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"Mary Beth" was a fellow actress who was raped.
Rita allowed it to happen, causing her to commit suicide. This would explain the illusion she sees at the asylum.
  • Partially Jossed. According to Rita, Mary Beth was one of several young actresses that Rita... "scouted" for a sleazy producer. The girls were apparently willing to go to the Casting Couch for the sake of their careers (though what Mary Beth said in Rita's vision leaves it ambiguous as to how "willing" she really was). Mary Beth ended up pregnant and had the baby, was spurned and ignored by the producer, found herself with no support, and ultimately took her own life.

Mr. Nobody is not a Hidden Agenda Villain, he's a Stealth Mentor.
Think about it:
  • He has given the team a common enemy to fight, forcing them to work together.
  • He has not killed or permanently hurt anybody.
  • He is making the team confront dark memories of their past.
  • He was willing to work with Niles Caulder to bring to existence the Recreator to counteract the Decreator, effectively saving the world, even while still being the Chief's enemy.
  • He showed the team the existence of the original Doom Patrol, possibly to reveal that the Chief is not as squeaky clean as he seems.
  • He manipulated Admiral Whiskers into going into Cliff's body, which yes, led to his psychotic break, but in the process it also led to Cliff making the team sit down for group therapy.
  • He caused Cyborg's arm cannon to explode, which eventually led to Silas finally giving Vic full access to his OS and disabling the monitoring software he was using to keep track of him.
All of Mr. Nobody's actions have, for the most part, forced the team to face their demons and come together as a family, dysfunctional as it is. Whatever Mr. Nobody's agenda may be, it seems to depend on the team being able to function as a unit. He may ultimately be revealed to be a bad guy after all, but so far, his actions make you think.

  • Jossed. After how he manipulated Cyborg into nearly killing his own dad, almost making him a DOUBLE self-made orphan, Mr. Nobody is now firmly in villainous territory.

the first season will end with most of the main cast killed
It will start with the heroes being repeatedly routed by an unknown enemy. Eventually they are captured (except for Cyborg) and discover that their enemy is Captain Zahl, a one armed former Nazi naval officer who lost his arm to an invention of Caulder’s in World War II. Zahl reveals to the Doom Patrol that Niles Caulder had a direct hand in them becoming what they are. The Chief admits to his wrongdoings and explains the philosophy that lead him to do these things. Zahl then sends the Doom Patrol to a small island rigged with explosives, save for the Chief. He then directs everyone’s attention to a second island with a small fishing village and offers the Doom Patrol a choice; accept that they are monsters created by a mad scientist and sacrifice the village to save themselves or save the fishing village but die a and take any good they have done with them either way it an end to Caulder’s legacy. The Doom Patrol unanimously decide to save the fishing village instead of themselves and Zahl activates the bombs and destroys the island. Cyborg quickly takes down Zahl and rescues the Chief, but Zahl insists that he is victorious. Niles denies Zahl’s claim, saying that them choosing the lives of others over themselves proves his belief that tragedy can breed greatness.

The Sisters in Jane's head are the ACTUAL Sisters.
Isn't it weird that all personalities in Jane's head are representations of various aspects of her personality or defense mechanisms against the world, but she happens to have a trio of prophetic Sisters in her head? That's because they are an actual avatar of the Sisters, who are established characters in DC canon. Being a literal multiple goddess, the Sisters would see a kindred spirit in Jane, and it is well within their power and personality to manifest within Jane and guide her. The series of events that led to Jane finally coming back are a massive contrived coincidence, unless the Sisters are the real deal. The Sisters, as the goddesses of fate, knew all the events that would transpire: they knew Jane was going to pull the emergency stop for the train, that Larry's Negative Spirit would help Cliff get into Jane's brain, that Cliff would be put into Jane's mental prison and break out with the help of Penny Farthing, that Cliff would be able to pass Black Annis's test and be able to go to the Well and that Cliff being attacked by her dad would make Jane confront him.

The final episode will coincide with Powerless (2017) getting added to the streaming service
Alan Tudyk, who plays Mr Nobody, also starred on that show. Either getting the show added will turn out to have been his plan all along or it will be a means of containing Mr Nobody

The Bureau set up the accident that maimed Cliff
Niles plan was for him to be injured on the race track and he's utterly broken by what happened by to Cliff and his family after the accident that did happen. Niles was seen to be incredibly precise and calculating in the other instances so this one may have been the Bureau doing what they see as damage control to get the results they want. After all Cliff only looked away from the road for a moment and suddenly there was a truck arranged in just such a way that he could be used for Niles experiment. Seems too easy as a second go at it unless someone else set it up.

At some point, Animal Man will make an appearance
And this version will be heavily based on Grant Morrison's orignal run.

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