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The Friend Nobody Likes / Danganronpa

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Thanks to the Closed Circle nature of Dangan Ronpa, most of these examples are Proximity.

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc

  • Byakuya Togami is an Insufferable Genius and a complete Jerkass, who quickly distances himself from the other characters and makes it clear that he's willing to kill if he has to, but still figures out important elements of any murder before anyone else, and even ends up taking Makoto Naegi under his wing as a protégé of sorts. About the only person who enjoys his company is Toko Fukawa and her Split Personality, Genocide Jill, who has a massive crush on him, though the feeling is definitely not mutual.
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  • In a way, Yasuhiro Hagakure. He's nearly always so off-the-cloud in the ways of thinking that nobody takes him seriously, and even Naegi ends up being appalled at him if he maxes out his Free Time, where he tries to get Naegi to sell his organs so he doesn't have to spend his personal savings. At that point, while he would have considered Hagakure a 'friend', Naegi still keeps his distance of him. It even outright gets meta. A lot of official group art tends to pair the students up based on their relationships. Yasuhiro, however, is usually just standing there by himself to the side. And by Danganronpa 3, Monokuma states he was stuck outside the building where all of the action is taking place thus being excluded from the main plot, "Because nobody likes him."
  • Toko Fukawa is abrasive, quick to assume the worst about others, and often comes up with insulting nicknames for people. Even Aoi, one of the nicest students, can't stand Toko, especially not after Toko, along with Yasuhiro and Byakuya turns on Sakura after she's outed as The Mole. Makoto can befriend her in her Free Time Events, but it's apparently non-canon, since in Ultra Despair Girls, Toko doesn't have any friends before meeting Komaru.
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  • Toko Fukawa's alter-ego Genocide Jill. Not only is she an enthusiastically unabashed Serial Killer, she's also prone to frequent maniacal laughter and rapid, rambling speech. She usually shows up at inconvenient times when the students need to concentrate (such as during investigations and class trials). She's also obsessively in love with Togami and follows him around everywhere. None of the other students are very happy when she shows up, least of all Togami.
  • One thing that Hagakure, Togami and Jill have in common is that while Naegi is able to befriend almost anyone, even those who have relatively difficult personalities that don't earn them many friends (e.g. Fukawa, Ishimaru, Celeste), he concludes that he'll likely never become friends with those three at the end of their Free Time Events.

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

  • Nagito Komaeda. Thanks to his ideology based around hope, he quickly makes it known that he's completely insane and would be perfectly willing to kill anyone, or even be killed by anyone. He's willing to help any of the murderers get away with their crimes, claiming that they deserve to live if their hope is stronger than the rest of the cast's. He also has No Sympathy for any of the victims or murderers, claiming that their hope is more important than their lives. Even as the students drop like flies, he remains adamant about how their deaths are serving to eliminate despair, while the remaining students slowly lose hope of surviving the killing game. To top it all off, he considers normal people like Hajime and Komaru to be stepping stones for anyone with an Ultimate Talent, having no worth beyond that. As such, even though he's among the most intelligent characters in the game and straight up idolizes the others, the majority of them absolutely hate him and don't like being around him, and even when someone tries to figure him out, his view of the world is so bizarre that they just can't.
  • Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu is extremely abrasive, refuses to integrate himself into the group dynamic, and claims that he eventually intends to commit the perfect murder and escape. However, after his childhood friend commits murder in order to get him off the island under the belief that Monokuma would accept her view of herself as his tool, he mellows out and subverts the trope.
  • Hiyoko Saionji can be this as well due to her bullying most of the other students with her only friend being Mahiru. And after Mahiru died and evidence pointed to Hiyoko being the culprit, everybody except for Hajime and Ibuki believed that she did it. Even in the chapter when she died, they talked more about Ibuki's death then her own death though Ibuki's death has more evidence pointing to the killer.
  • Teruteru is also disliked by his classmates due to being a sex pest who constantly makes creepy innuendo towards everyone, male and female and in his Free Time events he drugs Hajime's food. Though some of his classmates felt bad for him after he was brutally executed(including Mahiru, who, despite not liking him or condoning what he did, sympathizes with his love for his mother), Hiyoko comments she wishes she could have spat on his corpse and overall he isn't mourned nearly as much as some of his fellow classmates.

Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls

  • Jataro Kemuri, which none of the Warriors of Hope end up liking - to the point where he is actually booed by the audience during his battle with Komaru and Toko. However, according to his profile, he actually prefers being hated: he hates being loved. On the other hand, it is heavily implied that he just wants to be loved; he's so warped that he can't comprehend others being kind to him, outright screaming that he doesn't want anyone to look at him without his mask (though he dislikes wearing it).

Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony

  • Kokichi Oma. In the same vein as Nagito, Kokichi is the most intelligent character in the game and can see through the motives and murders. Unlike Nagito, he is on the side of his classmates and wants to stop the mastermind's game. However, he is a master liar and manipulator who invokes a Genghis Gambit on himself to make the other students focus during the investigations and trials, and has way too much fun trolling them with his jokes and threats, some of which go to Kick the Dog levels. Everyone quickly grows tired of his antics, and by Chapter 5 suspect him to be the mastermind due to how much fun he's having in the killing game and feel he crossed the Moral Event Horizon thanks to manipulating Gonta into murder. And then the trope is deconstructed, because with no one liking or trusting him, Kokichi decides Then Let Me Be Evil. He even lampshades this trope in Chapter Four by stating that he is the least well-liked student.
  • Miu Iruma spends most of the game insulting the others on their appearances while arrogantly touting her talent, intelligence, and beauty as reasons why she's better than them. She is also stated that the "uglier and stupider ones should die first". In fact, during her class trial, many students stated that they probably wouldn't have been friends with her, even if they hadn't met in a killing game. This trope was once again lampshaded by Kokichi Ouma by stating that other than himself, she is the least well-liked student. Ki-bo and Gonta (the latter being her amnesiac murderer) were the only students to truly disagree with Ouma, stating that they thought she was a good person at heart, while some of the students only responded by saying that she didn't deserve to die. The students in question being Kaito and Tsumugi, the latter of which was likely lying about her true feelings. Like with Kokichi, this is also deconstructed because, with nobody close to her except for Ki-bo, when Miu sees the state of the outside world, decides her inventions are too important to waste and that she's needed out there far more than she is in the academy, so she attempts to kill Kokichi and frame Kaito so she can escape the game, which she may not have done if she actually had a closer bond with the rest of her classmates.
  • Korekiyo Shinguji's unpopularity is slightly downplayed for the most part since his high intelligence is considered useful in investigations and he doesn't take a liking to bullying others. Aside from that, he is mostly left alone since pretty much everyone consider him a creep and is an in-universe example of Obviously Evil as even Kiyo himself lampshades that he has all the traits of a potential culprit. The only person who overlooks his suspicious nature is Rantaro who shares his passion for traveling. Kiyo's often morbid thinking, like openly admiring humanity and it's ugly aspects and finding their current situation to be intriguing, makes everyone around him feel uncomfortable during class trials. And then comes Chapter 3 which plays this trope more or less straight. Not only does he murder both Angie and Tenko in cold-blood, he also reveals to have murdered nearly a hundred other women simply so he could send his deceased sister some "admirable friends" in the afterlife. His incestuous relationship with the aforementioned sister comes as a shock even for Kokichi and Monokuma as well. When he is eventually executed, no one protests it unlike with Kaede and Kirumi as well as future culprits such as Gonta and Kaito. The aftermath of Chapter 3 cements Kiyo as one of the most hated students in the cast. What he asks from Kaede whether or not she decides to become closer with him best emphasizes why Kiyo was left alone in the first place.

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