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Originally released in the mid-90s under a different title, this troper gained more recognition with her Updated Re-release in 2012. Since then she's been given at least one Expansion Pack. In late 2014, The Anime of the Game was released via direct-to-video OVA. She was licensed in the end of 2015 and a 12-Episode Anime started production, but due to inconsistent funding, only five of the expected twelve episodes have been produced and since released as OVAs.

You can often find this troper editing, formatting, or expanding Anime, Manga, or other Japanese-origin work pages.

She generally pays close attention to favorite manga and anime and watches them.


Active Projects

  • Completely create all pages and subpages related to mangaka Mochi Au Lait and all of their various works.
    • Create Creator/MochiAuLait - DONE
    • Create Manga/YuriSummerKagayaInn and subpages - DONE
    • Create Manga/MetMySisterOnADatingSite and subpages - DONE
    • Create Webcomic/KasumiAndAcchan and subpages - IN-PROGRESS
    • Create Webcomic/TwinSisters and subpages - IN-PROGRESS
    • Create Webcomic/VideoRentalShop and subpages - NOT-STARTED
    • Create Webcomic/FellInLoveWithAGirl8YearsYounger and subpages - NOT STARTED

On-Hold Projects

Completed Projects

Abandoned Projects


If you want talk to her, send her a TvTropes message, find her on the's Discord server, or send her a message on

If you're interested in her favorite anime and manga, see her My Anime Anime List and Manga List, or her favorites.

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