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Awesome / Doom Patrol

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     Puppet Patrol 
  • Jane and Cliff taking on von Fuchs's army is gloriously awesome. Especially when Silver Tongue gets involved, and starts carving up the Nazis with her weaponized words.

     Cult Patrol 
  • Vic and Kipling defending the house from the assassins from Nurnheim, who explode into letters upon being struck. Especially the great moment between the two preceeding the fight.
    Cyborg: (activates hand cannon, looks at Kipling) Science.
    Kipling: (nods and pulls out a flaming sword) Magic.

     Penultimate Patrol 
  • Mr. Nobody expects a big fight, and yet Dr. Harrison appears, and calmly takes him apart piece by piece of why he had become who he was.
  • After an entire season of Mr. Nobody literally controlling the narrative, Rita manages to completely undermine it by narrating her own story and reuniting with the rest of the patrol in the White Space.
  • On a meta level, it's very bold of the writers to keep the twist of The Chief being the cause of their abilities.

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