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I am a male teenager named [REDACTED].

I came to this wiki because of the Homestar Runner wiki; specifically, I found out about this site through the occasional mention there. (I wish I was a fan when the main show's site was regularly updating. Also, the first trope I recall is Hammerspace). So Homestar Runner is the reason I came to the site. Of course, I probably would have never found out about Homestar Runner if not for the fact that the series had a couple of songs on Guitar Hero. So thank Guitar Hero. Even then, I probably would have never been a fan of rhythm games if not for the appearance of a Guitar Hero 3 demo on a Tony Hawk game. So, I guess this can all be traced to the Tony Hawk series. But, if I recall correctly, I maybe would have never been a fan of skateboarding games if not for an obscure game Grind Session. I think that's it.


Other works I like:



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Also read my webcomic Allen The Alien and also the artist's other works.

For vandalism, PM me.

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