logs.
    • The trees' branches trying to grab Snow White by the dress.
    • The one tree near the end of the sequence that momentarily transforms into some sort of demon-beast-thing as Snow White plummets through a loose patch of foliage, making it look as if the demon-thing were swallowing her whole. WHILE SHE'S STILL BREATHING.
    • The woods sequence was actually noted as being extremely scary to audiences during its initial theatrical run; some people even rushed out of the theatres in anguish. In fact, when the film was screened at Radio City Music Hall, children in the audience got so scared by the scene that they wet or shit their pants, causing the entire velvet seat upholstery to be replaced. In addition, as a result of the scene, the British Board of Film Classification ended up giving the film an "A" rating, meaning children could only see the film if accompanied by an adult.
    • What makes this entire forest sequence particularly terrifying is the fact that for over centuries dark forests have scared travellers by night in similar ways. Every tree can get a scary, threatening shape in the dark. And every child fears the dark just as much.
    • The animals' eyes glaring at Snow White from the darkness who look like eerie and evil.
    • Before Snow White falls in the pond she initially slips and falls into the hole which, if you notice, takes the form of something who could be described like a crocodlile - monster creature with the gaping mouth, giving the illusions that she's been eaten alive.
  • What the Queen actually does to Snow White is terrifying enough...what about the fate that she had planned for her all along? After Snow eats the apple, the only thing that saves her life is the fact that the dwarves couldn't bear to bury her, and left her in an above-ground coffin instead. Imagine what would have happened if they hadn't...
  • The Magic Mirror. It having an unearthly, creepy face and voice must've scared a lot of young ones senseless throughout the film's shelf life.
  • The birds are suspicious of the Queen at first, but they only try to attack her when they see the vultures following her.
  • The evil Queen plummeting to her doom, being crushed afterwards by the very boulder she was trying to push onto the dwarfs. This is a pretty nasty death when you think about it.
    • Dear Lord that last scream of hers.
    • The dwarfs look down below at the incident. Given they were all set to tear the Queen limb from limb, whatever's left of her down there leaves them pretty spooked.
    • There's a certain evil look the flesh-hungry vultures give each other from their perches when the evil Queen falls to her doom that's... pretty creepy, to say the least.
  • The build up to it. At first things start to play off like a Mook Horror Show, with the furious dwarfs making a bee line for the Queen as she limps up the cliff in desperation, only to reach a dead end. She panics for a moment...then her fury at the dwarfs threatening her rises, and lightning brims as she starts dislodging the nearby boulder, immediately turning the tables. She would have crushed the dwarfs had not she been pretty cast down by a random bolt of lightning.
    Queen: The meddling fools!...I'll fix ya, I'LL CRUSH YOUR BONES!!! *laughs maniacally*
  • The trailers for the Platinum Edition of the film are certainly ominous if nothing else, as they mention many of Disney's most harrowing moments (like Scar betraying Mufasa and Ursula panting as she grows into her Kaiju form).
    • The Platinum Edition's menu is very creepy, using a loop of the Magic Mirror's theme.


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