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Heartwarming / Paddington 2

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  • The prologue, where Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pastuzo not only rescue Paddington as a cub, but decide to put their trip to London on hold to raise him.
  • The opening scene showcasing Paddington's new-life in London; apart from resident Jerkass Mr. Curry, literally everyone in the neighborhood adores him, simply because he makes their lives better as a result of him being there, through just a few minor acts of kindness such as giving a woman a sandwich or reminding a doctor that he may have forgotten his keys.
    • In a Meta sense, there's how one doesn't hate a scrappy man like Mr. Curry for long because one recognizes it would waste all the time they have to love the movie.
  • Paddington's Imagine Spot of second-hand giving Aunt Lucy a tour of London through the pop-up book.
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  • Paddington deciding he'll earn the antique pop-up book by making an honest living. It's very admirable to see one commit themselves to making their earning.
  • During his performance, Phoenix asks Paddington what he would wish for. His wish (a birthday gift for his Aunt Lucy) is simply so pure, it's enough to make the audience (In-Universe and probably Meta) go "awwww!"
  • While taking up a window-washing job, Paddington offers to wash the Colonel's window. Grudgingly, the Colonel declines. Paddington decides to wash the windows anyway, not for profit, but because he wants to be nice.
    • The visual effect of Paddington washing the Colonel's windows, which has been caked on with grime for so long that when he wipes the windows, light shines through where he cleans them.
    • What's more, this leads the Colonel to meet and start a relationship with one of Paddington's neighborhood friends, a pleasant woman who runs a newspaper stand.
    • Even better Mr. Curry comes by trying to get the Colonel to launch a complaint against Paddington. The Colonel touched by Paddington's kindness is having none of it, and quickly sends Mr, Curry away.
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  • Despite being sent to prison, Paddington manages to send Aunt Lucy a heart-felt letter about his new life.
  • "Be kind and polite and the world will be right." Pretty much sums up how absolutely adorable and innocent Paddington is.
  • Paddington turns the prison into a Gilded Cage with the power of his positivity and marmalade. His sweet nature is enough to get the hardened criminals to treat each other with kindness and lend a hand in the kitchen, improving the quality of the food until the mess hall resembles a refined café. Even the warden starts to read the entire prison bedtime stories over the intercom before curfew.
  • Later, Knuckles allowing his friend Paddington to go his own way rather than force him to run away with him and the escaped prisoners.
  • Paddington's phone call being answered by his adoptive family, as they assure him they'd never forget him.
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  • The ending of the film is pure sweetness: First, Knuckles and the other escapees return to save Paddington from drowning. He wakes up three days later surrounded by his adopted family and community, who missed him so much that they raised money to get an even better present for Aunt Lucy than the London pop-up book. Then the doorbell rings, and Paddington runs into the waiting arms of his beloved aunt.
  • Phoenix living a happier existence in the prison. Even he lampshades that perhaps, it wasn't the money that was going to buy him happiness, but a captive audience. At least he's not doing dog food commercials anymore.
  • Meta example: The big reason why this movie made the switch from The Weinstein Company to Warner Bros. was because the producers didn’t want a childhood symbol of innocence being connected to Harvey Weinstein’s reprehensible scandal.


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