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  • The prologue, where Uncle Pastuzo and Aunt Lucy successfully rescue little Paddington from drowning.
  • Paddington earning so much money for Aunt Lucy's birthday present in just a few days.
  • Paddington riding atop Wolfy to track down the thief that stole Mr. Gruber's pop-up book.
  • Mr. Brown finally telling off Mr. Curry for the latter's biased, paranoid intolerance towards Paddington. Given he himself used to be a bit reluctant at taking in Paddington, it also counts as Mr. Brown telling off his Shadow Archetype, reflecting an impressive amount of Character Development.
  • A villainous one, but Phoenix successfully completing his tour through the pop-up book.
    • What's more, he figures out that the clues from the pop-up books are actually musical notes meant to unlock the pipe organ.
  • The climax, where each of the Browns come together to save Paddington. Jonathan sacrificing his popularity as "J-dog" to drive a train, Judy's photography catching Phoenix red-handed with the pop-up book, Mr. Brown's throwing skills knocking out Phoenix, and Mrs. Brown swimming into the river to rescue Paddington from drowning. Even Mrs. Bird plays a small part in standing up to Phoenix's sword with a gun (even though it turns out it only shoots out rubber darts - her real contribution is picking the locks on the handcuffs).
  • If the Epilogue is any indication, the fact that Johnathan garnered so much fame before he changed his name back from "J-Dog".
  • Paddington giving Knuckles a Hard Stare for insulting Aunt Lucy.
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  • Meta example: The movie has become the best reviewed film on Rotten Tomatoes, with (as of January 13, 2020) 237 positive reviews, and not a single negative review in sight.


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