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Fridge Brilliance

  • Why was Snow White so unsurprised about being woken from the dead and being led off by the prince? Because the last thing she had done was to take a bite out of what she thought was a "wishing apple", and her wish was that they be reunited.
  • Take a look at the Queen's throne. It's shaped like a peacock, a symbol of vanity.
  • You know, when Snow White thought a bunch of children lived in the house, she wasn't too far off.
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  • This is probably unintentional, but... the Queen in disguise is Satan/The Snake, and Snow White is Eve. Think about it. It gets even more eerie when you consider that this is the first Disney film, i.e. Genesis.
  • Grumpy is very superstitious and paranoid, claiming he knows there's trouble a-brewin' because his corns hurt and accusing a simmering pot over a fire of being witch's brew. It's portrayed as just being a comical quirk in his character that makes him the slowest to trust Snow White and thus giving him the potential for Character Development. Fridge Brilliance kicks in when you realize that his ramblings and worries are completely justified as he lives in a world with witches and magic mirrors and all sorts of other wacky shit. Furthermore, he technically ends up being right about trouble being incoming, even if Snow White has no "wicked wiles" — the Queen, who all the dwarfs recognize as bad news, comes to the house not long afterwards looking for her.
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  • When Snow White at first thinks that the house is occupied by messy children and realizes that they might have no mother and figures that they might be orphans, her face becomes surprisingly sad. No wonder: Snow White herself is technically an orphan (her mother's mentioned to have passed away and her father is likely dead as well) and her stepmother wanted to kill her!
  • Outside of being a romantic ballad, the song "Someday My Prince Will Come" takes on a whole new meaning when you consider that Snow White was in hiding at the time she sang it; her Prince showing up to take her away would mean a quick and safe escort out of the Queen's jurisdiction.
  • Why do the dwarfs so quickly allow Snow White to boss them around? She may be a teenage girl that they've just taken in, but she's still their princess.
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  • Why does Snow White offer to keep house for the Dwarves in exchange for letting her stay? Because her whole life she's been put to work cleaning. She has no valuables on her and so she's bargaining with the only thing she can. She's that desperate to hide from the Queen, she's offering herself as a servant to someone else.
  • Why does Dopey never get to kiss Snow White at any point in the film? Because the Queen's spell book clearly states that the apple spell can only be broken by "love's first kiss", therefore, Snow White's lips must remain untouched in order for the Prince's wake up antidote to truly effectively work.
  • For The Brothers Grimm version, the mirror isn't magic. The Queen knows this, and asks the mirror to stroke her ego. She becomes so jealous of Snow White that she goes insane and hallucinates her image in the mirror.
  • The scene with the trees might seem out of place but if you watch it. you'll notice that all the faces only appear as she gets more and more frightened. Given that she's 14 and just found out her stepmother wants her dead by the man who was originally suppose to kill her it's perfectly understandable that her imagination got the best of her and made her situation worse.
  • When Snow White and the animals first step into the cottage, their footsteps don't make a sound (with the exception of the animals running out). So why do the dwarf's shoes squeak when they sneak though the cottage? Snow White had swept up the dust that muffled the sound of her footsteps.
  • With Snow White being the 'maternal' figure of seven grown men, its kinda hard to see until you realize that Snow White's showing her leadership skills all throughout the film; she's able to coordinate animals into cleaning other things, she is very authoritative towards the Dwarves and gives them rewards for listening. She is basically showing her chops as a fair and just ruler, when you compare her to her stepmom as someone who's likely a tyrant.
    • That makes her both fair (of face) and fair in judgment. Compared to her stepmother, who is beautiful but not fair (killing a girl just because she "dared" to be more beautiful than her is quite the Disproportionate Retribution...).
  • Why did the Queen run away from the 7 dwarves, outside of the fact that she has the appearance of an old hag? It's because they are dwarves, a species of small humanoids who are known to be VERY strong. In Norse Mythology, for example, one can use the core of a STAR and make it into a weapon. Just imagine what would happen if they got their hands on her!
  • The Queen was envious of Snow White's beauty, believing that she herself should be the only person with the title of "fairest of them all". But in the end, as a desperate last resort, the Queen turns herself into an ugly old hag and remains that way for the rest of her screentime in the film. Fridge brilliance kicks in when you realize that this is symbolic: She was so blinded by her envy towards Snow White that she lost sight of just why she was envious of her in the first place and threw away her own beauty just to get rid of her.
  • The monstrous trees Snow White sees as she runs through the forest represent anything connected to the Queen. They have ugly wrinkled faces, glaring eyes, some of 'em a pointed nose and clawed hands just like the Queen when she's in her hag form.
  • The Wicked Queen is depicted as a supernatural vampire-sorceress in the Disney film. Like the classic vampiress, she is a pale cold beauty almost entirely covered up in clothing; even more vampiric, she wants Snow White's heart, she is able to summon lightning at will to flame her magic potion, she uses the potion to shapeshift into a crone wearing the same sort of funeral garb traditionally associated with the Grim Reaper, and she demonstrates superhuman physical strength. She even identifies her magic mirror as her celestial slave: "Slave in the Magic Mirror, come from the farthest space: through wind and darkness I summon thee! Speak! Let me see thy face!"
    • Her opposite number is the seven dwarfs. While she is beautiful like a marble statue, they are ordinary and organic in their looks; while she shapeshifts, they are very stable in their character traits; while she worries about her looks, they sing a song about being goofballs; while she is like a vampire and the incarnation of Death or plague, they are like nature elementals or fey, even able to communicate with and rally an army of animals against the Wicked Queen in her crone guise (one of them even rides a deer into battle!).

Fridge Horror

  • Snow White's love of housework is seen as Values Dissonance by some today. But from a Watsonian point of view, it might be a kind of Stockholm Syndrome — the Queen has forced Snow to do housework all her life. It is perfectly natural, and also somewhat heartbreaking, that she was forced to find some pleasure in that to avoid sinking into depression, to the point that she can imagine no other way to enjoy herself by the time she gets to the Dwarfs' cottage.
  • After the queen transforms, she goes to a secret underground boat, passing a forgotten cell where a skeleton lies with arm outstretched to an empty water pitcher. The queen mockingly asks the skeleton, "Thirsty?" and kicks the pitcher so that it scatters the bones. Was this her previous rival for "fairest one of all"? Or maybe Snow White's father the King? note 
    • Whoever was in there, it's a good source of Nightmare Fuel, considering that the water pitcher was right in front of him, centimeters away, out of reach.
  • Adding to the above, as the Queen descends the stairs to the room where she prepares the potion that transforms her into an old hag you can clearly see a skeleton chained to the wall in the background and at least two skulls sat in the foreground. What did the Queen do to these people before they died? Also, once they expired she left them there to rot.
  • Also, as a little kid, you don't comprehend what the vultures are thinking or doing when the Queen falls of the cliff. Now watch the movie again as a teenager or an adult.
  • After the death of the Queen, when the dwarfs returned home Grumpy must have discovered the gooseberry pie Snow White made with his name on it.
  • The Dwarfs were literally seconds away from murdering Snow White before they actually saw her.
  • At the end of the movie Snow White leaves with her Prince. All fine and good... until you consider the fact that the King is long dead, the Queen is missing (as far as the Kingdom knows) and Snow is implied to be the only heir to her Kingdom. What happened to her beautiful and peaceful Kingdom once she was gone? A Civil War? Another Kingdom invading?
    • Why, with Snow White being the heir, it would be joined with the Prince's land through their marriage, of course!
  • Sneezy has storm-force sneezes. Considering the Dwarfs mine for a living, they should be lucky he hasn't caused a cave in.
  • When the Queen tells the Huntsman to kill Snow White and bring her heart as proof, he tries to get out of it until she reminds him of the penalty for failing (which is never said). The Huntsman ends up providing the heart of a pig, and the Queen finds out. But then did the Huntsman suffer the penalty for not doing what he was ordered to do? And what is the penalty?
    • Most likely not - after finding out she'd been tricked, the Queen went first to her secret lair in the dungeons to work out how to truly get rid of Snow White, who she obviously viewed as the larger priority. She probably planned on punishing Humbert the Huntsman once she managed to complete the task at hand, and we all know how that turned out.
  • The Queen seems awfully blasé about the lengths she's willing to go to to exterminate Snow White, such as the way she shows off her heart to the mirror or drinks the potion in such a stoic manner. While it could be that keeping her beauty supreme above all others is just that important to her, could it also be possible she's so okay with all of this because she's actually done it before?
  • In the original subplot, the queen kidnapped the prince and sent him to the dungeon after he refused to marry her (for he's in love with Snow White). In spite of continuing to suffer as he was locked up and taunted by dancing skeletons, he still refuses, leading to the queen on planning to drown him as a way to dispose him quickly. Now imagine of what would have happen that instead of drowning him, the queen decided to use him for her own possibly sick twisted purposes.

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