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  • Amongst Agatha Christie's extensive collection of works is a single book that is not set during the time-period in which she lived: Death Comes as the End, a murder-mystery set in Ancient Eygpt.
  • Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book are a collection of stories set in India, though each one has a short story that has nothing to do with jungles or India: "The White Seal", set in the northern oceans, and "Quiquern", which is about huskies and Inuits.
  • The Chronicles of Prydain is a five-part series. Of the five, Taran Wanderer is the only one that doesn't have "The [Noun]" for a title, doesn't feature Princess Eilonwy, and (most importantly) is more of Coming of Age story than the others, which revolve around a Good Versus Evil conflict.
  • The first Dinotopia book was presented as a diary written by the protagonist. The next two books told the story from a third-person perspective.
  • The Horse and His Boy is the only book in The Chronicles of Narnia that is set entirely within Narnia and its surrounding countries, with protagonists who are born there instead of visitors from our world.
  • A More Perfect Heaven is a fairly typical biography of Copernicus (the astronomer). Two-thirds of the way through, right before the chapter where On the Revolutions was published, there is a sudden genre shift in the form of a three-act screenplay starting where the previous chapter's biography left off. This isn't a short thing either. The performance in audiobook covers a full hour and a half. At the conclusion of the screenplay, the next chapter picks up the biography right where the chapter before the screenplay left off.
  • The Goosebumps series had How I Learned to Fly. While most of the other books dealt with kids squaring off against monsters, vampires, ghosts, goblins, ghouls, and other freaky creatures, How I Learned to Fly doesn't have much in the way of supernatural elements (except for the book that teaches humans how to fly) and the real scares come from the downside of fame (Jack and Wilson become famous for their ability to fly and it cuts into their normal lives) and how greedy people exploit the talented (Jack's father is a talent agent who puts his son in local car dealership commercials).
  • Spectral Shadows might end up having this if the other serials get written. It can especially be this if one were to read Serial 1, then skip forward to 11.
  • You'd be shocked to learn that the first novel V. C. Andrews (Yes, that V.C. Andrews) ever wrote was Gods Of Green Mountain, a sci-fi novel taking place on another planet. It should be noted that it wasn't published until almost twenty years after Andrews' death, probably because it was so different from her work.
  • Browns Pine Ridge Stories: Each of the tales in this Short story collection is about the autobiographical Slice of Life recollections of the author growing up in 1950s-1960s Georgia. The last especially when delves into Time Travel, angels, and... well that's quite an Out-of-Genre Experience. Though its worth noting that story, "My Trip to the Rome of the Ancient Past", was a contribution from another author altogether.