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Trivia / Paddington 2

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  • Actor Allusion: When Mrs. Brown tells Mr. Brown that Phoenix Buchannan could be using the Pop-up book to find missing treasure, Mr. Brown skeptically points out that Phoenix is an actor, not a pirate. However, in another life, Phoenix was indeed a pirate (captain).
  • Career Resurrection: A downplayed case, since while Hugh Grant was still working frequently at the time of release, most of his projects were either not very commercially successful or were critically panned, and it was frequently suggested that his career was on a downward trend. Not only was Paddington 2 both critically and commercially successful, however, but Grant's performance was frequently singled out as both one of the best parts of the movie and as one of his all-time career highlights.
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  • Channel Hop: After the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke out, StudioCanal sold the North American distribution rights to Warner Bros., who coincidentally released the first film in Spain.
  • In Memoriam: "For our friend, Michael Bond."
  • The Other Darrin: In the Hebrew dub, Henry Brown is now voiced by Assaf Frienta, after his original voiceover Amos Shoov died of cancer in 2015.
    • The entire Brazilian Portuguese cast is different because the dub moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro.
  • Preview Piggybacking: In its' first week of release in the United States, fans of Teen Titans Go! went to see this movie just to see the teaser trailer for Teen Titans Go! To the Movies.
  • Production Posse:
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Nicole Kidman was interested in returning as Millicent, but she ultimately didn't appear.
    • As stated above, The Weinstein Company was set to release the film in North America, as they did the first film, and a teaser trailer with their logo even appeared in theaters (for the record, the teaser trailer that WB released after picking up the rights is exactly the same beside the different logos). The aforementioned scandal broke off that arrangement.
    • After the scandal broke out and StudioCanal began looking for a new US distributor, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate (who acquired the US home video rights to the first film after purchasing TWC's distribution partner, Anchor Bay Entertainment), and Open Road were in the running behind Warner to get the rights.


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