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Heartwarming / Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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The first Happily Ever After, and certainly not the last.
  • This simple dedication in between the title card and the opening credits:
    My sincere appreciation to the members of my staff whose loyalty and creative endeavor made possible this production.
    Walt Disney
  • Snow White's innocence, kindness, and purity is very heartwarming. She doesn't say an unkind word to anyone, asks that the Dwarfs be blessed for being so kind to her, and cleans house and cooks for them simply because it's the polite thing to do. And her friendship with the animals pays off when they lead the Dwarfs to rescue her.
    • Her cleaning the dwarfs' cottage deserves a special mention. When she first found the place, it appeared so dusty and filthy and cobwebby that she probably would've been forgiven for thinking it was abandoned. But instead of jumping to that conclusion, settling in immediately, and making herself at home, she decides it would be a good idea to clean it since, if someone does live there, it would be nice to offer them a clean and tidy house if she's going to be asking if she can stay with them.
  • An unsung lesson the film teaches is tolerance. The movie was made in the 1930s and set even earlier, but not once is Snow White prejudiced or frightened of the dwarfs. She treats them as men and equals, and when praying, asks that they be blessed for being kind to her in return.
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  • If you listen to the lyrics of "One Song", they're really sweet and romantic.
    One song, I have but one song,
    One song, only for you.
    One heart, tenderly beating,
    Ever entreating, constant and true.

    One love, that has possessed me,
    One love, thrilling me through,
    One song, my heart keeps singing
    Of one love, only for you.
  • "Some day, my prince will come, Some day, we'll meet again." And by golly, he did.
  • The scene where Snow White helps the little blue bird.
    • And the reveal that all the frightening eyes a crying Snow White saw in the forest? Harmless woodland animals, who come out to greet her when she is at despair's door.
  • The fact that, of all the dwarfs, it's Grumpy that leads the charge to avenge Snow White against the Queen.
  • The huntsman deserves a heartwarming moment. He's put in a position where he must either kill Snow White or face execution. He makes sure that her back is turned because he doesn't want to look her in the eyes. To top it off, when she catches him trying, the second he looks at her scared face, he drops the knife and begins sobbing, begging for her forgiveness, warns her that the Queen is out to get her, and tells her to run for it.
  • The scene when the dwarfs are sleeping downstairs, and the fly that's menaced Sleepy twice earlier in the film lands on his nose and sleeps on it with a buzzing snore. It's so cute, it may double as a Funny Moment.
    • The dwarfs sleeping in such rough circumstances just so they can offer Snow White a proper bed is also touching.
  • Snow White is seen making a pie for Grumpy right before the Queen shows up.
  • The morning after she moves in, Snow White tells each of the dwarfs good-bye as they leave for work, who all warn her to be careful, and she promises she'll be fine. Grumpy, who has acted nothing but annoyed and made it clear that he hates having her around since he first met her, is last.
    Grumpy: Now I'm warning ya'...don't let nobody or nuthin in the house!
    Snow White: [smiling] Why, Grumpy... you do care...
    • And afterwards, he walks off in a huff, but in the midst of doing so turns almost back to Snow White with a smile on his face. He quickly wipes it off when he realises she has noticed and is waving sweetly at him.
    • The night before, Snow White says a prayer, and at the end of it, she asks for Grumpy to like her. Even after all the crap that he gave her up to that point, she was willing to forgive him if it would result in them being friends. In the end, her prayer was answered.
  • Doc comforting a sobbing Dopey during Snow White's funeral. When you look at all their scenes together and you notice that up until this point, Doc hadn't exactly been nice to Dopey.
  • Does it need to be said? The ending. Every single second of it. What a way to bow out Disney's first feature length animation.
    • The Prince kissing Snow White and awakening her. Doubles as a Tear Jerker when afterward, he kneels by her coffin and lowers his head in despair. He himself had no idea his kiss would wake her up – he just wanted to give her a First and Last Kiss. But then her eyes open and the audience's tears become Tears of Joy.
    • Just the second long transition from dumbfounded shock to utter joy when Snow White awakens in front of everyone. How? Who cares? She's alive. Cue the joyous dancing from the dwarfs and forest animals while the Prince just instantly embraces Snow White.
    • Blink and you'll miss it: when the dwarfs are dancing for joy, Doc and Grumpy, who have butted heads throughout the film, hug each other in ecstasy.
    • Snow White kisses the dwarfs goodbye note . Grumpy of all people eagerly comes before Snow White all smiles and even blows her a kiss back. Snow White looks and sounds so elated she won him over at last.
  • A little moment while washing the clothes in the stream, when a pair of birds pick up a shirt that one chipmunk was cleaning. The chipmunk grabs onto the other end and nearly gets carried off but a tortoise, seeing him getting lifted into the air, grabs his tail and saves him and they both end up inside his shell. When their heads emerge, they look at each other and smile.


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