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  • Why is the Chief, across the various flashbacks, shown to be in a wheelchair? Flashbacks to the 60's and 70's show him confined to his wheelchair despite his introduction in the 'Titans' episode showing him with the ability to walk until the very end, where he becomes paralyzed from the waist down and loses his ability to walk. That episode takes place in the (almost) present day.
    • Explained in the Titan's episode. Rita says the Chief has only recently healed and been able to walk again. His back was re-broken by Rachel at the end.
  • Why is the Chief played by 2 different actors here and in the Titans show? This was planned before both shows debuted so it’s not a case of having to recast after the actor becomes unavailable so what happened? Why cast 2 different actors in 2 different shows when both shows take place in the same universe?
    • I've heard that the shows don't take place in the same universe, stupid as that might sound. The other explanation would probably be that the producers weren't willing to pay Timothy Dalton for one episode.
    • It's pretty simple: casting for the actual show didn't take place until after the Titans episode was filmed. So while they could dub in Brendan Fraser and Matt Bomer's voice, they couldn't just replace Bruno Bichir with Timothy Dalton, so they left him. It's a case of The Other Darrin.
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    • Given what we see of the Doom Patrol, the Chief getting turned into a Mexican man for a while is barely worth commenting on.
  • What, exactly, are Mr. Nobody's powers? The comics version could only drain people's sanity.
    • He seems to be doing a pretty bang-up job of that already.
    • As the apparent Narrator of the show, he seems to have reality warping powers, able to manipulate places however he pleases.
      • In fact, it seems like Dr. Fuchs' machine has given him some kind of trans-dimensional ability, but in doing so it caused him to transcend the barriers of fiction, meaning his power is literally having No Fourth Wall, but since he's still anchored in the Titanverse, he can manipulate reality by treating it like a story that can be told or imagined differently.
  • If Danny the Street can have an orgasm, why can't Robotman? He's at least got a biological brain.
    • He likely doesn’t possess the genitalia necessary to have one
      • And a street does?
    • It's possible Danny is just playing along or can "feel" an orgasm because the other inhabitants of the street are experiencing one. They seem to have a telepathic/empathic connection to their inhabitants.

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