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Nightmare Fuel / Doom Patrol

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Season One

  • The first episode emphasizes the horror of Cliff's condition, ranging from the discovery he no longer has a body to the physical therapy he struggles with. Combine with the discovery his daughter was dead but not really and you have a combination of Nightmare Fuel with Tearjerker.
  • Rita's condition of being only able to hold onto her beautiful physical form through sheer force of will means she often looks like she's melting like a burning candle. This has even resulted in her becoming a blob monster or shoggoth with an eye or other parts sticking out.
  • Larry has 3rd-degree burns that will never heal over the entirety of his body. We've seen his true form many times in flashbacks throughout the show as well as before he goes to bed. These injuries are also terrible because they're significantly closer to things that can (and have) happened to people in real life.
  • Mr. Nobody induces this by his very existence as he's a person who has parts missing and is walking around as a Physical God.
    Donkey Patrol 
  • Everything Mr. Nobody does to Cyborg, Larry and Rita in the second episode. Forcing them all to relive horrible scenarios while monologuing about how powerless and useless they are.
    • Victor Stone's flashback to his origin story is particularly terrible as we discover that he caused a lab accident that killed his mother as well as blew off the majority of his limbs. We witness Victor struggling on the ground like he'd been hit with a mine and him monologuing through it. Then Mr. Nobody induces Paranoia Fuel by pointing out that Cyborg may not remember things the way they happened.
  • Cliff is reviewing Jane's video sessions with the Chief. The first one seems to be a still image of Jane staring at the camera with a blank expression on her face. But, then she blinks. A weird start that can leave viewers unnerved.
    Puppet Patrol 
  • Subverted this time when a poor customer is made into a hybrid velociraptor, tree, and has an additional head among other changes. He thinks it's awesome.
    • Taking in account that the customer was crazy enough to take the procedure in first place, it's implied that Von Fuchs offered his services only to villains (or people wanting to become villains) and that the result of said transformation is clearly Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (a notorious enemy of the original Patrol) that in the comics used to be a student of The Chief...
  • Cliff's battle with Von Fuchs' henchmen/Hive Mind is this in spades. Cliff is a super strong robot made out of metal. Von Fuchs' henchmen... are not. Cliff's ability to tear through them with relative ease shocks even him.

    Cult Patrol 
  • The beginning of the episode, while heartwarming, quickly descends into this once you realize that all of Elliot's cakes are decorated with that same creepy-looking eye. Then, on his 18th birthday, when his mom leaves the room to go get something, Elliot's father warns him that he isn't supposed to save the world, as he's been led to believe his entire life. He's supposed to destroy it. Then Elliot's mother slits his throat and acts like nothing's wrong as she tries to offer Elliot cake. Elliot's reaction? Run upstairs and lock himself in his room.
    Elliot's Mother: Sweetie? Come back down. This cake isn't gonna eat itself. Elliot? You get down here AND YOU EAT THIS FUCKING CAKE, ELLIOT!
  • Elliot's parents were rewarded for their service by being made rulers of Nürnheim for the brief hours that remain until the world ends. His father was of course dead by then, but he was still dressed up in regalia and propped up on a throne next to his wife - who considers all of this to make perfect sense. It really brings home how deranged and inhuman the Decreator and its servants are in their thinking.

    Paw Patrol 
  • As Rita tries and comforts the boy, by asking him what were things he wanted to do, just before he can answer, the Decreator puts its eye on him and he vanishes right in front of Rita's eyes. All she can do is sit there in shock before collecting herself.

    Doom Patrol Patrol 
  • Mr. Nobody didn't send Jane and the others to find the Doom Patrol on a whim, but to show them what happens when people go messing around in his business.

    Therapy Patrol 
  • Cliff going crazy in this episode, believing he's seeing visions of Bump calling him out as a failure of a father.

    Danny Patrol 
  • Karen getting dragged back into the Underground, where she screams as unseen forces pull her off screen.
    Jane Patrol 
  • This episode is perhaps one of the most disturbing hours of television ever created. In no particular order...
    • The entirety of the Miranda scene. We see her in a classroom where her teacher is giving a blatantly false lesson on the United States Civil War (she says that Lincoln was an evil, godless monster who tried to steal the land from hapless southern farmers- this is a very unfortunate case of truth in television. Even today, some schools in the southern United States teach about the "War of Northern Aggression"). Then Penny Farthing goes to open the exit, and memory!Miranda starts whispering, "Don't open the door" on repeat. Then, the actual room on the other side contains hanged and mutilated corpses. Lots of corpses...
    • There's a scene where Cliff, inside the Underground, tears off his skin, revealing Robotman beneath. For just a second the show became The Terminator.
    • Every implication is that young Kay was sexually abused by her father and created the alters to deal with that trauma.
      • When Jane goes to The Well, she finds Kay still putting together her puzzle. At first it seems like just another memory- until Kay suddenly switches places with Jane, revealing her to be the real thing, and Jane gets dragged out to suffer the abuse for her...
    • The climax of the episode, where Jane and Cliff face off against a monstrous version of Kate's father formed from a whirling cloud of puzzle pieces. Mostly because of what the father represents, but also because he presents a very real danger to them both- he rips Cliff in half. If he had done that to Jane, it would've been a lot more permanent.
  • Even though this was a huge victory for Jane, when she goes to rest and closes her eyes, the faint sound of her father's voice echoes in her head and her eyes snap open once more. She may have been able to face him and drive him away, but that doesn't mean all the trauma he put her through will immediately go away.
    Jane's father: Sweet, sweet, baby...

    Frances Patrol 
  • After Victor found out from his program that he’s 64% Cyborg, he cut through left arm with a knife to check and see if he’s still human only to find a bone inside of his arm. However, he took his eyes off just a second and he becomes horrified that the inside of his arm has been replace with machines and chips for a second look. He fears he will no longer resemble a human anymore and he might end up just like in Jane’s painting.

     Cyborg Patrol 
  • Thought the writers were playing the butts off as a joke? Wait 'til you see them charging towards the agents of the Bureau and then open their maws full of razor sharp teeth, easily shredding the people to bits while dragging off Darren into a dark room. After that scene, one butt is seen walking off chomping on an arm.
    • These butts are treated as The Dreaded by the Bureau, and once the commander gets word that the butts were free, he thanks the soldiers, tells everyone that it was an honor serving them and prepares to shoot himself. Even at the beginning, the commander tells the others that they must not at any cost upset the butts. Have fun trying to see butts as normal after this.
  • Vic ends up almost killing his father, convinced of what Grid was showing him in his head about his father knowingly changing his son for his own benefit and not thinking of Vic. He then proceeds to beat him to death with his fists. However, the worse part is is that a victory jingle plays and an icon of Mr. Nobody shows up with confetti. This was all part of his plan, and he was delighted to see how easily Vic played into his hands, when most of the memories he made him see were fake.
    Mr. Nobody: Poor Silas Stone, really loved his son. He only wanted, the best for him. (beat, begins laughing darkly) Whoops. (continues laughing)
    • This means that, hadn't Silas been lucky, the visions Jane's personalities saw of Vic would've finally come true: "Dead in his arms."

     Ezekiel Patrol 
  • You know something's really fucked up or shit hit the fan if Mr. Nobody is running away from something.
  • If you don't like cockroaches or rats, this episode might not be kind as there as these two creatures are now proportioned to gigantic size. And we get to see them making out.


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