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Heartwarming / Pinocchio

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Disney's Pinocchio
Our little hero, in the flesh.
  • Pinocchio being brought back to life as a real boy by the end of the film.
    • And when everyone's celebrating, Figaro is so ecstatic that he backflips into Cleo's bowl and gives the fish a kiss!
  • The Blue Fairy helping Pinocchio out of Stromboli's cage.
  • No matter how many times Pinocchio strays off the straight and narrow, Jiminy Cricket always goes after him to try and bring him back. Now that is one devoted conscience.
    Pinocchio: Goodbye, Jiminy.
    Jiminy: Goodbye? I may be live bait down there, but I'm with ya!
    • Also, when Jiminy is about to leave Pinocchio and Pleasure Island and head home, he sees what happens to the boys and seeing the same might happen to Pinocchio, he races toward the pool hall as fast as he can.
  • Pinocchio and Geppetto's reunion in the whale.
    • Also, when Geppetto discovers Pinocchio's donkey ears and tail, he asks what happened to him. Just as Pinocchio is about to sheepishly tell his father what happened, Geppetto says he doesn't care as long as his son is safe and sound.
  • Pinocchio risking his life to save Geppetto from Monstro, even as his father pleads with his son to abandon him to the whale and escape.
  • "When You Wish Upon A Star", now serving as the Bootstrapped Theme for the Disney Company
  • In a strange way, Lampwick's friendship with Pinocchio is a form of this. He's a dead-end punk, a total hooligan, and Pinocchio is very much an innocent, naive little boy who thinks in terms of right and wrong and even refers to his actions on the island as "being bad". Yet the street-smart slimeball genuinely takes Pinocchio under his wing, shows him around, teaches him things—admittedly, not things he should be commended for teaching anyone, but in his own way he's trying to show the kid a good time and introduce him to his world.
    • Lampwick is also the second to last boy on the island to be transformed—it's certainly not because he's less of a hoodlum than any of the others we see, so it's actually possible that this semi-protective bond led to him "making a jackass out of himself" less quickly, by virtue of there being that tiny grain of selflessness in his looking out for Pinocchio. Of course, his true nature wins out in the end, and a few moments of generosity aren't enough to save him.
  • Figaro wanting to go with Pinocchio to school is a small moment but heartwarming nonetheless.
  • As sad as Pinocchio's apparent death is, there is one small but sweet moment when Figaro is shown crying over Pinocchio. It shows how much Figaro has grown to like Pinocchio over the course of the film.

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