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  • The trailer to the late 1990s canceled All-CGI Cartoon film Blue Planet features one at Pixar. It starts with parodies of Buzz from Toy Story and Flik from A Bug's Life. They talk about how the film is a happy family friendly story before they both get graphically stomped on by the films protagonist. It's complete with a South Park Shout-Out: "Oh my god, they killed Lenny! You bastard!"
  • Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie lobs several towards the educational system. Krupp blowing money from the arts department on a high tech door, Ms. Ribble ordering students to memorize dates without any sort of reasoning as to why they're even important, and Poopypants' line after he picks up the shrunken school as a giant:
    Poopypants: Look at all the tiny students and the tiny teachers whose tiny paychecks reflect their size and the value society puts on education!
  • This conversation from Cars 2: note 
    (Mater, Finn McMissile and Holly Shiftwell are all driving into a black market inside a Paris alleyway. Mater turns toward one of the stands there)
    Mater: Uh, excuse me. What'cha selling here? (The salescar running the stand for some reason has a transparent windshield and windows, as opposed to eyed windshields and opaque windows like everyone else. She turns toward Mater and opens her eyes, which are located on her headlights)
    Headlight Vendor: Headlights, monsieur. Headlights!
    Mater: (horrified) Er, what the-? Aargh! (he speeds off to find Finn and Holly)
    Headlight Vendor: Two francs one! I give you good lights!
    Mater: No, thanks!
  • Despicable Me has a truly spectacular joke that presumably none of the kids in the audience will get, where Gru visits a bank for supervillains that's listed on its front door as "The Bank of Evil - Formerly Lehman Brothers".
  • Wreck-It Ralph takes an affectionate shot at the Mario franchise and the number of games that haven't been finished by their scheduled release date.
    Felix: I'll bet that's Mario! Fashionably late, per the norm.
  • In Shrek virtually everything in the movie is a giant Take That! to the Disney Corporation, right down to the main villain's facial features being a caricature of Michael Eisner's. His name sounds like "fuckwad," which is apparently the filmmakers' opinion on Eisner as well. Even the theme music that plays when they enter Lord Farquaad's castle is a parody of "It's A Small World After All".
  • As Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse begins, the film states that it was approved by The Comics Code Authority, a Censorship Bureau that the Spider-Man franchise had famously humiliated in the 70s. Needless to say, much of the film's content would not pass CCA restrictions. note 
    • As Peter Parker describes his life, with references to moments from each of the Sam Raimi movies being shown, he admits that he's not too proud of what is implied to be the infamous dancing scene in Spider-Man 3.
    • The well-known Spider-Man popsicles with gumball eyes gets a jab from this film in the form of Peter Parker calling it "so-so," accompanied by a Real Life photo of a rather deformed one.
    • While fighting with the Green Goblin, Spidey says that he doesn't want Brooklyn to be swallowed up by a black hole. If you listen closely, he says, "Staten Island, maybe, but not Brooklyn."
  • In The Sponge Bob Movie Sponge Out Of Water, the characters' disturbed reaction to Sandy when she becomes a realistic-looking squirrel might be a shot at how live-action movies unintentionally make beloved cartoon characters look creepy when they're rendered in elaborate cgi.
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  • Superman: Doomsday has Toyman attacking a bus full of children with a huge toy spider. When Superman takes him out a man comments "Like we really needed him to fight a giant mechanical spider!". The bystander looks and in fact was voiced by Kevin Smith, who had previously worked on a Superman script where the producer forced him to add a fight with a giant spider.
  • Cody's opening interview in Surf's Up has him being asked if he has other talents than surfing, like singing and dancing.
  • It is believed by some fans that the villain of Up, Charles Muntz, is a jab at Charles Mintz, the man who took the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit away from Walt Disney, in addition to his animation team, forcing him to start over with his own company and create Mickey Mouse. However, this has actually been Jossed by Pixar staff, who claim that it was just a coincidence.

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