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  • While only applying to the Poorly Disguised Pilot, it's clear that Beast Boy grew up in probably the stable-est and most loving environment among the Titans. Cliff, Rita, and Larry all serve as his Parental Substitute without any of the Dark and Troubled Past the others endured.
  • Rita and Larry each in their own way trying to help Cliff adjust to his new situation as a human-sized robot.
  • Cliff after finally being able to move around in his new robot body has trouble going up stairs. What helps him overcome this? The memory of him helping his daughter walk up the steps.
  • Crazy Jane takes Cliff to a toy store. When he asks her why she brought him here, she replies that he told her it was his daughter's birthday and that they should get her a gift.

     Donkey Patrol 
  • Crazy Jane and Robot Man despite getting off to a bad start actually end up becoming rather close and when Cliff decides to stay behind to protect the town from Morden, while Chief flees with the others, Jane is the first to say that while she doesn’t care about the town Cliff should not be left to face the threat alone which the others agree.
  • Cliff trying to calm Jane's alters down by making her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, like he made his daughter, but she rejects it. Finally, he says that he doesn't know what to do, but all he wants is to make sure that nobody hurts her. Then she asks for another sandwich.

     Puppet Patrol 
  • Vic and Rita bonding when Jane leaves them behind.

     Danny Patrol 
  • Just the Dannyzens themselves. They are all clearly content and happy, and it's obvious to see how a lot of them would feel like outcasts in the real world. Danny has finally given them a place they feel at home.
  • The birth of Maura Lee Karupt, saying that her drag name was a big "fuck you" to the Bureau of Normalcy. She finally realized how horrible the bureau actually was, and how she finally felt accepted here. So Maura Lee tipped off Danny, just in time for them to make a jump and leave Darren behind.
  • Despite claiming that Karen is the worst of the other 64 personalities, even if for her own gain, Karen does see Rita as a friend and confidant, even calling her Ri-Ri.
  • Negative Man putting on a magnificent rendition of Kelly Clarkson's "People Like Us" at the cabaret, intercut with Cliff bonding with a kid by both dancing the robot. The truly heartwarming part is how it shows both of them finding some acceptance both from others and towards themselves. Negative Man's part turns out to be an Imagine Spot, but at the end of the episode he was really in the middle of karaoke when Danny teleported away, implying some sense of development.
  • While the situation is still nightmarish in on itself, the fact that Karen was able to take over from Hammerhead's control and stop herself from possibly killing Doug. She does love him, and tearfully apologizes, saying she would never hurt him.

     Jane Patrol 
  • Cliff shows concern for a bloodied Karen, even though she was a major asshole to him last episode.
  • Cliff seeing the memory of when he walked out to Jane and talked to her. He asks Penny why this memory was buried so deep down when it was actually really good compared to others.
  • Jane's conversation to a memory of Kay. She tearfully tells her she doesn't know her purpose, but regards little Kay as perfect.
  • The personalities' relationship with Kay in general. They all seem to want to keep a certain order and play out a specific purpose for the sole reason of protecting Kay.
  • When Cliff confronts Black Annis and shows himself in robot form (as she allows "no man" to pass), he finally admits he's grown into a better person, even if just a little.
    "I'm not a man. I used to be. I was a different person then. A lesser person."

     Hair Patrol 
  • Chief falling in love with the sapien woman.
  • Vic opening up to Rita and admitting that something is wrong with his system, but begs her not to tell the others for fear that Jane's vision will come true. While it's not helping him in the long run, Vic's now considering the Doom Patrol as his friends, and maybe even a surrogate family that he doesn't want to see get hurt because of him.

     Frances Patrol 
  • Clara's speech about Bump, how that Bump pretty much gave up his career in order to raise her, how happy she was when she turned eighteen and Bump adopted her, and how grateful she was for him being there for her. She gave him Cliff's gold watch with the words "To dad, you are my hero" on the back.
    Clara: To all the stupid things, that don't make any sense.
    • Although he did it out of a bit of selfishness, Cliff does end up giving Clara the watch back, but instead of telling her he was her real dad, he decides that it was better to just leave it behind and not soil her still grieving over Bump.
  • Larry and John finally meeting each other again after so many years, and Larry getting to say his goodbyes to John as well as letting him go.
  • Jane opening up to Vic and telling him that pretending to be all tough and macho isn't going to help him out in the long run and asks him to talk to her.

     Cyborg Patrol 
  • Prisoner 722 being pretty nice to Vic, even trying to coax him that the Ant Farm wasn't that bad as long as he didn't resist.
  • The Team in general coming together to save Vic.

     Flex Patrol 
  • Cliff reaches out to Jane again, apologizing for going into her head, and says he'll support her. Jane's walls come down in a quiet scene where Cliff is able to put a hand on her shoulder, something only the Hangman's Daughter had allowed up until that point.
  • Flex and Dolores. They were happy together before Flex was kidnapped, and when they're reunited, Dolores breaks down into tears when she recognizes her husband.
    Dolores: ... Nobody has called me "Dolly" in years.
    • Flex even calls Dolores "light of my life" when she is dusted away.
  • After the events at the Ant Farm, the Negative Spirit can now exist separately from Larry. Though he is now slowly dying without the spirit, Larry tells him to go have his freedom. The spirit soars up into the skies... and then stops and returns to Larry.

     Penultimate Patrol 
  • Mr. Nobody attempts to get the Doom Patrol to stay in the memories of their past by promising that if they stay, he can make all the bad things that made them they people they were in the present go away. However, after each of their Character Development, they call bullshit and calmly chose to leave, knowing that they had become better people after going through the darkest point of their lives and meeting Niles for the better. In fact, each of the members deserves a nice call out for how they've changed.
    • Cliff accepts that he was a piece of trash and knows what he's doing doesn't feel right. As he leaves, he also calls Mr. Nobody on his bullshit as he choses to walk outside the trailer.
    • Larry understanding that he hadn't been that good of a husband to his wife, or father to his kids, saying they deserved better than he could have ever given them. As Mr. Nobody tries to convince Larry he can finally be with John, Larry knowingly says that John has already moved on from his life, and he should too as he leaves his house.
    • Rita asking her director if she was really a good person, and knows deep down that she was a monster long before she was mutated by her accident. She also realizes the progress she's made with the Chief and the others, and gives Mr. Nobody a Precision F-Strike as she leaves her tent.
    Mr. Nobody: What on earth are you doing!?
    Rita: (calmly) Oh, fuck you.
    • Then there's Jane. While we're shown shots of the others introspecting on their lives, Jane says nothing. When she's the last one left, Mr. Nobody commends her for listening to her and decides to call her "sensible Jane". However, Hammerhead takes over and throws the tv to the side of the room, leaving Mr. Nobody stunned.
    Mr. Nobody: Hammerhead? What are you doing?
    Hammerhead: Getting us out of here. You think you're helping me and the others? WELL FUCK THAT! This is the greatest day of our lives. This is the day we got some bite to our bark!
    Jane: (taking over) No... No.. Stop... stop... It's safer here.
    Hammerhead: Safe? Safer, my ass.
    Jane: It's safer for others. We can't be around regular people. We hurt them. Okay?
    Hammerhead: I don't give a FUCK about regular people! We're supposed to protect the girl!
  • Mr. Nobody continues to try and narrate the Doom Patrol's tales, but Rita stops him short, deciding that she should narrate her own story from now on, and ignores Mr. Nobody as he tries to stop her. This ends up helping her find her friends while in the White Space.

     Ezekiel Patrol 
  • Cliff bringing food anonymously to Jane for months.
  • When Kay starts to wander off in the Underground, Hammerhead gently reassures Jane she'll make sure Kay doesn't get hurt and runs after the little girl. She even refers to Kay as "monkey".
  • We find out who Niles was trying to protect for so many years and why he created the Doom Patrol. He wanted to protect his daughter Dorothy.
  • The Doom Patrol begrudgingly agree to help Niles save Danny from the painting, but for Danny and Dorothy's sake, not Niles'.

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