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Tearjerker / Doom Patrol

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  • Basically the origin story of all the Doom Patrol members. While it’s established that they definitely weren’t saints before their respective accidents what ends up happening to them is well undeserved.
    • Rita was a glamorous The ’50s star and The Diva. She was arrogant and possibly racist/ableist but didn't deserve to have her entire body become an uncontrollable shapeshifting blob. Not only did she melt like a candle in front of the crew, but she also spent decades in an insane asylum afterwards.
    • Cliff was also an arrogant douchebag cheating on his wife with the nanny, The Alcoholic, and a narcissistic race car driver. Shortly before barely surviving a wreck, he discovers his wife's infidelity and tries to put back his marriage only to decapitate himself as well as his wife via car accident with his daughter in the back.
    • Larry was a closeted gay man in the 1960s US military (where it was illegal), trying to balance his life with his family as well as lover. He then burns himself horribly in a plane wreck he shouldn't have survived but leaves him a mass of scar tissue. His wife then left him, taking their kids, and he drove away his lover.
    • Victor was angry at being benched from his football career in high school when he knocked some chemicals off a table. This caused an explosion that killed his mother and left him the Cyborg he is today. Except maybe not.

    Paw Patrol 
  • Elliot was raised to be a superhero and told he would save the world from the day he was born. It turned out, instead, he was The Anti-Christ and meant to destroy it. He doesn't even get to rule the world afterward as it'll be completely unmade along with the afterlife.

    Doom Patrol Patrol 
  • The reveal that the original Doom Patrol have all had their minds broken by Mr. Nobody and have to spend their final days in a Lotus-Eater Machine because they are that much of a danger not only to other people but themselves as well. And Niles (who had thought about having Jane live with them, even if he didn't go through with it) doesn't even visit them, at least not very often.
    Jane: So he just abandoned them? Like broken toys?

    Therapy Patrol 
  • Vic attempting to use the dating app. After being swamped with messages from Cyborg fangirls, Vic asks Grid to filter out the results of anyone searching for "Cyborg". He receives a match to a pretty young nurse, and the two strike up a nice conversation. Then she asks him for a fresh photo, which Vic sends. The worst part is, Grid has hacked a camera feed showing Vic the girl responding in real-time, therefore allowing Vic to see her recoil in horror at the photo, which prompts him to delete his profile.
  • Larry's flashback to when he was a child. He just got back from school when he heard his parents' conversation about his sexuality. Larry's parents are ashamed and disappointed at Larry when his mother discovers from the school principle that he saw him by the swing sets "playing doctors" with another boy, and calls him a queer. What's worse, his parents don't accept him for who he is and this was one of the reasons why he has to hide his sexuality.
  • Larry's entire speech to the negative spirit. Talking about his fears of anyone finding out his sexuality, the thought of what he is ruining his life.
  • Jane's flashback to when she was just a baby. She is crying in her crib, and instead of her father coming in to calm his child he just watches for a minute before leaving her there to cry.
  • While it's later revealed that this is a result of Mr. Nobody (and a country mouse) screwing around with his mind, it's pretty hard to watch Cliff having a psychotic breakdown. Even without their help, Cliff is so angry about his daughter being raised by another man, having to live as a brain inside a robot and the fact that it was him that came back, that his brain is screaming because he can't really process all of it the way a flesh and blood man would.
    Cliff: Shit's the same! Same fights! Same apologies! Over and over; a vicious cycle! Maybe Clara's lucky! She got out! Maybe that's why I can't call Clara! 'Cause the second thing I'm gonna have to explain, after how the fuck am I alive, is why it's me! Why is it me, not her mom, who came back?! It should have been Kate! Oh god, it should have been Kate!
  • Cliff and Jane getting into it and giving each other a "The Reason You Suck" Speech is pretty heartbreaking.
    Jane: You'll never be a father because you aren't even a man!

    Danny Patrol 
  • While visiting Danny the Street, Larry is urged to get up on stage and sing. After some reluctance on his part, with encourage by Danny that they have Larry, Larry steps up and gives an amazing performance, wowing the crowd, with Danny's magic seemingly transforming Larry back to his old self. Unfortunately, it's all revealed to be an imagination sequence by Larry, showing his deep pain at wanting to let go and be himself, but he cannot bring himself to do so due to his deep seated self hatred.

    Jane Patrol 
  • Jane's breakdown in general; her talk with Cliff about giving up on herself:
    Cliff: You're on a table in the Chief's Lab. All of us are worried sick about you. Come back.
    Jane: I can't.
    Cliff: Why?
    Jane: Because I don't see the point in going back!

     Ezekiel Patrol 
  • Kay wandering back to the well, seemingly forgetting who's waiting for her if she does. All Jane can do is weakly beg her not to go.


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