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  • 30 Days in Spring: Ryan Rhodes has been committing acts of violence since he was a child, committing his first murder in fifth grade. After he and a bunch of other students are trapped in the wilderness, Ryan gets a gang together to rape and murder for fun. Despite sticking with them for a month, Ryan never pretends to care about them, only needing them to help him not die during the trip. He absolutely despises society, and thinks rules are for suckers, even hating his parents for trying to parent him.
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  • A much darker example on the site would be the yandere family in Demo Reel. They hold Donnie captive with muscle relaxants under the pretense that they're helping him get better, have No Sense of Personal Space with him (not even the daughter), force him to watch the movies he made when he was little, and worst of all, refuse to believe him when he tells them that his mother killed herself while he was shooting a film.
  • Don't Hug Me I'm Scared:
    • Tony the Talking Clock in the second. The sadistic smile on his face as he rots the puppets alive to prove a point says it all. He uses the same trick on a sentient apple earlier in the video For the Evulz.
    • Collin in the fourth is narcissistic, violent, and completely indifferent to the suffering of others. He punishes Red Guy for touching his keyboard by trapping him and his friends in a digital world where they can't do anything except open one of three doors over and over again. It's hinted that he also literally made Red Guy's head explode.
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    • The Healthy Band in the fifth put on a friendly, playful demeanour, but it's heavily implied that they tricked Yellow Guy into eating his only remaining friend alive.
  • HABIT from Everyman HYBRID is one, having killed and tortured several people sadistically, all out of a twisted sense of entertainment.
  • Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72:
    • The Lesser Mao. He does anything to maintain power, including massive purges that kill millions, and even dropping an atomic bomb on a rebelling city. He cares about nobody except himself, believes himself to be smarter than everyone around him, regularly uses drugs near the end of his rule, turns his country into a Khmer Rogue style hellhole, and turns China into a massive producer of heroin largely to spite the West and for his own monetary gain.
    • Donald Rumsfeld. He obviously doesn't care about ruining the environment, and forcing working people to work for starvation wages if he can create a "free" economy. Or locking up his own allies if they don't agree with his whim. And he doesn't care about giving soldiers substandard equipment and killing them if he can save money.
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  • Game Theory has a couple videos about Mario being one. Unsurprisingly, a large chunk of the fandom isn't a terribly fond of these theories.
  • In the MSF High Forum, Seram Rosenbyme is meant to be one. Whether or not she can stay written as one of these, when she is engaged, is an interesting conflict for the player, and is likely to cause severe character drama in the future. She does not possess the lack of long-term planning, but definitely lacks empathy.
  • My Father Was a Serial Killer: Abby's nameless father, the "Reverend," was a sadistic Serial Killer who killed and gutted pregnant women whilst trying to excuse it as being in the name of God.
  • My Brother And I Kidnapped A Woman for Thanksgiving: Mrs. Paterson presents herself as a loving mother but in actuality enjoys killing and eating random people for Thanksgiving. When her husband and son began to show resistance to the family tradition, she slowly drugged them, the former to an insane, docile state.
  • The Nostalgia Chick, especially with the "not understanding boundaries" thing. What's wrong with installing cameras in your friend's bedroom?
  • Jeffy from SuperMarioLogan is definitely an example of this trope being a lying, egotistical, selfish, spoiled, hot tempered, vicious and sadistic monster with no actual redeeming qualities and is one of the most evil main characters of SML
  • Survival of the Fittest villains can quite frequently be sociopaths, with characters like J.R. Rizzolo and Jacob Starr being prominent examples of these traits. In spin-off The Program, Brigadier General David Adams has all the hallmarks of being one, given he doesn't seem to care at all about the imminent deaths of the students.
  • Tales from Cherryshrub, Mississippi:
    • D'regorra a multi-armed eldritch god who enjoys trapping people who entered her catacombs and adding them to her "Wall of Pain" a tapestry made of the still-living bodies of her victims.
    • Ash Mystique from The Illuminated Ones runs a cult where he convinces his followers into believing that he was the reincarnation of Christ, Moses, Confucius, and Buddha. Whenever there is a hint of dissent, he would immediately quash it as evidenced when he sentences a family of 10 to burn to death despite their pleas for mercy. He also impregnated several women with eldritch abominations.
    • The Popobawa is an evil spirit with a sick love for rape and hunts those who deny his existence often taking him to his pocket dimension to torture them and threatens further torture if they do not share what he had done to them to others.
    • Two-Toed Tom a Serial Killer in the form of an alligator who murders the hunter's children out of spite before killing other people in the town.
  • The Veronica Exclusive gives us Jane Dean, an intelligent, manipulative, charismatic teenage girl who has very poor impulse control and sees no problem with killing people for being bullies, or plotting to blow up her school. Her only genuine connection is with her girlfriend, Veronica, but it's clear she doesn't really know how to empathize with her, and frequently coerces and manipulates her into being her accomplice. Given that she was willing to murder Veronica for leaving her, it's hard to say whether she genuinely loves Veronica (albeit in a deeply unhealthy way) or if she's just desperate for company and affection. Or both. She also did love her mother — it's implied that her death is what broke Jane into being such a monster in the first place, though she clearly had a screw loose right from the get-go.


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