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Fridge Brilliance

  • Beast Boy seems to be the most well-adjusted of the group from the Titans episode. This makes perfect sense as Cliff is a doting father (at least when not corrupted by fame), Larry is naturally helpful, and even Rita has a suppressed maternal instinct.
  • Victor and Silas are usually at odds in their animated and comic appearances. Here? They seem to have a very healthy relationship (albeit Silas is a bit too controlling). This is because Victor blames himself for his accident rather than Silas. Silas also was previous uninterested in Victor's sports career and athletic interests. Here, he's actively encouraging him to be a superhero, which is treated very much like sports.
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  • Larry's Gayngst has struck a lot of viewers as excessive but he is from a different decade when it was much more heavily criticised. Also, outright illegal in many parts of the country. It also served as a great stress on his marriage as well as children. Given he's had nothing to do but brood for the decades after, of course it comes off this way.
  • Jane resents the way Cliff treats her like she's his daughter. Given she knows the Chief from the 1970s, its entirely possible she's equal to or older than Cliff. Confirmed in later episodes where she even has an adult persona named Doctor Harrison.
  • The possibility of Rita having a child actually received Five-Second Foreshadowing. The description on her Walkman was Mrs. Blobby, after all, indicating that she's been married at least once. Debunked, but she still had something to do with a baby, namely the baby of an actress who she set up with her boss so she could get more roles.
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  • How viewers can get an early hint at what Karen's powers are. When the camera faces away from her and focuses on Doug, you can hear the sound of her powers activating, hypnotizing Doug.

Fridge Horror

  • It may be possible that Beast Boy's absence is why the team is much more troubled by their problems than they seemed during their Titans appearance. With him around they could at least focus on helping him not wind up as psychologically bad off as they are, even if they didn't turn that focus to improving themselves. With him gone they lose a legitimate reason to not act horrible but his absence could very well have magnified their issues as they have to deal with sadness over his departure and no longer have to sugarcoat or hide behavior that they wouldn't want him seeing.
  • Cliff actually caused the accident on the track that he survived and initially believed caused his injuries. What happened to that guy?
  • Cliff's daughter was forced to watch both of her parents be decapitated. It's much worse than if she had just witnessed her daddy die at the track.
    • It also makes sense that she survived the car accident as they were injured by going under the log truck whereas she was lower than the roof of the car.
  • The Doom Patrol came perilously close to destroying the entire world due to their unwillingness to Shoot the Shaggy Dog in Paw Patrol. It's an object lesson this is NOT a heroic Black and White Morality series.
  • What we saw of the original Doom Patrol's Power Incontinence was all while they were all heavily medicated and possibly feeble with age. Imagine the destruction they must have caused in their prime with their minds broken and powers running wild.
  • Jane's reaction to Cliff's violent outbursts make more sense if she's the victim of parental abuse. Many abused children are deeply confused at the sudden change their parents can make from doting and loving to violent and terrifying. Seeing that in Cliff shows that he might have that same capacity.
  • If The Chief was behind the origin stories of Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Woman, Crazy Jane and Cyborg, was he also responsible for Mento, Lodestone, Celsius and Beast Boy?

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