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To start with, my username refers to the fact that I am a threefer version of a Twofer Token Minority: I am female, autistic, and queer. And I mean that I'm queer in the way that others would describe as pansexual. I have sometimes been referred to by others as "bisexual." I choose the label of queer to refer to both my fluid sexual orientation and to refer to myself as queer in the Have a Gay Old Time sense.


I have edited too many TV Tropes pages to count, though I have created the following trope pages and YKTTWs

In general, I like sci-fi, fantasy, mysteries, historical, and horror novels, musicals, operas and movies. I don't watch much television, though I have watched some years ago. Nowadays, I'm more into the online stuff. Some works in particular have caught my attention enough that I totally love them, including, but not limited to,

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